These days many people face hair loss and often they think which should be the when they should start a treatment. This is very important because if problems are allowed to persist then doctors may not be able to help in an effective manner. Many people do not get enough time due to their busy routines to wash or clean the head properly. This leads to severe accumulation of dirt and also sebum. In normal conditions, sebum can be helpful to make the sections more shiny but in other cases, this can cause more dirt to get deposited and thereby the pores can be clogged.

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People want the pores to stay open but clean. For this various remedies can be tried out like using neem pastes or other methi pastes which can help in this process along with home and other medical remedies.

Signs of Hair Loss in Men and Women:

Below are the top 10 most common hair loss signs that a person can face.

1. Gradual Thinning:

This is when a person can see that that person is gradually getting a thinner head. This problem can treated with certain home remedies and can also be treated with certain chemicals. A person can also take sittings at speciality clinics after a thorough examination of the problem and take remedial measures.

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2. Split Ends:

This is a very common problem that many women face. This happens when the tip of the follicles they start to split into two different sections. This can go till a certain portion of the length and this can make it weaker and this then gets torn off easily. This should be prevented in time and also a person can go to a salon and get these chopped regularly at proper intervals to keep this problem from. This can also be prevented by using certain cleansers or conditioners which claim to solve the issue.

3. Brittleness:

Many people can face this problem. This is when the person can easily tear these and even normal brushing can lead to a lot of loss. This can be prevented with proper massaging with oils and other nutrient mixtures.

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4.  A Person Sees it on Pillow:

Often a person who is getting gradual thinning can see strands on the pillow. This needs to be treated immediately.

5. More Strands on The Brush:

If a person is getting more than the usual amount of strands on the brush when the person is using it even with normal pressure, then this can mean the person is facing alopecia.

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6. Fungal Itch:

Many times unhygienic and dirt-prone heads can cause fungal infections to create small boils like pimples which can be painful and swollen. These can be treated with medicines and this can lead to itch.

7. Pony Clipping Leads to Pain:

Many times when the sections are getting thinner, clipping these into a pony at the back can hurt. If this persists, then the doctor should be consulted.

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8. Frontal Thinning:

Many people can experience thinning at the frontal portion of the head. These patches can be treated with regular treatment.

9. Flakes:

Many times a person does not have time due to busy routines and they do not get enough time to wash their head regularly. It can also be from certain anxiety causes that a person can face dryness. Excessive use of products can also be a reason behind it and it can also be from the use of excessive heat or excessive cleansing.

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10. Clogged Bathroom Sinks:

This can be an easily seen thing that many times the sinks of the bathroom can get clogged with hair. Immediate precautions should be taken.


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