When a women starts to lose hair then there can be a number of factors that may be responsible for this. Apart from any diseases, a normal person as they age can start to notice the weakening of the roots if the problems are related to hormonal imbalance. Usually, the conversion of DHT hormone is a cause which can result in producing testosterone. There may be other possible causes other than this for this and the advice of a doctor should be taken in this regard.

How to Treat Hair Loss Due to Hormonal Imbalance:

Below are the few remedies that can be tried to treat the hair loss that happens due to hormonal imbalance in men and women.

1. Physical Testing:

Hormonal testing is common and these can be done in various clinics. There are specialized physicians who can help with these. These will be mostly related to testing various causes which a person is going through and is getting affected from. These can result in a number of things to know if it is only the problem that is internal or are there other peripheral things that can be done with these. If there are other causes which can lead to these then the family history or any history where the people has suffered from such problems are also traced and then the right and proper causes can be identified. All these only a good doctor can advice and it is not a good thing to get other medicines or supplements without taking the prescription for these.

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There can also be other causes for which the roots can get weak. There can be inherent diseases or physical weaknesses which can be affecting a person then the person may be advised some other remedies. The routine and every day like of a person are also taken into consideration. If a person works under a lot of stress or has a very tight routine, then these may also result in severe problems which can be internal and can affect other functions of the body. Therefore a thorough examination checking should be done to prevent further problems or to get some proper solutions to the problems that a patient is facing.

2. Anti Aging Drugs:

There are various types of anti-aging drugs which can be given to a patient to combat body problems. These can restore vitality and maintain proper androgen balance. However, supplements like Vitamin A, B, C, E and others should be taken under proper dosages and from a prescribed physician.

3. Thyroid Hormone:

This has been a major cause which can result from aging. If this level declines in the body then there can be weakening of the strands. The thyroid is what maintains the proper metabolism.

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4. Proper Diet:

This is always a thing which many people overlook. If the diet is not proper with the adequate amount of fibres and proteins then a person can have internal problems. These should be maintained to have a healthy body so that every cell functions in a proper way. This will maintain and keep a person away from imbalances and this is very helpful. The proper amount of water and enough sleep is also essential. It is seen that a normal person should drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water and sleep at least 8 hours a day.

5. Adequate Exercises:

Most women do not get time to exercise. However, this should be done even in small amounts every day so that the proper heart rate and also blood pressure levels are maintained. These helps a body in having proper digestion and the hormones functions properly.

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