Towels were originally invented in Turkey in the late 17th century. From then they have evolved a lot. What earlier used to be a small rectangular piece of fabric have now become thick, woven, luxurious pieces. It no longer is just for the bathroom. Being such a versatile product, towels are now used everywhere from kitchen to gym to wash rooms. Towels come in all sizes these days and every kind has a different utility. While their beach and bath variants are used by everyone, gym towels are specifically designed for athletes and people who spend a lot of time doing physical activities like gymming, swimming, wrestling etc.

Best Gym Towels For Men and Women:

All these sports require a towel which has high absorption and dries very fast,

1. Small gym towel:

Small gym towels are handy and easy to carry. They are soft and durable. Repeated washings also keep these intact. Being small in size, it does get wet easily but carrying even two doesn’t seem cumbersome.

2. Antimicrobial gym towel:

Gymming means a lot of sweat. It is essential to ensure hygiene in the gym because so much sweat can easily lead to fungal infections if not cleaned properly. Antimicrobial towels helps in maintaining personal hygiene and keeps one odour free.

3. Large gym towel:

For people who spend a lot of time in the gym or are naturally inclined to sweat a lot should opt for large gym towels. These can be made of cotton or polyester or any other fabric which absorbs moisture well.

4. Workout towels:

Workout towels or sweat towels were originally meant for swimmers. They wanted to design a towel which was absorbent as well as quick drying so that it could be used again in a short span of time. These are the best gym towels.

5. Microfiber gym towels:

Microfiber gym towels being made of mixed fabric like polyester, viscose, cotton etc provide a quick drying solution. They can be small as in Gym hand towel or as large as a bath towel depending upon personal preferences.

6. Woven gym towels:

Woven towels have a lot of absorption capacity. These are soft and thick and can be ideally placed on gym benches as well for support. It helps to maintain sweating issue which we face every time in gym.

7. Cotton gym towels:

Cotton gym towels are often ones provided by the gym. They may be white in colour. They don’t need to dry out early as they belong to the gym. The best part of these cotton towels is its durability and its softness. Cotton in itself is an unparalleled fabric.

8. Personalised gym towel:

Personalized gym towels are gaining popularity by the day. People who tend to spend a lot of time in the gym generally carry their own towels. A personalized towel is unique and speaks volumes about you. It is also trending these days to gift such personalized towels as gifts.

9. Men’s gym towel:

Lightweight, soft, woven or non woven, large in size… these are all standard words which can be used when we talk about men’s gym towels. They are really cool gym towels. There are also gym towels with pockets, to keep your basic things like phone nearby.

While Gym towels are very handy, they are also equally useful to people who are regular in workout. They provide quick relief from sweat and being a sports towel, dry out easily. Disposable towels are also very popular when it comes to using in the gym as it is used once and then disposed off.