People with curly and wavy are always desirous of getting straight hair. Because straight hair is something that really gives you an attractive and pretty look. But do you know that if you straighten your hair the wrong way, you might actually cause great damage to your hair? Another problem is that good hair straightening costs a lot of money at parlours and salon. But you don’t have to do that. Because we have come up with this amazing article that tells you how to do hair straightening at home only within an hour by using home remedies. It is not even that expensive and doesn’t have any side effects.

How To Do Hair Straightening At Home:

So without worrying so much, just refer to this article, follow the steps and you will be ready to get hair straightening done at home. Isn’t that cool?. The home remedies for hair straightening at home are follows.

1. Purchase Good Hair Straightening Products:

Straightening shampoos and conditioners are something you should always do before your prepare your hair for straightening. Go to the nearest beauty parlour or hair salon and speak to them about the best products you could purchase for your hair. Next you will need to go to a market or cosmetic store and buy the products that have been suggested to you. Make sure you buy products are good in quality. Read the ingredients that are present in them and try to stay away from alcohol. This is one of the primary ingredients that make hair straightening difficult. You don’t want to damage it in the long run.

2. Prepare A Home Spray First:

The first thing you need to do prepare a good spray before you can actually start the hair straightening process at home. For this, take a spray bottle and pour cold milk into it. Now spray it all over the hair. This should make your completely damp. Make sure you do this 20 minutes before you take a shower.

3. Now Comb Your Hair:

The next thing you need to do is combing your hair. Take a wide toothed comb and start to comb your damp hair. This will remove every tangle and knot. Don’t wash the milk of your hair now. Let it stay there for the next ten minutes. So sit still and try not to move your hair too much.

4. Wash Your Hair:

The next thing you need to do is wash your hair. Rinse thoroughly with water and then use some good quality shampoo and conditioner. Take some good amount of time but make sure there is no residue left behind. After you have completed this step, take a fresh and clean towel and dry your hair. Try to be as gentle as possible. If you like you can use a blow dryer, but since they don’t always make the best option, you can use a cooler.

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5. Use A Rat Tail Comb:

When your hair has completely dried out, use a rat tail comb and create sections in your hair. Take a pin and safely tie up the upper part of your hair. In this way, you will have a thin row of your downwards while the rest of the hair shall be combed up. Follow this step carefully because it is impossible to straighten all your hair at the same time. This is when you will have to use your straightener. So plug it and wait for a few seconds to heart. Learn to control the temperature as well. Don’t let it go too high.

6. Straighten It:

This is one of the simplest home remedies for hair straightening at home. Hold a section of your hair that is loose and clamp your hair between the straightener. Bring your straightener close to your scalp and hold it shut. Make sure it is not too close, otherwise you might burn yourself. Now staying in that position, move the straightener down. Pull it two to three times and add some pressure to it. From the beginning to the end, you should continue this process until it has become completely straight.

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7. Do All Parts Of  Your Hair:

Now you will have to straighten all sections of your hair. Take the pin off and bring the rest of the hair down. Take all parts and straighten it the same way you have done the rest. Be a little patient if your hair is too curly. Maybe a few strokes won’t do. You might have to straighten each section about six to seven times with great precaution in order to make it super straight and silky. Don’t overheat your hair.

8. Comb And Repeat:

Do you know how to do hair straightening by using combing. After the entire process has been finished, take a wide toothed comb and gently comb your hair. You will notice that all your tangles have disappeared. Now take your straightener and keep repeating the process until you have got the look you have wanted. The entire process should not take more than twenty to twenty five minutes, although it also depends upon the quality and length your hair.

9. Mousse:

Once your hair has been completely straightened, take some good quality mousse and apply it all over your hair. This will act as a styling product and give your hair a glowing and smooth finishing touch. Brush your hair a couple of times after this. Only then will your hair straightening process be completed at home. If you are too nervous to do it alone, you may take some help from a friend.

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10. Egg And Milk Mask:

You can also try a homemade mask for hair straightening. Take one egg and add two cups of milk to it. Mix them well and apply this mixture all over your hair. This will straighten all the protein bonds in your hair for long periods of time. Let your hair stay in that way for the next thirty minutes. After that you can shampoo your hair and condition it. Use a cooler or stand in front a fan to dry it.

11. Aloe Vera And Essential Oil Mask:

Don’t you know how to do straightening your hair permanently by using aloe vera. Aloe vera is packed with the goodness for your skin as well as hair. Mix ½ cup aloe vera gel and 10 drops of essential oil. To this add one cup of heated olive or coconut oil and let it stay overnight. Apply this hair straightening mask on your hair and leave for nearly two hours. Wash off with a good shampoo.

12. Hot Oil Treatments:

Doing hot oil treatments regularly is the most easiest and effective way to nourish your hair and make it appear smooth. A warm oil massage helps to relax the slight wavy or curly pattern of hair. For doing this hot oil treatment you can use any oil like coconut, almond, sesame or olive oil. Heat oil for 20 seconds and massage it gently on your hair and scalp for 15-20 minutes. Comb slowly so that the spreads evenly. Keep your hair covered for 30 minutes and wash off with a mild shampoo. Comb your hair while it is wet and allow drying naturally.

13. Use Milk Sprays:

Milk is packed with proteins that provide strength to your hair shafts and also makes it less frizzy. Your hair tends to feel smoother and looks unbelievably straight. This method is the easiest solution to how to do straightening of hair at home. Fill a clean spray bottle with milk and spray it on your hair strands, while ensuring that hair is covered, starting from the roots to the hair tips. Leave it on for about 30 minutes. Wash your gently with a good shampoo and conditioner.

14. Use Hair Bands:

Shampoo your hair and squeeze out any excess water. Remove tangles with a wide-toothed comb. Divide your hair in two pigtails and use elastic hair bands to secure it, below your ears. Keep on adding hair bands along your pigtail’s length. Wrap your head in a silk scarf to protect it from frizz. When your hair completely dries, remove the hair bands and scarf. Brush your hair with a wide-toothed comb.

15. Make Your Own Hair Straightening Cream At Home:

One of the very effective home remedies for hair straightening. Take 1 cup of coconut milk and heat it slowly in a pan. To this add two tablespoons of coconut oil. Now in a separate mixing bowl add two tablespoons each of gelatin powder and corn flour. Pour it into the coconut milk mixture and stir till it becomes semi-thick. Remove from heat and allow cooling. To the cooled moisture add two tablespoons each of honey and lemon juice. Apply this homemade straightening cream on your hair properly. Leave for about 30 minutes and wash only with cold water. Apply conditioner and wash off after 5 minutes. Do not even towel dry your hair and let it dry naturally. Comb gently and flaunt your straight and smooth hair.

These home remedies will give excellent results, provided that you follow them correctly and with patience. These methods for hair straightening are same for men and women. Use any of these helpful home remedies for straightening hair and wear your hair long and straight for the next special occasion. The results of these straightening methods might not give the same effect as a salon straightening, but it protects your hair from the use of harmful chemicals and even does not weight your pockets down. Good luck!

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