The feel of Lucknow is synonymous with its old culture. However there has been a rapid increase in development of modern and ultra-tech medical resources in the city. Lucknow provides its residents the best of medical facilities and treatments. If you are looking for safe and effective hair transplant clinics to treat baldness, the city has hosts of options to offer you. For your convenience, here is a short-listed list of some of the best hair transplant centers in Lucknow.

Hair Transplant in Lucknow:

Here is a list of 9 best hair transplant services in lucknow with addresses you can choose.

1. Reviva Advanced Hair Grafting Clinic:

Reviva Hair Grafting Clinic offers all kinds of beauty and hair surgical treatments to enhance your beauty. The clinic operates under the supervision of Dr. M M Gupta, a renowned Plastic, Cosmetic and hair transplant surgeon. He is extremely qualified and finished his training from the best and oldest institute of plastic surgery. Visit the website to book your appointment now. Website:

2. Sparsh Klinic Lucknow:

Headed by an expert Dermatosurgeon, Dr. Ankit Kapoor, Sparsh Klinic in Lucknow has world class infrastructure and innovative techniques to guarantee 100% successful results. Book an appointment and get back lush hair growth through the use of their FUE and FUT grafting techniques.

Address: 4/491, Vivek Khand, Near Patrakar, Puram Croassing,Gomti Nagar, Lucknow – 226010

3. Diva Clinic:

Diva Clinic is a super speciality hair transplant and cosmetic surgery centre. The clinic operates under Dr. Vivek Kumar Saxena and his team of Internationally trained qualified hair surgeons with an experience of over 500 cases. At Diva Clinic you will get back your naturally looking dense hair in just single sitting. Dr. Vivek Kumar Saxena is also a reputed member of Asian Association of hair restoration surgeons.


4. Derma Clinic:

Derma Clinic is becoming increasing popular in Lucknow for rendering quality hair transplant and restoration services at easily affordable prices. All their techniques are at par with international standards. At Derma Klinic, hair transplant surgeons specialize in Direct Hair Implant or DHI method to give you visible results in just one session.


5. Perfect Hair Transplant:

Perfect Hair Transplant is a pioneer hair transplant center in Lucknow. Here they use the most innovative and superior hair restoration techniques that are scar-less and pain less. Their group of surgeons are Internationally trained and are specialist in the field of cosmetic and plastic surgery.


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6. Dr. Sumit Malhotra:

Dr. Sumit Malhotra is one of the best hair and cosmetic transplant surgeon in the whole of North India. He is also a Gold Medal list in M Ch. and has been rendering quality hair transplant services for over 10 years. Dr. Sumit specializes in both FUT and FUE hair restoration methods. Go though the website to get a quick appointment with this expert hair transplant surgeon.


7. Dr. Rajat Kumar Srivastava:

Dr. Rajat Kumar Srivastava is a veteran in the field of hair and cosmetic surgery. He has an experience of performing innumerable transplant surgeries for over 10 years. Dr. Rajat also holds the position of Consultant surgeon at Apollo Gleneagles in Lucknow. He offers the best FUT and FUE hair restoration treatments at his Speciality clinic. At his clinic you are taken full care of and their success rates are very high.


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8. Evolve Clinic:

Evolve Clinic is Speciality, aesthetic hair and cosmetic transplant center that is well-located in Lucknow. They have a team of expert and qualified surgeons who have been consistently delivering good results. Evolve clinic strives to deliver their clients world class treatments at the most reasonable price.


9. Dr. Batra’s:

Dr. Batra’s is a well-known hair and cosmetic transplant clinic not only in Lucknow, but has established centers in different cities all over India. All their expert surgeons are Internationally trained in both conventional and innovative hair restoration methods. Visit the website to learn more about their services.

These best hair transplant clinic in Lucknow will indeed help you to look 10 years younger. Get your appointment through any one of them now!


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