Being a capital of India, Delhi draws people from different parts of the country for career opportunities. Due to the fast paced and stressful life here, people of both the genders face hair loss or alopecia condition. The extent of damage is such that hair transplant is the only sough-after form of treatment. Of late multiple hair transplant centres are emerging in different parts of the city.

Best Clinics For Hair Transplant In Delhi:

For your convenience given below is the list of the top 15 hair transplant clinics and speciality centres along with contact details. These centers for hair transplant in Delhi will surely render you quality services.

1) Dr. A’s Clinic:

Dr. A’s Clinic is a pioneer hair transplant in delhi that implements the latest techniques for hair restoration. The technique used in this clinic is called Follicular Unit Hair Transplant (FUHT). At Dr. A’s Clinics, alopecia cases that are untreated elsewhere are also taken care with positive results. Besides they offer free online consultation to their new patients.

  • Website:

2) Provelus Hair Transplant:

Located in Pusa road, New Delhi, Provelus Hair Transplant clinic was established in 1980 and is the first super speciality hair transplant clinic in India. Their team of surgeons work under the supervision of Dr. K.B. Goyal, a veteran known for his remarkable experience in hair transplant surgery. All the procedures for hair restoration used here are absolutely safe and effective.

  • Website:

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3) Dr. Shakti’s HHY:

Dr. Shakti is a veteran cosmetic surgeon heading this super speciality hair transplant clinic in delhi. His knowledge comes from his experience of working with other renowned hair transplant surgeons from different parts of the country. At HHY, they use FUE and FUT techniques for hair restoration.

  • Website:

4) Aravali Clinic:

Aravali Clinic is reputed hair transplant clinic that uses Follicular Unit Extraction and Follicular Unit Transplantation procedures to treat progressive baldness in both males and females. The treatments are very cost-effective and have high success ratio.

  • Website:

5) Adhi India:

Adhi India is a chain of specialty hair care clinic with branches in different cities across India. They have the most extensive knowledge in cosmetic surgery and treatments for skin and hair related problems. They use the state-of-the-art equipments and far superior procedure to give unbeatable success rates. Checkout the website link for more details.

  • Website: www.

6) Natural Hair Transplant Clinic:

The Natural and Best Hair Transplant Clinic in delhi is a prominent name in the field of cosmetic surgery. Their branch in Delhi is well-known for its high success results. They have a team of reliable hair transplant surgeons to treat all kinds of hair loss problems. Browse their website to learn more about the doctors and procedures implemented.

  • Website:

7) AK Clinics:

This is a franchisee clinic of hair transplant in delhi that also has outlets in Karnataka and Maharashtra. At AK Clinics, they emphasize on proper techniques for follicular extraction and transplantation. Their cutting–edge technique and innovative approach guarantees good permanent results.

  • Website:

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8) Berkowits Hair And Skin Clinic:

This is a new addition to Delhi’s cosmetic surgery and offers all kinds of surgical and non-surgical hair and beauty treatments. They combine their experience in the field of hair transplant and restoration with the innovative technologies to give best results. Visit the website to find all that you want to know. This is the another best hair transplant in delhi.

  • Website:

9) Hair And Senses:

Hair and Senses has world-class infrastructure and state-of-the-art equipments to offer a range of hair restoration services. The clinic is headed by husband wife duo, Dr. Satinder Singh and Dr. Sangay Choden Bhutia. They are professionals with years of experience in hair transplantation procedures. Here you will get best results and guaranteed satisfaction at affordable cost.

  • Website:

10. Empathy Laser Clinic:

If you are looking for a decent hair transplant clinic in Delhi, Indian, then Empaty Laser Clinic is here to assist you with the best in class professional hair transplant service. This center has been providing excellent services to the people of new delhi for many years now and have happy customers all over the city. They have professionals working in this field to many years and you will be provided with all kinds of hair growth and restoration laser treatments. Their equipment is the best in class and are totally effective and safe and their packages are also quite affordable for the common people.

  • Ph. No – 09811157787
  • Address – No. HD-6, 1st floor Main road, Opp Metro pillar no, 362, Pitampura Rd, Vaisahli, Dakshini, Pitampura, New Delhi, Delhi 110034.

11. Dr. Dutt Hair Transplant Center:

Dr. Dutt has one of the best hands in the field of hair transplantation in delhi. They have dedicate their services to solve all kinds of hair growth and hair removal issues. They are also an efficient center for facial cosmetic surgery. The clinic has been operating since early 1982 and is now one of the best reputed hair transplant centers in Delhi. They also have hair transplant centers in Meerut, Noida, etc.

  • Ph. No – 91-9582812560
  • Address – Acharya Niketan Market, near Jeevan Anmol Hospital.

12. Dr. Madhu Hair Transplant Center:

Dr. Madhu is a well-known hair transplant surgeon. They provide some of the best services in the field of hair restoration including natural hairline design, FUE, dense packing, ultra refined follicular unit grafting, moustache and beard reconstruction, etc and many more expert services in this field.

  • Ph. No – N/A
  • Address – N/A

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13. Dr. Anup Dhir:

Dr. Anup Dhir in the field of hair transplant and restoration. He knows it all and his clinic is probably one the best places to visit along with all your hair transplant demands. He understands the customer and works in a familiar and friendly manner to reach the roots of their hair issues and solve with the help of effective machinery and the latest equipment. He also provides after service call inquiries to check if the the customer is comfortable and happy with the services offered.

  • Ph. No – 011 2643 8044
  • Address – Suite No. 101, 1st Floor, Ansal Tower, Building No. 38, Nehru Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110019.

14. Apollo Hospital:

This is one of the best places to go with all your issues of hair transplant in delhi. They offer the best in class hair transplant services in this field and take care of all kinds of external hair attachments and hair line adjustments. They offer many other similar services as well and can be said to be one of the best hair transplant destinations in this city. Their cosmetic surgery department provides you with more than just one surgeon and that is why they are the best at what they do. The website given below will provide you with all the necessary information required.

  • Website:

15. Dermalife Skin and Hair Clinic:

Here is a clinic that will provide you expert solutions for all your hair issues. It is the center of perfection and will treat all kinds of hair transplant problems. The services offered by them will make the hair grow from the roots instantly and effectively. You will again be able to go to your 20’s with a head full of hair. The professionals in this center will listen to you and understand your problem and will effectively provide the solutions.

  • Address – G 29 Mail Market Lane, Green Park Main, New Delhi, 110016.

These are the top notch hair transplant centers in Delhi that can be visited for a hair health checkup without second thoughts. In fact, they can be considered for any kind of hair treatment with the expectation of satisfying results. If you are happy feel free to leave your comment.

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