Are you suffering with hair fall problem?. Do you want to make your hair growth fastly? The you have to take  hair growth treatment. One of the most important advice to remember for long hair to grow and maintain, is nutrition. What you eat ultimately becomes you, so eat healthy and your hair would show it’s true nature. Your diet should have plenty of B complex and amino acids, say experts. In addition to that, there are holistic remedies that you can apply, right from your kitchen ingredients to the nutrients from fresh fruits and veggies which would make your hair grow long, strong and thick.

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Did You Know?

To have long hair, you should consume plenty of proteins, which is a part of the hair composition. Hence, your morning breakfast should have enough poultry, dairy, fruits and nuts. For vegetarians, a dose of beans, curd, lentils etc would bring in proteins. Fish and the omega 3 fatty acids in it does wonders for the hair, even yeast found in breads made from whole grain wheat would be good. Don’t ignore the vitamins, they are very important to consume every day should you wish to have Rapunzel locks. B complex and beta carotene, B 6 and Inositol folic acid biotin etc would be important to have as well.

Experts also suggest the incorporation of important minerals, such as silica, zinc, sulfur and magnesium; they aid in hair growth and strengthen the hair roots. They can be found in fresh veggies and fruits, so pick and choose wisely. Oil your hair with essential oils found in the kitchen, the internet is flooded with homemade hair oil recipes, which are easy to make and use. On average, keeping the hair oiled overnight is recommended, but if you don’t have the time to do that, even twenty minutes twice a week before a shower would be good.

The best hair growth treatment for the hair can never be not expensive. Even though there are so many commercial hair treatments, it is always deemed best that you opt for the most organic and natural way to hair care.

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Natural Hair Growth Treatments:

Below we have given a list of homemade treatments for hair growth that can helpful to control to hair fall then boost your hair growth.

1. Lavender Oil Treatment:

A teaspoon of lavender oil mixed with coconut oil, when mixed and applied on the hair does wonders. Keep the scalp and hair nourished for twenty minutes, if time is less or for a whole night. Wash it off later and use a mild shampoo under lukewarm water to rinse it clean. Do this twice a week for better-looking and healthy hair.

2. Onion Juice:

Grandma suggests using the juice or paste of an onion. Apply it to your scalp and let the hair follicles soak its nourishment. Hair would grow well, and you wouldn’t have scalp issues, hair issues or hair fall anymore. This can be done twice a week and wash it off with a mild herbal shampoo.

3. Henna Treatment For Hair Growth

Henna should be applied twice a month to make the hair strong. The conditioner can be made at home, with a cup of the herb, an egg, coffee one teaspoon, a quart milk or curd and honey one teaspoon. Mix it well and apply evenly, keep this for an hour and then wash off with cold water, oil your hair now with an essential oil and let it be overnight. Wash it off the next morning. Your hair and scalp would be squeaky clean, there would be bounce and shine and you wouldn’t have to worry about hair fall, if done twice a month for a year.

4. Vitamin Supplements:

Vitamins are as important as proteins for your hair, for the strength it gives especially. Vitamins help hair with faster growth and sheen in the long run. B complex is the best to have, and your foods should include dishes that have biotin, folic acid, silica and zinc too. However, we would ask you to please check with your family doctor before taking in supplements from the markets. Don’t overdo in consumption, for it would lead to more harm than good, making you bald in the worse case or other complications when too much is used.

5. Egg Treatment For Hair Growth:

Deep conditioning of the hair helps prevent hair breakage and hair fall. Hence using homemade remedies would be great. An egg beaten with a teaspoon of olive oil or any essential oil and applied for an hour on the head would do wonders. Keep this as a routine to be done thrice a week, and watch how your hair comes back to life.

6. Banana:

Banana paste with olive oil and green tea helps shine the hair naturally. It also helps grow the hair, feeds the follicles with proteins and acids important for the hair to grow and also keeps the scalp free of build-up and infections too. Apply the mixture twice a week for half an hour for best results, and wash it off with cold water or lukewarm as you wish.

7. Green Tea Treatment For Hair Growth:

We also look at green tea and rum for the best hair treatment to have. A cup of green tea water and a quart of rum, used as a final rinse post-shampooing and done twice a week, make the hair bounce and shine. Your hair smells good too, and there wouldn’t be dandruff issues to bother.

8. The Hot Oil Technique:

This is a superb technique formulated by the hair experts that did its round on the internet where many people have claimed to have experienced this treatment technique to actually help you grow hair at a steady rate. For hair growth treatment at home, here we start by warming a bowl of essential oil be it olive or ginseng root oil or even hibiscus. Now turn your hair upside down by flipping it on the front and using your fingertips apply the oil directly to your hair. Repeat this twice a week to get the best results.

9. Egg White And Lemon Mask:

Egg white strengthens the hair and also enhances the elasticity rate of your tresses so that it can withstand pressure and stress situations and still look flawless and well maintained. Egg white adds bodybuilding proteins to your hair fibers making them strong while the lemon being a superb detox agent cleanses and nourishes the hair out of residual product buildup. You can also add honey to this which is a natural healer and can repair and revitalize dull dead hair. Make a mask and leave it on till it dries crisp before shampooing it.

10. Coffee Bean Hair Pack:

Homemade treatment for hair growth this time requires a coffee and honey serum. Honey as mentioned earlier is a steady source of healing as its natural golden properties moisturize, nurture and cools down hair distress, therefore, allowing your hair to relax and rest. The coffee is a good source of hair coloring for the dark haired beauties as it can be used both for hiding grey hair as well as removing toxin and product buildup in hair. Leave this serum overnight and get flawless silken hair in the morning afters.

11. Stick To Your Comfort Zone:

This is more of a trick or a tip than a treatment procedure where experts strongly recommend that distressed hair should not be put through too many experimentation. Your comfort zone is decided by the products that you repeatedly keep using which allows your hair to get used to the product contains. Constant changing would definitely create more stress in your hair.

12. Pumpkin Seed Oil And Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo:

Natural treatment for hair growth can be done using apple cider vinegar which cultivates within itself the goodness of both acidic and alkaline features. This allows hair to build up body and volume giving your hair a lively look. the apple cider vinegar also allows hair to soften up. Pumpkin seed oil is high in DHT that lessens hair fall and thereby prevents balding.

13. Overnight Castor Oil Care:

Castor oil in the nights allow your hair to rest for the rest of the time span without actually pushing your hair into harsh environments. As much as your skin and body, your hair too needs the rest. Experts often say if you braid your hair tightly after applying castor oil and leave it over the night, chances are that your hair will grow at a much speedier rate.

14. Trimming At Intervals:

Even though people usually go against trimming, it is scientifically proven that stunted hair growth can only be relieved using trimming treatment at interval times. Trimming here ensures the split ends and dry damaged tips are eliminated and removed so that the healthy hair gets a chance to stretch and grow.

15. Detangle Treatment For Hair Growth:

The detangle treatment is quite easy as you try to comb your hair right after the shower. In this technique always keep a bottle of water and essential oil handy which you can now spray to remove the tangles as you brush through them. Also, brushing from the tip to the roots allows easier detangling and lesser hair fall.

16. Combing Treatment For Hair Growth:

Use a wide toothed comb or brush to pamper your hair with combing rituals, twice a day. This stops hair from falling, and do not use a fine toothed comb or your hair would be pulled mercilessly. When the hair is wet, do not comb it, it breaks and it is the weakest when wet.

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Simple Tips For Hair Growth :

  • If you have split ends, trim them off twice a month.
  • Hair wash should be done at least twice a week.
  • Oil your hair at least thrice a week.
  • Daily scalp massage with your finger tips, dry or wet is a must.
  • Sulfate and silicone based products are a NO-NO.
  • Deep condition your hair twice a week.
  • Don’t be rough when drying your hair.
  • Don’t use electrical equipment to dry your hair.
  • Don’t tighten the pony tails or the bun too hard.
  • Use a wide toothed comb or brush.
  • Use a detangling agent which is herbal.
  • 10 glasses of water per day to drink is good.
  • Accessories used for hair should be easy to use.
  • Be positive and have patience, it took Rapunzel twenty years to have very long hair.

Therefore in this article, we have a special treatment segment that tells you about the most economic and easy treatments that you can opt for hair growth and health.


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