Indian women, in general, have good thick hair. It is God’s gift to a woman if she has smooth black hair. Some woman believes in taking full care of their tresses at home or salon,, which is the right thing to do. Depending upon the hair type and requirement, many products are available in the Indian market and some important ones are given below.

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Hair Products For Indian Hair:

Here is a list of the 9 best hair care products for Indian hair are as follows.

1. Henna:

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Many women in India choose to colour there temporarily with the use of natural leaves of Henna. This gives a brown shade to your white hair and nourishes it. You can use it twice a month or monthly, depending upon your personal need. Many companies sell henna and other nourishing ingredients like shikakai and amla.

2. Hair Serum:

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Indian hair tends to be frizzy after washing, and women with long hair require some serum to smoothen them. This also gives a little shine to the tresses without any extra effort. One can apply a few drops of any good brand serum on the end of wet hair, dry them normally, and brush for manageable mane.

3. Coconut Oil:

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Yes, Indian women love to oil their hair, and you can do so for a few hours before shampooing with good-quality coconut oil. Coconut oil nourishes your scalp allowing the hair to look good throughout the day. You can also warm the oil before application,, especially during the winter, followedd by a head massage.

4. Anti-Dandruff Shampoo:

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Because of mostly humid climate in most parts of India, dandruff is a common problem in Indian hair. Anti dandruff shampoo to keep their hair from falling and scalp from getting too dry.

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5. Hair Tonic:

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Many women in India complain of extreme hair fall and low-quality hair,, which is why using hair tonic treatment becomes essential. You can expect to have thick manes, which are soft and manageable. These tonics have an easy application that one can do at home and is non-oily.

6. Hair Conditioner:

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Apart from shampoo, the hair must be conditioned, especially after the wash, which makes the hair dry. Most brands have started selling conditioner for different types of hair. One can easily choose a product as per the budget and the requirement. The conditioner has to be applied only on the roots and not the scalp.

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7. Protein Packs:

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Some women in India prefer a good hair volume andy use protein packs for strengthening and promoting hair growth. These packs are made with natural ingredients. This is among the easiest to use and cheap options to take care of your hair in comparison to spa and keratin treatments provided by salons.

8. Hairspray:

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Because of the humid climate and lot of sweating,, one can also decide to use hairspray after any styling. This will allow the hair to remain set and not get disturbed. The soft spray is usually more useful than the ones that make the hair stiff. It is used for parties and weddings.

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9. Hair Colors:

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Commonly, women to like to colour or highlight their hair to get a different and stylish look. Depending on a women’s face and age, they choose to either change their hair colour globally or highlight them with streaks of blonde or red shade.

Hair and skin always require special care to look good and young throughout your life. The best way to do this is by using the appropriate products that are branded and of high quality. It is not necessary that you have to spend exorbitantly to keep your tresses smooth and shiny.


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