9 Best Shampoos For Color Treated Hair For 2018 Available In India

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Your hair changes your look, your mood, your day an even the way people perceive you. A funky green on the side might portray punk whereas the bright red just makes you look more interesting. Blonde highlights on brown gives you a classy feel while mahogany brown lights up your hazel eyes. However, every time you dye your hair in a particular color, there are certain regulations that follow. Color hair needs extra care since they tend to damage themselves at a speedy rate. Normal shampoos tend to fade the color in the process of cleansing out your hair and this is why color treated hair requires that extra bit of protection. This is why here in this list, we have enlisted some of the best shampoos that help you treat your colored hair with the best of care.

Different Hair Color Shampoos in India:

1. L’Oreal Professionnel Vitamino Color Protecting Shampoo:

hair colour shampoo

This shampoo from L’Oreal is called the Serie Expert Vitamino Color Incell Hydro Resist Color Protecting Shampoo and much like the big name, this shampoo has a bigger effect of your subtle highlights that keep fading with every wash. Forming a protective water resistance over your dyed hair, this nourishes and cleanses your hair without losing out the external hue.

2. L’Oreal Vive Pro Color Vive Shampoo:

L’Oreal Vive Pro Color Vive Shampoo

The Vive Pro color shampoo integrates external UV ray filter that not only protects your hair from harsh chemical shampoos but also from the harsh sun rays as an added after effect. Mixed in with high gloss technology, The L’Oreal Vive color shampoo strips away dirt without stripping away the color.

3. Garnier Fructis Color Shield Fortifying Shampoo:

Garnier Fructis Color Shield Fortifying Shampoo

A perfect solution for your color treated hair, the color shield fortifying shampoo fortifies and replenishes rough colored hair while cleansing your head of the possible product buildups. Enriched in antioxidants from the Acai berry and Camellia oil this too comes with UV ray protection to help your color survive longer.

4. Clairol Herbal Essence Color Me Happy Shampoo:

Clairol Herbal Essence Color Me Happy Shampoo

Moroccan rose and passion fruit essence creates a lively aroma while the botanical silk extracts soften and smoothens your hair without letting the external hair dye fade or spread out. Maintain the intact salon professional hair hue for a long lasting effect with the color me happy shampoo.

5. Dove Hair Therapy Color Rescue Shampoo:

Dove Hair Therapy Color Rescue Shampoo

The fiber actives present in the color rescue shampoo locks in hair color denying it from spreading or fading while the micro moisture serum softens the roughness giving the fiber actives present in the color rescue shampoo locks in hair color denying it from spreading or fading while the micro moisture serum softens the roughness giving your hair the perfect shine.

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6. Tresemme Advanced Technology Color Protection Shampoo:

Tresemme’s advanced technology contains advanced color vibrancy technique that adds a high gloss to your dyed hair while replenishing and conditioning your hair with the essentials of rosemary, green tea and sunflower extracts.

7. Redken Color Extend Shampoo:

Redken Color Extend Shampoo

The Redken color extend uses micro net technology to keep the hair color compact and bright while the exclusive UV ray filter attaches itself to the hair forming a protective layer to help the color set in with days instead of fading it out. Cleansing and nourishing your color treated hair never came in a better package.

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8. Paul Mitchell Color Care Shampoo:

Paul Mitchell Color Care Shampoo

A special concoction of natural botanicals infusing jojoba, henna, chamomile and rosemary along with the all miracle aloe product, the color care shampoo from Paul Mitchell not only revives color damage hair but also takes care of colored hair.

9. Aveeno Living Color Preserving Shampoo:

Aveeno Living Color Preserving Shampoo

The natural lupine botanicals mixed in organic natural extracts combine together to bring forth the living color preserving shampoo that cleanses and strips your hair of dirt and damage while keeping the color hue locked in to avoid fading.

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