Are you gaining weight when you are still going to gym? Are you doing vigorous workout and still not able to reduce even a gram? Are you fed up with the gym fees and not getting any result out of your body?

Well there might be some other reason too but one of the main reason behind your interrupted success of weight loss might be the wring way of training yourself! Yes even a certified trainer is using wrong way of training. Therefore even due to heavy workout and dieting you are not able to loose weight.

8 Best Gym Tips For Weight Loss:

Well there is nothing to worry as below are some tips to help you with training in the gym.

1. Do HIIT Training:

If you have already lost many kgs out of your body and at a point of time if your body has stop reacting towards the regular exercise then you must try out of high-intensity interval training! This would help you with a guarantee!  You can do more WODs or Less WODs. Some strength-bias or endurance-bias or gymnastics-bias also. Well power lifting-bias is also a good go.

Well this HIIT always results in sexy body shape and is great for GPP (general Physical Preparedness).

2. Utilize Active-Rest Days:

There might come some days in between when your body might feel to rest upon or you muscles start paining. Well on these days you must always take rest! Those days where you can barely walk and your back start feeling like a giant bruise these are the days that you should avoid training.

Rest doesn’t mean to skip training or gym for a day well An active rest day means to Work with some mobility and do some light jogging Or a brisk walk. Do a bit of stretching and easy machines.

Try to Go at a slow pace on this day and go at an easy pace. This will improve the recovery of your body, will help to reduce stress of your body, also help to recover your CNS, and get your body in full moving. This also improves fat burning in your body.

3. Avoid Artificial Sweeteners:

  • You might have heard that sugar is not good for health if taken in excess and you must always try and avoid sugar. The same way if you start taking artificial sweeteners to have the sweet taste, well that is even worse! As an artificial sweetener includes Splenda, aspartame, and ‘naturally flavored’ sweeteners.
  • These artificial Sweeteners spike your insulin levels and as your brain is not able to tell the difference between them and sugar.  Thus, the body response is the same as that of the sugar.
  • So if your gym trainer suggests you to have artificial sweetener it is better that you guide him on this issue. It just makes sense to avoid them.

4. Don’t Over Train:

Always try and avoid overtraining at all costs. Well the overtraining works like this: It saps the weight-loss efforts and in result it promotes fat-gain by the huge amount of cortisol release! This you release into your body.

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5. Plan Ahead/Pack a Lunch:

While dieting you might have faced many problems like not been able to control to your cravings when you are hungry. Well there is always a way to balance your diet accordingly. Plan your diet for the day or instead of planning you must pack your food so that you do not have to wander around for the food or you do not have to eat junk.

6. Perform Tabata Intervals:

These are really effective to lose weight. These work like doing 20 seconds of work out and then followed by 10 seconds of rest. Now you need to pick a movement for example an Air squat. Now you may start up with a timer and now for 20 seconds perform as many squats as you can in this time and then take rest for about 10 seconds and repeat this again. Repeat this cycle until 4-5 minutes are up and about 8-10 rounds have been completed.

The Tabata Interval is a one of the most brutal, effective, and really very simple exercise protocol that you may do with any exercise.

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7. Replace Soda, Juice etc With a Soda Water And Lime:

There always remain some cravings of some sweetener liquid or cold beverage. Yes it is not allowed have coke or Pepsi when you are on a diet. But it is allowed us to satisfy your cravings for some carbonation but without the calorie or sugar. For this you may just take a glass of super chilled water and pour some drops of lemon. And you are ready with natural and healthy syrup.

8. Take Naps:

Having proper 8 hour sleep is really needed. As Sleep is one of the top 5 techniques for living a healthy and good life. Naps also provide your muscles more power to work out with more efficiency

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