We all dream of looking flawless, beautiful, and stunning. But those with big faces often face the challenge of even their face shape with proportions and body structure. The secret for such instances is hairstyles. The hairstyles for big faces help tone down the face in the right balance and bring on sleek and edgy features through a perfect haircut.

From bangs to loose hair to ponytails and more, several hairstyles and haircuts can suit the big face shapes very well. Let us find out all about them here.

22 Cute Haircuts for Big Face Female:

With several haircut and hairstyle options across globe, it may not be easy to choose the right idea for those who have broad or large face. But, we have zeroed down few popular looks which can help you out! Here we go, the latest and most perfect big face haircut styles include,

1. Straight Hairstyles Idea for Big Cheeks and Face:

If you idealize for long hair and prefer a feminine appearance, what best than this lovely and gorgeous straight hair for those with big face and cheeks. This haircut is super simple and straight forward – it all about focusing on getting the right texture cut and leaving it loose in the proper proportions. This loose hairstyle for office or formal occasions or casual and party times. Women with the big face can try this out as this haircut can cover up the wider cheekbones easily.

  • Women with oval, round, and diamond face shape can try this big face hairstyle.
  • If you have straight hair texture, you can easily prefer this hairstyle effortlessly.
  • Women at the end of the 20s to the end of the 30s can try this youthful haircut seamlessly.

2. Pixie Haircut for Big Face:

If you have a long elongated big face and prefer a modern new-age contemporary cut, this pixie short hair haircut can be super apt and lovely. With the stunning beauty and pleasing looks, we love the way the entire hairstyle looks very refreshing and youthful. It gives a flawless vibe and can ideally look for those with big forehead on the face too. Try this out, and we bet you can feel unique and beautiful!

  • If you have oval and elongated face shape, try this haircut quickly for a seamless look
  • Ladies with wavy and straight hair texture can ideally prefer this easy big face hairstyle
  • This look can be useful and perfect for females above the age of 50s group.

3. Cornrows Hairstyle:

This African or Afro-inspired cornrow hairstyle can be also ideal for those with big jaw or jawline. You can go ahead in braiding these multiple full-head cornrows and flaunting it right; the haircut can look beautiful effortlessly on falling beautifully on one’s face. Further, they are also of low-maintenance and can look gorgeous for anyone who loves intricate, artsy as well as eye-catching style statement!

  • If you have oval and round large face shape, try this cornrow haircut easily and effortlessly.
  • Wear this look for those women with any hair texture, but long hair length to look apt!
  • Work on this style for women in the age of 30s and the 40s to look perfect fit!

4. Bangs Hairdo for Big Faces Women:

This is a simple trick which most women already know or follow. Bangs! Yes, you heard it right – bangs and fringes can be a quite saviour for any woman who has a big face and large forehead area. If you want to bring on your face to look sleek and thin, what best than trying out on these beautiful bangs? Try this cut and work on the ideal hairstyle as you wish. Seen here is a picture of a woman flaunting her hairdo or hair bun with bangs. Alternatively, you can even work on loose-free hair in a simple way or a pony or anything as you wish!

  • If you have long or oval and diamond face shapes, try this hairstyle out.
  • Work on this look with any hair texture seamlessly; it can fit anyone easily.
  • Women in any age group until the 50s can prefer this simple and easy-to-maintain haircut for big faces.

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5. Bob Haircut for Big Face:

If you prefer an edgy and contemporary look, what best than a bob haircut? Go with the look for an effortlessly style statement, and make sure to trim it in a high-low pattern with a bit longer hair length in the front. This haircut can enhance the style statement and make your big or broad face appear sleek and thin. Further, if you have a big chin, this hairstyle can be apt too! You can even pair bangs or fringes with the look to add to the beautiful look. It is versatile and can be best and timeless haircut idea for all women this gen!

  • Women in any face shape can try with versatile bob haircut ideas.
  • Try this with wavy or straight hair texture for the best of the looks.
  • Women in the 30s and 40s can look beautiful and stunning in the youthful haircut idea.

6. Short Hairstyle for Curly Hair:

Gone are those days hairstyles are limited to looking stylish only to certain face structures and facial features. We love this versatile short curly hairstyle for those with big or wide faces. This haircut is simple to maintain and yet gives on seamless edgy looks. Women from middle to older age groups can try this across seasons yet look stunningly beautiful.

7. Simple Natural Short Hairstyle:

We have another of the big face haircut styles just for you. This haircut is a perfect choice to tone down the facial features and give on a sleek and edgy chic style statement. The haircut is perfect for your everyday needs and ideal for women who are always on the go. You can style it seamlessly and in a versatile manner for various occasions too!

8. Medium Wavy Hairstyle:

This haircut for big face is suitable for chubby faces and looks very cute on round faces. The whole hair is of even volume and has a glossy touch attached to it. Side bangs make the look even more attractive when properly adjusted with a sufficient amount of hairspray. This is one of the hairstyles for big face which makes you look more trendy and beautiful. Match it with some beautiful ear studs and a small necklace to get that hot look.

9. Bob Haircut For Big Face:

A regular bob or a shoulder-length hair can slim down your fat face. There are a number of medium bob hairstyles out there which will decrease the chubby effect of your face and leave you with a much feminine look. It will adjust your jawline and give you almost a celestial look. This not only hides the round face shape but also acts as a perfect summer.

10. Long Curly Hair with Big Face:

This is another simple and best hairstyle for big face with long hair. You can keep your hair long and style it in a curly fashion to make your big face a little more attractive. People will no more stare at your fat cheek region after you’ve put this look on. This hair is considerably long and may extend further than the shoulder level. The bottom of the hair remains curly and you can even dye it with a suitable color. This is another best hairstyle for big face, that will perfectly cover your round face shape.

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11. Sweeping Bangs:

If you have a big face, then you should definitely try this look. Here the front part of the hair will cover the whole of your forehead as well a part of the eyebrows. Too long hair is not required for this look. Medium-thick hair would be the best factor for obtaining this look. This type of hairstyle for a big face are given stunning look to your hair and you can sports these on every special occasion.

12. Soft Wavy Hairstyle:

This haircut for big face is pretty easy to get done. The soft wavy hairstyle would be a perfect companion for women with a fat face. Voluminous hair can be styled in this fashion. The end of the hair will display magnificent waves which will the main attraction of this look.

13. Half Updo:

This trendy look is by far one of the best hairstyles for women with big faces. The hair is pulled away from the face leaving it for a facial impression. In order to hide the bad angles of the face, you will have to pull out one or two strands which will further help you in framing your face. Try out some hairstyles that will typically require you to let your hair loose. This way the sides of your face will be hidden giving an oval shape.

14. Elegant Updo:

Women with curved big faces can assemble their locks at the nape and make a ponytail-like structure. Then curl the locks and adjust the hair with a medium holding spray. This is one of the most interesting hairstyles for big faces with medium-length hair which is a very simple trick in hairdressing. This requires that you have some medium-length hair to match up to a big and strong hairdo. Adorn some beautiful earrings. This will go perfectly with your updo hairstyle.

15. Bulky Bun:

This bulky bun is by far one of the most charming looks for fat women. It cuts the roundness of the face and makes it look comparatively long. In this hairstyle for big face, most of the hair is gathered to form a big bun which attracts all the attention and saves your face from getting exposed. Some fringes fall on your forehead and sits in style. A long earring with this hairstyle is another fashion statement to make.

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16. Changing The Parting:

The middle parting which is popular for ages enhances the cheek area and it looks rounder and fuller. Hence, a modification is done by changing your parting. Without drawing full attention towards the cheek area, you can experiment with different parting patterns in order to provide a new outlook. This is one of the best hairstyles for big face which you can adorn to make you look even more attractive and beautiful. Simply done by brushing using your fingers. The side looks and zig-zag parting always look fabulous and creates an extra oomph to this style. It can be styled up with casual wears in which you look chic and prettier a well.

17. Sleek Ponytails:

Women who have long hair and round faces do not have to worry hiding away your pretty faces. A sleek ponytail is a solution for all of you. Pulling back all of your hair shows the true shape of your face profile. You can add extra height to the front part of your hair which gives a slimming-down effect on your face. Heavy earring can be paired up with this outlook and it looks highly stylish and elegant. This ponytail hairstyle for big face is perfectly suitable for girls with long hair.

18. Tousled Hair:

It’s worth experimenting with your hair in order to find which style looks good in you. So, try experimenting by just tousling with your hair. This haircut for a big face for females can be done in short, long or shoulder-length hair. Tousling is done for slimming down your round faces. This hairstyle for big face can be done by simply taking a small amount of hair gel and adding to your hair by your fingers.

19. Mixed-Up Layers:

There are many ways in which you can make your chubby face look less chubby. One of them is setting your hair with a number of layers. This will help you in thumping the round texture of the face and adjust the all overlook. This is the simplest hairstyle for big face along with medium hair which is suitable for all parties and functions as well. This medium layered hairstyle will look stylish and will also hide the chubby face if you don’t like to show it.

20. Messy Ponytail:

If you like to prefer something new from the smooth and sleek ponytail, of course, you can go for it. Messy ponytail is a rendition over the sleek ponytail. This type of haircut for big face provides hair depth and volume to your hair. The extra added volume draws more attention thus highlighting the round face less. Messy styles can be made without proper brushing and this can be done easily when you are in a rush. Messy pony is the new cool. This trial and error style is preferable which makes you look classy.

21. Long Layers:

The long hairstyle can be styled with layers and keep the hair simply open. This style isn’t for everyone who has a big face. You can experiment with this style if you have long hair and would like to flatter it. It also gives a voluminous and bouncy effect. This is surely a solution for your thin long hair. In this hairstyle, hair is cut into long layers which enhances your face to look longer. If you prefer side locks or layer tresses, you can surely opt for that. You can start off by having few layers if you are not sure how it would look and gradually can enhance this style by building up more locks.

22. Chignons:

Though this style looks great on women having slim faces, but women with round and big faces can go for this style. This type of hairstyles for big faces simply looks fabulous on round faces as well. It enhances your face lines and looks prettier. If you are still worrying about how it would look, then it is recommended to leave few hair strands loose. This makes your chubby cheeks look softer.

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With these above-mentioned hairstyles for big faces ideas and variants, we hope you found the perfect match to your facial structure and features. Work on the style as per your tastes and personal preferences, and we bet you can look lovely and gorgeous. Tell us which is your favorite and what do you think in the comments below!


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