Hair is one of the imminent parts of your body that we keep on experimenting with. Often there is a need for a haircut or a new hairstyle. The last years’ perms are now not so in fashion this year and therefore some hair spa followed by some hair straightening are required. Hair fixes come in different packages but the most common one is hair color. Now your skin tone has a great impact on your hair color. It can make or break your look. Your skin tone would influence the hue you will sport in your hair and based on that your entire look goes through a makeover. Now in this article today, we talk about the various hair hues that your skin tone will match with.

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Pre Determine Your Choice:

When you approach a salon to dye your hair, on spot decisions may not be the best advice since the hair color or type you are opting for will stick around for a good time before it starts to fade. A wrong move would make a plunder of the situation. Therefore, before you move to a separate color pre think the necessary color option. The hue can be chose later but the primary color should be pre determined. The same goes for the hair type as in opting for streaks, or a global hair dye or simply parts of the hair maybe the end. Discuss and know your choices.

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How to Choose The Right Hair Color?

  • There are a few tips and tricks to choosing hair colors for your skin tone and you can do that simply by knowing the tricks.
  • Know your skin tone well. Usually, your cosmetics can help you in this. Your face compact or concealer comes in different hues that would blend in well with your skin and therefore you can always determine your color from the cosmetics you own.
  • Your veins in your inner wrist will also give you a vivid idea. Watch your veins carefully. If your veins appear blue, then you have a cooler skin tone and if it appears green your skin tone is targeted towards the green. If both colors are visible it will be a neutral tone for your skin. based on that choose your look
  • Your eye color too plays an important role while choosing the right hue. You can use your eye color to determine which hair color would suit you the best.
  • Your clothes, the type you wear of course has an opinion to voice. If you stick to darker shades most of the time, opting for a darker shade definitely would be a mistake. However, darker shades might go well with lighter clothes.

Hue Talk:

Now comes the main part where the different skin tone types would suit the different colors. There are mainly four types of skin tone. The chocolate dark, the olive, the yellowish hued ones and the extreme pale or rather pinkish ones. Now pale skin, basically the last two categories are hassle-free hues since just about anything and everything suits well with it.

Dark Beauty:

If you have a deeper shade of brown maybe even on the lines of black, it is best that you avoid lighter shades like the bright blond or the fiery red. It would only make your look seemingly false and unnecessarily loud. Go for hazel, light brown maybe with subtle blond highlights.

Olive Beauty:

For olive skin tone, stick to a lighter shade of ash brown or mahogany red which is not exactly bright red but the look resembles to chestnut brown. Even A subtle blond preferably the ice blond would suit your skin tone well. Don’t opt for bright red or blue streaks though.

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Paler Looks:

For a paler skin tone now you can opt for a bright blond or a simple fiery red look. try not to go too dark since the darker shades will bring out the paleness and the skin tone and the hair hue would not make a compatible look for you.


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