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How to Hair Baldness Treatment at Home

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Baldness is a common sign of aging however premature balding is also observed in many. This usually occurs due to infected hair follicles by certain diseases that not only inhibits the hair growth but also results in a loss of the existing hair resulting in complete hair loss or baldness. So for growing back the hair after getting bald, treatment of the hair follicles intricately becomes a priority.  There are several natural and herbal remedies, ready made oil based products that are mentioned in this article that can promote hair regrowth after baldness.

let us take a look at the factors causing baldness and the effects of this hair disorder.

hair baldness treatment

Factors Causing Balding:

Primarily, genetics and old age are the main factors causing balding that is quite irreversible. Factors like unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits, environmental factors, prolonged illness, hormonal imbalance, faulty hair products are some of the other reasons that cause loss of hair in chunks, eventually leading to baldness. There is no need to despair as baldness resulting due to these factors can be treated.

Effect of Hair Loss Resulting in Balding:

It is a common observation that the effect of baldness differs from female to male. In case of women baldness occurs all over as the hairs start falling and thinning from all over the scalp. This usually occurs after their menopause, while men start balding with a receding hairline. Balding is seen as a sign of old age and changes the total personality of an individual. This can be very disturbing and depressing for those who are conscious of their looks. Natural remedies to cure baldness and promote regrowth of hair.

Hair Baldness Treatment in Naturally:

Rosemary Oil:

Rosemary oil

Rosemary is an herbal extract that is highly beneficial in hair growth after balding. It is very effective for stimulating the follicles and prevents the loss of hair. It is actually a seasoning and also effective for medicinal purposes. This natural product has to be massaged into the scalp rigorously for optimum results.

Jojoba Oil:

Jojoba oil

This is one natural product that is known for restricting hair loss. It protects the hair shaft thus moisturizing the hair thus limiting the clogging of sebum. It is also very effective in opening the hair follicles and initiating hair regrowth. It can be used to massage the scalp after heating it and also combined with a wide range of other natural products.

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This is an age old remedy for treating baldness that occurs in patches. Grate an onion and rub it on to the area that is most affected first. Later apply honey and then rinse off with water. Its efficacy is proven in many households.

Coconut Milk:

This is different from coconut oil, where coconut oil helps in strengthening the hair and improving its texture, coconut milk can be extracted by grating the coconut and standing it in water for an hour. Next blend it in a mixer and apply it as oil is applied to the scalp. Keep it on for some time and rinse off with plain water. Hair will grow gradually if it is applied on a regular basis.

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Sanjivani Oil:

This product is famous for treating baldness. It should be massaged onto the scalp gently with the help of fingertips. Care should be taken to avoid wetting the hair with the oil completely. It will heal the affected hair follicles, and revive the dead follicles thus initiating the hair growth.

The predicament of baldness can be very disturbing as it makes a person unattractive. This creates a feeling of hopelessness. Affected people should not despair as there are several effective treatments available that are discussed in the article. At the same time it a fact that these treatments are not successful overnight, they take time to materialise, therefore one should ideally be patient and follow the procedures religiously.

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