Hair scarf is an essential item for all the ladies. These scarves help to keep your hair intact. It helps to keep your forehead free from those fringes, especially during gym workouts. Try these scarves on windy evenings. It adds to your fashion sense. There are many ways of tying scarves around your hair.

Latest Hair Scarf Designs For Women:

Here are few scarves for women’s hair, choose from below top 9 hair scarf styles,

1. Printed Women’s Hair Scarf:

This is made of 100% polyester. A lovely scarf for women. Its dimensions are 40*40. It looks so trendy and stylish. Don’t worry about the hair getting messy while driving. Use this lovely scarf and set the trend. A beautiful gift for all ladies out there. It has nice floral prints on it and suits women of all ages.

2. African Head Wrap Yellow:

A beautiful fabric and has African prints on it. The yellow and vibrant prints look so cool on the scarf. This African hair scarf can be worn in different ways. Can be used to wrap the head or just tie them around your neck. It looks so stylish. Set the trend with these lovely scarves. You can wear them on some casual occasions too. These lovely African prints scarf stands out in the crowd.

3. Twisted Turban:

Looking for an easy hair scarf style, then chose this cool turban like hair wrap. This lovely scarf can be worn with style. Place the scarf at the back of your neck and get the ends at the front. Cross the two ends once again and twist them one more time Tug it tightly and tie it at the back of your neck. It looks so cool and comfortable.

4. Spring Fashion Scarf:

Spring is around the corner and if you are not updated about the scarf trends then get it right with these fashion hair scarves. For this season select a nice cotton or silk hair scarfs with retro colours that looks so cool for the spring season. This scarf would help to keep the moisture of the skin and keeps your hair clean without getting messy.

5. Black Hair Scarf:

Make a cool bohemian appearance with this cool scarf with floral prints. The tying style looks so cool. It is made of chiffon and the floral prints give a stylish appearance. Wear this chiffon hair scarf with your nice white tops and leather pants. These scarves for women’s hair enhance style sense.

6. Short Hair Scarf:

These are the hair scarves for short hair. Use these beautiful head scarves for black hair on a windy day. It helps to keep your hair intact and getting messy. Just right for those times where you head out for beaches in the evenings. Try this cool scarf and keep your hair intact.

7. Long Hair Scarf:

This is a long hair scarf. A beautiful long scarf for long-haired ladies. Sport a vintage look with this scarf and plait it around the hair to give a nice look.

8. Cotton Hair Scarf:

This lovely cotton hair scarf can be found on the hair beautifully. Take this cotton scarf with floral prints and start with one end and wrap it around the head. Tie it at the back with the smaller end of the scarf. It protects your hair and keeps it intact.

9. Vintage Silk Hair Scarf:

A beautiful silk scarf for hair with multiple colours just right for your casual outing. Wrap this scarf in style. This natural hair scarf is easy to manage while tying. Just wrap around the head and give a nice knot at the front. Looks very comfortable and trendy.

You can select from any of these beautiful scarves for your hair. Protect your hair from wind and don’t allow them to get messy. Try out different styles of wrapping these scarves on your hair. Look cool and comfortable.

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