The problem of receding hairline is no longer governed by age. Hair loss has become a serious problem in both the genders and is usually caused due to Mal-nutrition and stressful lifestyle. In most cases, the only solution to treat this balding is hair transplantation. Hair transplant is a surgical technique in which hair follicles is transferred from the ‘donor’ part of the body to the balding or recipient site. Check out these best hair transplant centers in chennai that use expert supervision to treat the problem.

Hair Transplant in Chennai:

Here are the 10 best hair transplantation clinics in chennai city you can choose.

1. V Care:

V Care is one of its kind super specialty hair clinics in Chennai. It uses the best hair transplantation technology called DHI or Direct Hair Implantation. It is the most advanced and superior technique that gives maximum hair growth benefits with minimal recovery time. No pain, scars, stitches and no blood loss are some other benefits.


2. Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran:

Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran is a reputed hair transplant centre based in Chennai. Here they use the latest hair restoration technique called Follicular Unit Extraction. Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran is himself a specialist in the technique and has delivered good success results. The Follicular Extraction Technique is immensely popular as it is an effective yet scar free and less invasive technique.


3. Max Hair Clinic:

Max hair Clinic is an Internationally renowned hair franchisee unit that has outlets in US, UK and India. They operate under a group of qualified hair experts from all over the world who combine their knowledge to give the best to their customers. Max Hair Clinic uses a very effective and safe hair transplant techniques.


4. Hande Hospital, Shinoy Nagar:

Hande Hospital in Shinoy Nagar is a specialty hospital equipped with the best techniques and expert doctors. Even the most extensive hair transplantation procedures can be executed effectively under the supervision of their expert team. Hande Hospital offers you the best surgical procedure at fair rates.


5. Vasan Hair Care:

This hair transplant speciality clinic offers you a selection of surgical and non-surgical procedures to tackle the problem of receding hair line. Being a specialty clinic, Vasan hair Care uses the best Follicular Unit Extraction procedure for hair restoration. It is headed by Dr. MMT Vasan, a veteran in the field. Get your appointment fixed at the earliest.


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6. Dr. Batra’s:

Dr. Batra’s is a name to reckon in the field of cosmetic hair transplant. Here they use the latest methods and innovative treatments for hair restoration. Dr. Batra’s have their team of expert doctors to perform all surgical treatment. They have numerous outlets all over India, to find your closest outlet in Chennai, have a look through the link given below.


7. Dr. Renita Rajan at the Hair and Skin Clinic:

Dr. Renita Reddy has carved a niche for herself in the field of cosmetic surgery. Based in Chennai, she specializes in the Follicular Unit Extraction technique to give best results. Her approach is to provide maximum hair density with less invasion and almost no scars at all.


8. White Cliffs Hair Studio:

As the name suggests, White Cliffs Hair Studio is a specialty hair clinic that offers a wide range of hair restoration treatments to the clients. You can choose from the different invasive and non-invasive hair restoration and growth procedures. White Cliff is a reputed name that has been offering quality services for years.


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9. Dr. K. Ramachandran:

Dr. K. Ramachandran is a veteran in the field of cosmetic surgery. Based in Chennai he has also been a part of Apollo Gleneagles. Even though an expert in different hair transplants procedures, Dr. K. Ramachandran specialises in Follicular Unit Transplantation procedure. He has a team of trained doctors under him to give the most effective hair transplant treatment to their patients.


These are the top hair transplant centres in Chennai that use effective and most recent hair transplant treatments and techniques.


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