Many people suffer from the problem of hair loss. There may be partial sometimes. Often various factors are the cause behind this. These may also be due to sebum and dirt deposition if the condition is very worse due to fungal infection. This is for those who do not properly cleanse. Therefore this leads to accumulate the sebum and the dirt. The bacterial infections are also quite common. There may also be stress and hormonal causes behind these. The family history can also be something that should be examined to know the health of a person.

Sometimes people may face sudden abnormal hormonal secretions which can lead to excess of or less production of thyroid. Maintaining a healthy routine is often helpful for those people who suffer from temporary problems.

Sometimes if there is excess of thyroid in the body this can also lead to such problems. These abnormalities may happen due to many factors.

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Causes And Symptoms of Hair Loss in Patches:

There are various factors responsible for this problem. Some of these are genetic and others can be due to certain unhealthy habits or can also be due to internal reasons like the lack of nutrients in the system. These all can result in the following:

  • Sometimes the history in a family can be the cause behind this problem. This should be checked properly after roper examination and also if the person has any type of fungal infections or if this is something that is hereditary. So these should be properly checked.
  • Alopecia Areata: This is an immune system disorder where the immunity of the body attacks the follicles and this is an autoimmune disease. These can lead to patches which can be red and itchy.
  • In some cases this may result in itchy scalp and Alopecia Totalis or Alopecia Universalis.

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Treatments for Hair Loss in Patches:

A. Steroid Injections:

There are certain steroid medicines which can be directly injected into the affected area. These can be done for a few weeks to a few months and these are also quite painful. These can treat these types of problems and these are also quite costly. These are possible to be treated when there are a few patches and not in excessive. This helps the person to make the system function properly for proper growth. These are quite costly but these can be tried out if a person has the money to spend and also this is slightly painful for the top regions are usually very sensitive.

B. Steroid Gels:

There are certain steroid creams and also lotions which are often recommended by the doctors to be used on the areas. These are however not injected. Therefore the dosage of these is not like those of the injections but these are also costly. These should however be tried for about 6 months to see results and then another consultation with the doctor can be done.

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C. Others:

Various other topical treatments can be suggested which may be antifungal creams if these are sudden problems due to certain bad unhygienic habits. These can also be helpful to treat this. Sometimes there can be certain temporary techniques that can be tried out. These may be weaving or other clip-in sections which can temporarily increase the thickness. These are often costly but not surgical. If however, a person gets these from reputed brands and reputed salons or clinics, these can last for a few months. Depending on the condition of the patient, a person can be suggested the transplantation methods if those are advisable.

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