Do you know how to wash your hair properly in a right way? Though it might seem very simple but health of your hair is dependent on how to wash your hair. Cleansing scalp, brushing hair, detangling and nourishing the tresses with Conditioner, all sums up with it. For Healthy, shiny and manageable hair, we enlighten you with some of the best tips and do’s and don’t s of Hair washes.

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Best Tips For Hair Wash:

We have come with the best tips for hair wash which are very helpful for how to wash your hair properly in the right way that gives healthy and strong hair.

Tips And Steps For Before Going To Hair Wash:

You have to take care some precautions and should follow the below steps and tips before going to hair wash.

1. Oiling:

It is an old Indian tradition and it is followed by a lot of people throughout the world as well. It includes oiling your hair before applying shampoo on the hair. The best way to do this, is to apply oil and massage the hair gently on the night before. The next morning your hair will feel great and take the stress and torture of the washing elements present in the shampoo.

2. Detangle:

It is a common problem. When shampooing, don’t forget to detangle your hair. Often the hair gets tangled and becomes totally messy when we shampoo the hair. This will assist in keeping the hair healthy and on point. Sometimes women deal with excessive tangles in their hair which weakens the hair from the roots. This procedure of detangle can help to reduce hair fall and will keep the hair beautiful and healthy as well. It is recommended that before moisturizing the hair, one should detangle the hair efficiently or applying moisturizers will be useless.

3. Massage:

Massaging the hair often helps. When it comes to hair-care, one should massage her hair quite often to keep the hair strong. This will also enhance the quality of the hair.

What Are The Steps And Tips For During Hair Wash:

Below we mention how to wash your hair properly in a efficient way that will helpful for strong and healthy hair.

1. Hot, Warm Or Cold Water:

Temperature of water is the first thing, where most of the people go wrong. Warm water is appropriate for hair wash. And the last rinse after conditioning has to be cold, for sealing the cuticles. Using Cold water rinse detangles the hair shaft adding sheen to them. Hot water should be completely avoided, as it strips out natural oils from scalp also damaging the hair shafts. It is one of the best tips of washing hair in a right way.

2. Choosing The Right Hair Products for Your Hair:

Shampoo and Conditioner are the basic needs for every hair. The manageability, softness and shine of the hair depends on using products. It is crucial to adhere to reach out for products suitable for scalp and hair type. You must take care about your basic hair products do not take wrong choice.

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3. To Remove Pollution:

When it comes to hair care, pollution is one of the main issues. When we come home from outside, our hair is often depleted from the pollutant materials in the air. Avoiding them is like impossible. Hence, it is better to take some proper measure to make and keep the hair clean and health. Don’t forget to wash the hair when you get back home. Before using an shampoo and conditioner directly, wash it first. Washing directly with a shampoo can cause extra damage to the hair, which you definitely don’t want.

4. Cleansing The Right Way:

It is beneficial to let your hair soak in the warmth of the water for effective scalp cleansing. Massage, the right amount of shampoo onto wet scalp and rinse off. The more shampoo and the more it stays on the scalp, the more loss of sebum on the scalp. Concentrate on the shampoo-scalp contact, the less the better. Over shampooing might dry out your scalp causing itchiness. The shampoo product has to be rinsed off completely from the scalp, or it may react with the sebum causing dandruff. This is the best way for washing hair properly.

5. Removing Shampoo Chemicals:

Most of the shampoos sport harmful chemicals which can damage the hair from the core. One of the best tips for washing the hair can be to get rid of the shampoo chemicals or at least reduce the proportion of chemical content in the shampoos by mixing them in some water beforehand. It will make the shampoo a lot lighter and good for the hair but won’t reduce it’s quality. It will still functions like it is supposed to. This can be said to be one of the best tips for washing hair.

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6. Brushing During Shower:

Brushing the hair during showering will obviously help in cleaning the hair effectively. It has been proved that, woman who wash their long or medium-length hair during showering have got long and strong quality hair. This will also stimulate proper blood flow into the hair and make it strong from the roots, which will further reduce hair fall.

There are no hard and fast rules for Hair Wash, but little care could save your tresses from the product damage. It is ideal to wash hair twice or thrice a week and not more. And it is easy to remember to choose products according to one’s hair and scalp type.

What Are The Steps And Tips After Washed The Hair:

1. To Open The Pores:

To keep the scalp healthy and in working condition one should pat it dry with the help of a soft cloth (towel). This has been discussed before but except one thing. The cloth can be soaked in lukewarm water. This will do the job in a better way and will keep the hair and the scalp healthy. Want to know how to wash your hair? Try this simple method and it will surely be beneficial for you.

2. Hair Drying:

The best way is air drying hair naturally than using a blow dryer. After Hair wash, Pat your scalp and hair with soft cotton cloth. Gently squeeze out the excess water from your Hair. Do not rub the cloth onto your scalp, it will lead to hair fall. Let the cloth soak the water from hair and scalp. Air dry your hair in the normal atmosphere. Apply Serum, Leave in conditioner or hair potion if required.

3. Don’t Rubbing The Hair Harshly:

Since, we are talking about hair care, rubbing is a prime issue. One should never rub the hair harshly. This can increase or boost the process of hair fall and can damage the hair just like pollution and bad chemicals do. Rub the hair gently with the help of a proper cloth, to keep it smooth and strong.

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4. Use Hair Serums Or Potions, For Soft And Manageable Hair:

If you prefer using hair serums, potions and leave-in conditioners, it is advisable to use it on half dry hair. The product is nicely absorbed by the hair shafts detangling and making hair softer and shinier.

5. Conditioning The Right Way:

Hair conditioner detangles hair, seals the cuticles and makes them manageable. Conditioner is meant for Hair and not scalp. Do you know how to apply conditioner for hair to get best results, here it is ,taking desirable amount of conditioner onto the palm and running from along ear line hair downwards. Conditioner is first rinsed out with lukewarm water and then cold water.

There are variety of conditioners in the market, for Hair needs like to add shine, to detangle and extra nourishment for damaged ends. Never skip conditioning as dry ends may split up and hair may turn frizzy.

6. How To Comb Your Hair:

Combing Wet Hair is a sin. It leads to hair fall and damages the cuticles resulting into split ends. It is advisable to brush your hair before stepping in for hair wash. And using a wide toothed comb for detangling, air dried hair. Combing your hair also lead to circulation of blood, enhancing hair growth. Never over comb or brush your hair, it will only scratch the scalp. Ideal times for combing hair is twice or thrice every day. Always keep your Combs and brushes clean to avoid scalp infections and dandruff.

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Here are some of the best tips that one can practice during hair wash. These hair wash tips are totally effective and most of them have been advised by hair-specialists and stylists. To keep the hair strong and smooth and finally healthy , the above-discussed steps should be followed properly and on a regular basis.


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