15 Best Branded Gym Bags in Trend 2018

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Whether you are sad, lonely, lost or broken there is always a fix…GYM. Whether you are a regular exerciser or fitness enthusiast, a gym bag is a necessary accessory. Everyday several of the individuals struggle to manage their essentials during work out. By putting your towel, gym clothes, and other necessary item items at one place can make your way to the exercise easy and healthy. It’s obvious that all of us want the most trending and coolest bags to carry out to the gym and even in our professional world. Whatever is your style, these gym bags will roll out your fitness meet up for a sweaty workout.

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Best Gym Bags for Men and Women:

Are you still looking for the motivation to go to gym? Then I must say from tomorrow you will automatically wake up as these, fashionable, easy to carry and yes stylish gym bags are going to attract you!

1. Defender 2 Duffle Gym Bag By Adidas:

Defender 2 Duffle Gym Bag By Adidas

This duffle gym bag offers everything that a gym addict person needs. It spacious compartments and zip pouches on either side are an attractive feature of this bag and can be used by both men and women. The main attraction of this bag is that it is integrated with a fresh pak technology which keeps the things smelling clear even if they are not.

2. Eva Tote Gym Bag for Women:

Gym Tote Eva Tote Gym Bag

This women’s gym bag is perfect for both work and gym. It has several different compartments such as ventilated section, water bottle section and a top section to keep all your essentials such as dirty clothes, your work stuff, purse, keys etc. It also has a back pocket where you can keep your gym kit.

3. Personalized Gym Bag:

Personalized Gym Bag

This small gym bag is designed by Able Label and is ideal for gym virgins who want to examine waters before practicing daily workouts. Its straps are sturdy and have one big compartment to keep gym kits in a systematic and healthy way. One can also add his/her name at the bottom of this gym kit bag to get motivation and is available in two colors i-e black and white.

4. Star Drawstring Gym Bag:

Star Drawstring Gym Bag

This gym bag is a good for those who love to go out on weekends as well as to gym. Star drawstring gym bag is very minutely design keeping in mind all the functionalities that a person needs. It has two bright pink shoulder straps and a logo of Stella Sport which attracts most of the women. This ladies gym bag is made up of polyamide so one can easily clean the bag without taking any pain and are easy to carry.

5. Gym Bag with Wet Pocket:

Gym Bag with Wet Pocket

Carry your necessary item with this gym bag. The bag is made up of polyester and comes in a different color so it becomes easy to match it up with the dress. It’s waterproof side pockets make it easy to carry any liquid bottle filled with either juice or water. This gym bag for men has several dual zippered pockets thus helping you to keep small things. Its size is perfect to be put into gym locker thus resolving the issue of being taken care while doing exercising.

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6. X- Train 2 Pack Gym Bag:

X- Train 2 Pack Gym Bag

This cylinder gym is different from another gym bag as it contains a shoe compartment to keeps shoes and is designed by OGIO. The main attractions of this bag which declare it as best gym bag are the removable helmet carry feature, crush–resistant pockets and a compartment for hydration bladder.

7. Team Training Gym Bag By Nike:

Team Training Gym Bag By Nike

This gym bag can be used by women and men both. With its zip pocket and interior divide, one can easily organize the items in this stack. Team training gym bag is coated with PU at the bottom thus preventing the water to enter. It is available in almost all colors and the material used is also durable. Though it is small it can easily store all your accessories that you require while going to the gym. It is all purpose bags thus making it comfortable to carry for any trip.

8. Men’s Play Hard Duffle Gym Bag By Owen & Fred:

Men’s Play Hard Duffle Gym Bag By Owen & Fred

A best gym bag for metropolitan gym guys. This gym bag has rugged canvas design with leather trim and polished hardware metal. The bag is water resistant thus preventing the bag for wet conditions. This leather gym bag is spacious enough to hold your gym shoes, clothes and bottle all in one place. To be precise it is tailored to manage your day to day gym laundry along with all the accessories that you require during your workouts.

9. Signature Style Gym Bag:

Signature Style Gym Bag

This oversized leather gym bag by Dooney & Bourke is on the top list of everyone because of its cross body strap along with dual handles which make it easy to carry. It can keep a pair of clothes, shoes along with toiletries thus perfect for gym as well as travel. It is very comfortable gym bag.

10. Puma Teamsport Gym Bag:

Puma Teamsport Gym Bag

One of the best company to know especially for sports accessories. Puma gym bag is made up of polyester and consists of the side pocket, zipper closure, removable straps and handle to carry it easily. The interior portion consists of pouch size pocket along with the main compartment. In pouch size pocket you can store all your small items. The shoulder strap is padding thus removing the cause of being hurt. It is versatile and lightweight design impresses most of the men to carry it during their gym session.

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11. Jumper Gym Bag by Lug:

Jumper Gym Bag by Lug

Lug Life Puddle Jumper gym bag is stylish, waterproof and lightweight bag which is made up of polyester. It has several pockets which can store all your necessary items like towels, shoes, clothing and cosmetics. This gym bag has front pocket and silver hardware zipper with double straps for carrying. It also includes detachable mirror and innovative storage for ultimate convenience.

12. Duffle Gym Bag by Under Armour:

Duffle Gym Bag by Under Armour

If you want a simple and small gym bag then this is the right choice for you. It is designed with 100% polyester and has water repellent exterior. It has adjustable and padded shoulder strap to carry it easily. Duffle gym bag for men has main compartment with large zipper. It is the best choice for athletes as it is the best US brand.

13. Novel Duffle Bag by Herschel Supply Co.

Novel Duffle Bag by Herschel Supply Co

It is the top selling gym bag of Herschel Company. It is of medium size not so big not so small. Novel Duffle gym bag is best suited for all purpose fitness people. The basic features of this gym bag include two way zippers which are waterproof and also has printed padded strap. You can easily store your shoes and all the necessary items in this bag. This duffle bag can easily handle anything from locker room to bag claim because of its durable outer shell.

14. Team Speed Duffle Gym Bag by Adidas:

Team Speed Duffle Gym Bag by Addidas

The team speed duffle gym bag by Adidas is a best choice for all the fitness athletes. It has spacious compartment with water resistant base that makes is perfect choice for a guy. It has interior zipper pocket where you can store all your valuable items. At one side it has ventilated compartment where you can keep all your stinky socks or smelly shoes and on the other end it has zippered end cap pocket for additional storage. Team speed gym bag has is made up of polyester and has removable and adjustable straps along with padded shoulder pad that can be wrapped and carried anywhere easily.

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15. Men Canvas Duffle Gym Bag by E show:

Men Canvas Duffle Gym Bag by E show

Men canvas duffle gym bag is made from premium quality cotton canvas which gives retro look. Its soft, removable and adjustable shoulder strap makes it easy to carry anywhere comfortably. The exterior portion consist of one zipper pocket and its interior portions has 2 big compartments along with one zip pouch to store small items. This gym bag can be used as all-purpose bags like it can be used as cross bag, backpack or shoulder bag. If you have to go to work directly after gyming then this is the perfect bag has it can store laptops, iPad, several clothes and shoes all at one place.

Be it’s a gym bag for women or men all of them want it to be trendy, stylish and large enough to accommodate all their accessories at one place. Since in gym bags you put your sweaty, moist clothes everyone wants a waterproof or easily cleanable gym bags. These fashionable yet comfortable gym bags make your sweaty clothes look good and you will be happy to wear them for your morning workout. Gym bags are the necessity of today generation who are much concern about their health and fitness.

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