False ceilings have become essential elements in a contemporary home. The numerous benefits they offer, in terms of beauty and functionality, added to their popularity. While these roofing styles come in many materials, Gypsum ceiling designs are in great demand from homeowners and interior designers alike.

The glossy surface, versatile designs, affordability and long life of Gypsum make it a number-one choice for residential and commercial false ceilings. In this article, we shall look into some of the latest Gypsum false ceiling designs with pictures to get inspired.

What Is Gypsum Ceiling?

In a false ceiling made of Gypsum, large Gypsum sheet boards are fixed to each other using screws. The joints are then treated with a special jointing material to create a uniform look and a clean finish. Unlike a Pop Ceiling which involves the mixing of materials and a messy process, Gypsum ceilings are easy to install and comparatively, don’t need a lot of tidying up.

Latest Gypsum Ceiling Designs In India:

We know that you are waiting for your favourite section of the article! Without further delay, let us explore the 15 simple and best Gypsum board false ceilings for your home:

1. Gypsum Ceiling Designs for Hall:

Image Source: pinterest

Take a look at this stylish ceiling which is sure to leave your guests impressed! The entire secondary ceiling is made with large gypsum boards in a natural white colour. Instead of leaving it plain and boring, you can go for thin strips of light fixtures to accentuate the roof. This is a perfect example of simple and classy!

2. Gypsum Ceiling Designs for Living Room:

Image Source: pinterest

We spend most of our time in the living room. It is also an area which the guests notice when they first arrive. So, you simply cannot take chances with ordinary interiors. Here is one beautiful ceiling made with Gypsum sheets, that can elevate the look of your hall. The vertical arrangement of bars and the strategic positioning of light fixtures make your room appear larger than its actual size.

3. Gypsum Ceiling Design for Bedroom:

Image Source: pinterest

Make your bedroom the ultimate luxury sleep destination. Instead of going for a conventional, all-white interior, you can pick this soothing pastel theme. By choosing Gypsum, you can add some colour to the roof also. Seen here is one such example, in which the false ceiling is made with green and white-coloured Gypsum sheets that are sure to make you go “Wow”!

4. Gypsum Ceilings For Dining Room:

Image Source: pinterest

The dining room is the best place for family bonding over a great meal. So, why overlook its beauty? Add lavishly done interiors like this T-bar Gypsum roof to the room. Notice how the bar is customized to match the measurements of the dining table to create perfect symmetry. Adding hidden lights in the grooves can set the right mood.

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5. Kitchen Gypsum Ceiling Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Take a look at this uniquely designed Kitchen-cum-dining room. A gypsum ceiling is specially designed for this area to brighten up the surroundings. Why gypsum for kitchens? Gypsum is a fire-resistant material and can even repel water and humidity. You can even tailor it in different sizes to suit the measurements.

6. Sitting Room Gypsum Ceiling Designs:

Image Source: instagram

Relax and enjoy a great movie or sitcom in your very own sitting room. Make your viewing experience even more memorable with tastefully done interior décor. Here is one cool ceiling design which lends an artistic feel to the room. Made with Gypsum, the wavy pattern is sure to trick your eyes!

7. Corridor Gypsum Ceiling:

Image Source: pinterest

Spruce up the look of your corridor with an edgy ceiling like this one! The narrow path in the walking space is enhanced to match the rest of your interiors. You can either go for a central décor element or partition the space as shown. Adding bright Neon lights can give you a sense of security, along with better visibility.

8. Office Gypsum Ceiling Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Impress your guests and visitors with a detailed office décor like this one! A classy brown and white colour theme like this one reflects your taste and personality. The odd-shaped room is optimized well in terms of space. The circular gypsum ceiling shifts the entire focus to the actual seating area, where you can meet and greet your clients in style!

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9. Gypsum Ceiling Design for Shop:

Image Source: pinterest

If you own a shop and want to drive envious customer flow, you need to invest in special interiors to reflect your brand value. The ceiling can be designed based on the shape of your shop and the positioning of the display units inside it. Here is one such example in which a round gypsum element is added right above the jewellery’s fault to amplify its beauty.

10. Saint Gobain Gyproc Ceiling Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Whether for commercial or residential buildings, Saint Gobain Gyproc offers the perfect gypsum ceiling solutions. These transformative roofing designs come with unparalleled quality and design choices. An expert team can offer the best solution in terms of the colour scheme and pattern matching. Seen here is one such example that is specially made for a purple lover!

11. Gypsum Ceiling Décor Design:

Image Source: pinterest

If plain and boring ceilings are not of your type, then this designer gypsum ceiling is sure to allure you! The suspended ceiling can be adorned with creative Gypsum décor for a surreal visual appeal. Conceal the lights inside these structures and watch them come to life as darkness takes over. Even in daylight, they can contribute to the overall aesthetics.

12. Gypsum Ceiling Flower Designs:

Image Source: pinterest

The biggest advantage of using Gypsum is its flexible nature, making it easy to bend and mould. You can unleash your creativity by experimenting with various designs, like the one seen here. The 3D floral pattern brings a whimsical look to your room. Adding hidden lights can brighten up your room and set up the right environment.

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13. Gypsum Ceiling With Fan:

Image Source: pinterest

Indian homes simply cannot do without a ceiling fan in a room. Seen here is one such gypsum ceiling which is designed to accommodate a central large fan. The T-bar suspension features four corner LED lights and a fan, which can spread out in wings for an airy feel. You can extend this element to cover a large room!

14. Gypsum and Wood Ceiling Designs:

Image Source: pinterest

Gypsum and wood are a match made in heaven. The white, glossy texture of Gypsum serves as an excellent contrast to the dark, textured surface of the wood. Seen here is one such example where the secondary Gypsum ceiling is accentuated with a wooden sidewall décor to match the flooring. It lends a warm and comfortable feeling to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

15. Gypsum Ceiling Tiles Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Gypsum tiles are made with the powdered form of Gypsum, moulded into decorative slabs. Due to their light-reflective properties, these tiles lower the need for excess lighting in the room. They are also very easy to clean and maintain, compared to regular ceiling tiles. You can also use them for acoustic protection and thermal insulation.

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We hope you like this collection of beautiful Gypsum ceilings and their varieties. Before you decide on one of them, it is highly recommended to speak to an expert interior designer to analyse the basic parameters like price, quality etc. Another important point to note is that gypsum boards can be difficult to uninstall and repair, especially in moist conditions. In such cases, go for moisture-resistant sheets to make a worthwhile investment!


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