Hair has the power to make us look younger, older and different with just some minute changes. The greying of hair has been one of the major reasons making people look older than they really are at times but thanks to the n number of products around us, we can conceal our age at all times. Here is a list of some of the best hair touch-up products in India that will hide your greys like never before,

Best Hair Root Touch-Up Products Available In India:

Let’s find the top 10 Hair Root up products for women in India.

1. Loreal Paris Magic Retouch:

From the famous brand of Loreal, the Loreal touch-up product called as the Loreal Paris Magic Retouch actually creates magic. The product leaves your hair with a colour and finish that makes it look realistic. The loreal touch up spray being in a spray form is easy to use single-handedly.

  • Pros & Cons: Easy to use, gives hair a great color with finish making it look all natural.

2. Shahnaz Hussain Hair Touch up:

Well known for their cosmetic and hair care products, the Shahnaz Hussain Hair touch up product is commonly used and liked. Available in the spray form, this hair touches up product can be used on the roots as well as the ends as per the preference of the user.

  • Pros & Cons: The product is comparatively cheaper and is available at many cosmetic and hair care stores as well as online.

3. Swarzstar Hair Colour Shampoo:

Available in a shampoo form that can be used as your regular shampoo, the swarzstar hair colour shampoo can be used all over the hair and roots as well. The package comes with 5 or 10 sachets of shampoo that can be used depending upon on the volume and the length of your hair.

  • Pros & Cons: Leaves the hair coloured with just one wash and is very easy and comfortable to use.

4. Krishkare Hair Shadow Root Touch Up Powder:

Available in powder form, the Krishkare Hair Shadow root touch up powder is a product that is loved by many. This product can be used in a paste like form that can be evenly applied to the roots of the hair. The product contains many natural ingredients that means less hair and scalp damage.

  • Pros & Cons: Available in a powder form that allows you to use the product in small and specific quantities.

5. Everpro Gray Away Root Touch Up Magnetic Powder:

There are several products that can help with colouring of the hair as well as with hair root touch up. Although the Everpro Gray Away Root Touch Up Magnetic Powder stays on the roots of the hair and lets your hair be coloured and hides the gray well under the colors and their shine.

  • Pros & Cons: An easy way to hide the gray’s that often arise due to signs of stress or aging.

6. Clairol Nice n Easy Root Touch Up:

While some products can make the process of coloring and root touch up a bit difficult, Clairol Nice n Easy Root Touch Up does exactly what its name suggests. The product helps with easy touch up of roots. The product is available in colors such as black and brown that are suitable for both hair colors.

  • Pros & Cons: Available in different shades of natural hair color and very easy and convenient to use.

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7. Cover Your Gray Waterproof Hair Color Touch Up Stick:

We come across hair color products in the form of powders, shampoos and sprays but imagine having a touch up stick. The Cover Your gray Waterproof hair color touch-up stick is an instant way to cover your grays with a help of a stick that is very similar to a regular chapstick. Rub it over your grays and see the magic.

  • Pros & Cons: Very suitable application for all the genders and is an instant and easy ways of color touch up.

8. Looks21 Hair Loss Concealer:

Less colouring/touch up and mare concealing, Looks21 Hair Loss Concealer is the product you must use when your hair starts losing and the signs of early aging and stress starts showing in; the perfect way to cover up the hair loss right from the root without spending a lot of money.

  • Pros & Cons: A cheaper and effective alternative to hair loss that covers up your scalp.

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9. Indus Valley Capsule Hair Color:

The perfect way to color your hair without any mess and in proper quantity, these capsules avoid any wastage as you can use the amount according to your need at a time instead of fearing the product to go bad.

  • Pros & Cons: There are no cons of this product.

10. Ratan’s Beuton Kesh Kala Shampoo:

A shampoo that leaves your hair colored, Ratan’s Beuton Kesh Kala Shampoo is gaining a lot of love and recognition in India. The shampoo leaves your greying hair colored in natural black that makes you look younger and makes your hair look rejuvenated.

  • Pros & Cons: It is very easy to use and apply like a shampoo. Leaves your hair colored in a natural-looking black.

Instead of opting for an entire salon treatment, with additional help or just by your self cover up your roots in the color of your choice. Hair root touch up products can be easily found in the market and are suitable for people in their mid-twenties to people in their late 70’s. Don’t let the color of your hair be the reason of people being judgmental towards you.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

1. Where can I Find Hair Root Touch up Products?

Hair touch-up products can be easily found at drugstores as well as other healthcare or convenient stores. You can also find and buy these products online.

2. Can I use Grey Root Touch-up Products on My Own?

A lot of hair root touch up products are available in spray form, these can be easily used on your own whilst the products available in powder form turn into a paste and can be a little difficult to apply. In the case of paste like products it is advisable to take someone’s help for the application.

3. How Often Can I Use Hair Root Touch up Products?

You can use hair root touch up products once in 2-3 months. In case your hair starts losing the color faster you can consult a hair care professional who will help you with finding a good hair touch up product that can either be used frequently or is long-lasting.

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