While the year and good times come to an end, it sure is necessary to raise a toast to all those times you had fun at work or even college/school. Farewells are a good time to look back and cling your glasses while you cheer. We know how much of effort you might put in to look best and feel good. But the real confusion lies in picking up the right hairstyle to match your farewell attire. So, we thought we can ease the process for you a bit. Check out some of the classy hairstyles for farewell party you would love to try. We have additionally made sure they are easy to try and yet look simply stunning.

9 Trendy and Classic Hairstyles to Dazzle at Farewell Party:

Farewell hairstyles are meant to be simple and comfy to walk around with. Take a look at some of the best hairstyles for farewell party that will come in as useful for you.

1. Braided Rose Hairstyle:

Did you know you could actually braid your hair to be a beautiful rose? Well, here is one for those of you who have rippled hair. The braided rose hairstyle will go well with a fancy farewell knee length frock. We’ll tell you how to get this right.

  • Start by combing your hair and leave it straight and loose.
  • Next, braid from the sides, just above the ears and use only two strands from there and the third strand of hair for braiding has to come from the loose hair below it.
  • Now, slowly bring the braid to the other side of hair and gently tie it up to a nice bun on the centre, by bringing all the loose strands of the braid.

It’s simple as that. You can use some hair accessories for the hair to make it more attractive. The hairstyle will go very well with frocks and for all those who have a medium to long hair. If you have a round face, then this hairstyle is sure for you. For all the young ladies and teens, this one is for you!

2. Half Updo Hairstyle:

Half updo hairstyles are truly beautiful. The loose hair falls recklessly on the shoulders while all the messy ones above are tied up carefully. That’s probably why they are a convenient hairstyle. Here’s how to try out this one.

  • Comb your hair straight and use a hair serum or spray to make sure they stay in place.
  • Take some hair from the forehead and tie it a not-so-low ponytail. Comb it well.
  • Now, take a patch of hair from one side and pin it using bobby pins.
  • Make sure it is tight. Do the same from the other side.
  • Repeat one more round of it from either side.
  • That’s really all! Simply comb your hair and make sure it is standing straight.

The pinned half updo hairstyle is a good hairstyle for school farewell. For those of you with oval face and long to medium hair, this one certainly can be good. The hairstyle will also suit older ladies and is often a party hairstyle.

3. Pinup Style Ponytail:

The pin-up ponytail style is meant for all those teens who are gearing up for their farewell party. The hairstyle is funky and an apt for party style; one that is a good complement to a square face, and if you have bangs in the front, that’s a huge bonus. Take a look at how it is done.

  • Comb the hair well, both the bangs and the hair behind.
  • Tie the hair in the behind into a high and tight ponytail.
  • Curl the bangs in the front and pin it up tight bobby pins.
  • Use a colourful bow and secure the bangs carefully.

This hairstyle is pretty simple to work it out and is an ideal teen hairstyle. Match the hairstyle with a frock and can be a good one for a retro based theme party. You can also match it with a beautiful sleeveless shirt. For those of you with long or medium hair, this one will be a good pick.

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4. Fish Tail Braid:

Fishtail braid hairstyles are truly beautiful. They are messy and at the same time, very trendy. Most often, they are regarded as hairstyles for farewell with saree and give you an elevated look throughout the occasion. Here is how it can be done easily at home.

  • Start by combing your hair and bringing them to one side.
  • Next, slowly start braiding from the top of the head, a fishtail braid.
  • This means, you have to pull one section of hair on to the other by not twisting, but simply crossing it over.
  • Do this until the braid comes down beautifully. It is okay if it is messy. Messy is the new cool!
  • Secure the end with elastic and you can pin accessories on the braids if you like.

This hairstyle is rather simple and trendy. They can be tried out by teens, adults and older women to match it with their saree. For those with round or oval faces, this will help highlight the features even more and thus can be a good pick even if you have short to medium length hair.

5. The Two Braid Ponytail:

Here is another simple one for you. This is really very easy and if you have no time left for a hairstyle, try out something as easy as this and yet you will shine through the occasion. Here is how to do this hairstyle for school farewell party.

  • Comb your hair to start with and use a hair spray or serum to keep them in place and tidy.
  • Next off, divide the hair into two sides and start braiding from the sides, more like a French braid.
  • Braid them halfway down and bring both the sections together.
  • Secure the ends of it with an elastic and comb the edges neatly.

This is a classic school farewell party hairstyle and you can match this with any attire you like. For those with round faces, this is going to make your face look more prominent thus highlighting the features. You can also try this you have medium to long length hair.

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6. Classic Ponytail:

So you have a curly hair! Well, here is a really simple and easy to try ponytail for a farewell. This is could be a good choice of hairstyle with sarees for farewell party. We’ll tell you how to do this.

  • Comb your hair well and if it is naturally curly, you don’t have to do anything much.
  • Otherwise, use a curler to curl your hair.
  • Pull back the hair from the front and start braiding a little. Secure the ends with an elastic.
  • Finally, pull the remaining hair and tie it into a ponytail.
  • You can use a ribbon to make it look more attractive.

The best part about this farewell hairstyle is that it is easy to do and stays in place. This means, even if you jump and party hard, the hair will still look maintained, thus keeping you alive throughout the party. The classic ponytail will look very good on people who have an oval or square face and can be best matched with gowns and salwar.

7. Weaving Plait:

Weaving plait is probably the gorgeous one among the list. This hairstyle for farewell with saree, will perfectly complement the evening and its messiness will add a touch of class to your outfit. Here is how you can try out this matric farewell hairstyle.

  • Comb the hair straight and make sure it is dry.
  • Tie a loose low ponytail by taking only sections of hair from the front.
  • Now, take some sections from the side, in the side, and twist it into a nice plait like pose.
  • See the picture below for a better idea.
  • Keep doing this from all the sections of hair and bring it down and finally secure it with an elastic.

This weaving plait is our personal favourite! The messy hair will look beautiful with a saree or a farewell gown. For those of you who have an oval face, the hairstyle will make sure your features are more highlighted, at the same time, making sure the face does not seem too long. Try this out!

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8. Braid Ponytail:

You aren’t going to stop loving braid after this! The braided ponytail is another funky thing to try. For those of you heading out to a school farewell party, here is one for you.

  • Like always, comb the hair first and allow it to sit neatly.
  • Leaving a few strands of hair in the sides, on the front, start braiding on either side. Secure it with elastic at the end.
  • Tie these two braid at the back with an elastic and repeat the same with a few more strands of hair from the side again. Tie them together at the back.
  • Use the remaining hair at the back to a ponytail, but with a twist.
  • Take a section of hair and run it over the other side and pin it with bobby pins.
  • Leave the reaming hair in the front to carelessly fall over the place.

This beautiful hairstyle is easy to do and for those with a round face, this will be even more attractive. Pair this up with a saree or a knee length skirt.

9. Braided Rose Hairstyle:

This is a medium or long hair length hairstyle. The braided rose hairstyle can be slightly time taking but sure is worth the effort. It can also be your ideal hairstyle for farewell with saree. Check out how it is done.

  • Comb your hair neat and straight.
  • Next, tie a not-so-high ponytail at the back by taking hair from the front. Do not tie them all.
  • Twist the ponytail hair by taking the ponytail slowly out of the band.
  • After securing it tightly with an elastic, make a braid. Secure the braid.
  • Now, expand the legs of the braid and take it up to make it a form of bun.
  • Secure it well with bobby pins and make sure it is tight.

You can also adorn the hair with accessories of your choice and is meant for those with medium or long hair. If you have a heart face shape, this hairstyle will further make you look beautiful. Match it with your saree of a knee length gown.

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That has been our favourite hairstyles for farewell party. We have made sure they are easy to do and at the same time, give the grand appearance.

The Do’s and Don’ts: Farewell Party Decor

Yes, there are a couple of things you can follow when you head to a party. Here are some of them.

  1. Make sure you are wearing comfy clothes and sandals, so that you can carelessly grove to some music.
  2. Choose hairstyles that will best complement the saree and theme of the party. Also, be careful and ensure that the hairstyle does not entirely steal the show. Complement the hairstyle and attire perfectly so you can balance the entire look.
  3. When you wear clothes that show your skin, make sure you are comfortable with it. In case you are not, don’t hesitate to wear skin coloured stockings.

That’s about it! We are sure you are excited about the whole thing. Well, that’s the right way to go! What’s going to be your hairstyle for farewell party with saree? Have one yet? Well, check out our recommended styles and practice in advance. Don’t forget to smile!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. What Should my Hair be Like for a Proper Hairstyle?

Ans: Well, to be honest, nothing! Don’t go the extra mile to get a straight or rippled hair. Your hair texture is unique and that makes each of the hairstyle suits you best. It doesn’t matter if you have Maggi curls. These woes can easily be sorted out through straighteners or simply by choosing the right hairstyle.

Q2. Do I Always Need a Serum or Hairspray?

Ans: No. You don’t always need a serum or hairspray. But if you have a thin hair, you can try thickening serum. If your hairstyle doesn’t demand moisture, there are also serums that are lightweight.

Q3. What Things Do I Need for a Basic Hairstyle?

Ans: Just four things! You will always need a comb, bobby pins, elastic and hairspray or serum. But like we told you, hairspray or serums are not always necessary. But any hairstyle can be achieved by this three minimal equipment.


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