The latest technology in today’s commercial world allows you temporarily mend your hair color gone wrong or even better enhance your five month old fading highlights just by shampooing your hair with these special shampoos. These shampoos are essentially a branch of color protection shampoo, but this time the shampoos integrate a subtle hue in the shampoo that brightens and shows up every time you shampoo reviving your highlights while allowing you to outlast your normal hair dye span without any side effects to follow. Wet, rinse and wash your shampoo just like any other busy Monday morning and get a vibrant head of your desired hair color range.

8 Best Hair Dye Shampoos Available in India:

1. Vcare Shampoo Hair Color Black:

Free of ammonia, the Vcare black shampoo is a perfect fix for graying, premature hair ageing which is rampant right after your late 40s. Hair tends to dull over time and even with the externally added hair hues, it is quite possible that you lose the shade every time you shampoo. With this shampoo now you can revive the blackness in your hair with a natural shine and a much healthier hair texture.

2. Richenna Shampoo Based Hair Color:

Image Source: Richenna

Enriched in Henna extracts and Soybean Proteins, Richenna shampoo is a color enhancing shampoo that adds to the vibrancy of your externally induced color while making sure your hair looks perfectly natural and damage repaired by working on the very follicles and working on them from inside.

3. Ted Gibson Individual Color Shampoo, Captivating Copper:

Image Source: Ted

The Ted Gibson captivating copper uses copper undertones as a temporary color deposit for red or strawberry hued hair color. Enriching and brightening up the red highlights, this shampoo includes silk proteins encased in jojoba oil, mango, pomegranate and wild orchid extracts to nourish and soften color treated hair.

4. Color Revive Color Depositing Shampoo:

Image Source: Color Revive

The color Revive depositing shampoo comes in a myriad of different hair coloring shampoo ranges from, copper flame and chilli pepper to blonde and blue highlights, this shampoo is a rescue relief for all the faded or spread out hair dyes that tend to damage the hair. Holding the hair together in one piece, this shampoo provides expert vibrancy to the existing color by enriching the undertones of the hue.

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5. Ted Gibson Glimmering Gold Shampoo:

Image Source: Ted

Lathering up a rich foam, the glimmering gold shampoo by Ted Gibson allows your blond or honey colored hair to outlast the hair longetivity of your golden glows. This shampoo enriched in the natural and botanical extracts allows light blond undertones that brighten up your highlights with every new wash.

6. Osmo Color Revive Warm Chestnut Hair:

Osmo’s colored hair shampoo range allows a variant of different hair hues, this one being the warm chestnut hue. The shampoo infuses Vitamin A and E with avocado oil that conditions ad revives your damaged rough hair while warming up the hair colors to a rich hue.

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7. Pure Blends Lemon Color Depositing Shampoo:

Hydrating and moisturizing your hair, Pure Blends lemon color hair uses soft blonde undertones which are both sulphate and chloride free which goes easy on the hair while nourishing the hair ends to revive the vivacious blonde or honey colored hair tones.

8. Pure Blends Marigold Depositing Shampoo:

The marigold depositing base from Pure Blends uses a soft orange yellow base to keep your undertones vibrant and bright while the shampoo moisturizes and softens your hair.

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