Women grow fond of grooming and looking stylish right from a young age. Girls love looking beautiful, imitating the stylish fashion world, and trying out new hairstyles with lots of experiments. And teenage is the time when one can get to try out numerous looks without judging, which can be best. So, we bring you long hairstyles for girls, especially for those teenage girls who love getting a makeover and looking fabulous.

From simple and quick looks to bold and heavy style statements, these long haircuts for girls in teen groups are lovely and charming.

25 Eye-Catchy Girls Haircut and Hairstyles for Long Hair:

If you have long hair length, then these cute and easy hairstyles for girls in the teens and tweens age groups are stylish and trendy that you must not miss. Here we go!

1. Cute Double Bubble Braids for Little Girl:

We may have come across several long hairstyles looks for little girls, but the cute and charming evergreen looks always stay atop the list. We have this lovely double bubble braids hairstyle to fit in this category. The hairstyle is quick to make and compliments any facial features of the little divas and matches their cute appearance immensely.

2. Half Hair Bun and Half Down Hairstyle:

Here is one such cool and smart hairstyle for girls with long hair in the young teenage groups. If you are a sucker for stylish and smart, elegantly modern, edgy looks, girls can try out this fabulous hairstyle. With the half hair taken as a hairdo bun knot at the crown and the rest half the hair left open, this new-gen fashion world look is quite making noise with the trendy style. What do you think of this one?

  • Girls with round and oval face shapes can try this hairstyle easily.
  • This edgy, smart look can be perfect for girls in the tweens age and teens till 15 years old.
  • Try this perfect look with straight hair texture for that mesmerizing stunning result.

3. Sleek Open Hairstyle for Late Teen Girls:

Girls tend to get particular and have more interest in makeovers in their late teen age which is also when one slips into womanhood. Here is one such lovely and charming feminine hairstyle. With the all-over open lovely hair and sleek hair strands taken from both sides, a light hair knot roll in the mid gives that graceful style. It is quite easy, quick, and can be done in a minute.

  • Girls with long, oval, and heart face shapes can try this hairstyle easily.
  • The late teenage girls in the 18-19 years age group can prefer this sleek hairstyle.
  • Girls with long wavy hair texture and straight and smooth hair can try this hairstyle out.

4. Hair Bun for Teen Girls:

Hey, do you girls love to imitate edgy women’s chic style statements? You can too, and here is the proof. If you love styling in a sleek and youthful manner, this lovely hair updo can be quite charming and lovely. Be it for your outings or parties and events; this can be quite a chirpy and bright hairstyle to try it out. What do you think? This is among our top favourite and best haircut for girls with long hair.

  • Girls with any face shape and facial features can try this hairstyle easily.
  • If you have smooth and straight hair texture, this hairdo can be ideal and perfect.
  • Those in their early to late teens of them can try this fabulous hairstyle.

5. Cute Double Pony for Long Hair:

This is among the most popular hairstyles for girls across the globe already. But this timeless and easy to do long haircut for young girls remains a super cute and lovely choice for many girls out there. This double-side pony hairstyle with long hair is easy to achieve and can suit all girls in their teenage. It looks pretty and charming, bright for girls on easy and casual outings with schools or family. Isn’t it cool?

  • Girls with any face shape and facial features can try this hairstyle easily.
  • This lovely look can be good to go with a straight and wavy hair texture.
  • Try this hairstyle for girls till the age group of 16 years old.

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6. Party Look for Teen Girls with Long Hair:

If there is an upcoming grand party or family event coming up, we have you sorted too. This lovely half-braided low ponytail hairstyle is charming and elegant, perfect for the grand and plush events happening. Take the double-layered braids from both sides and pin them up in the middle. Now with the rest hair, do a ponytail and have a knot with the hair itself. These hairstyles for young girls with long hair are lovely and perfect for ethnic outfits.

  • Girls with oval and square or diamond face shapes can try this hairstyle easily.
  • Smooth and wavy hair texture can go very well in this lovely look.
  • This mesmerizing hairstyle makeover is perfect for girls in late teenage groups.

7. Wedding Guest Look for Teen Girls:

If you have a wedding coming over and want to get dressed just like the bold hairstyles of women with long hair, we have a youthful and floral bright hairstyle to get you sorted. With the rolled up messy hair bun updo and floral attachments, this can be quite a lovely and trendy look to try out. With long gowns or lehengas, this hairstyle can be ideal and feminine with charm.

  • Girls with round and oval face shapes can try this lovely look.
  • This floral hairstyle is good with curly and wavy hair textures for perfect looks. And if you have long, thick hair, these hairstyles for girls are suitable.
  • Late teenage girls, around 17-19 years can try this young women’s hairstyle

8. Side Braided Hairstyle for College Teens:

Braids can be quite a versatile hairstyle and can suit women and girls across age groups. The type of braid and look can determine how it can fit in girls and women across time. This side braided classic and vintage hues style can be perfect for those college going teens who are in search of some refreshing looks. This hairstyle for girls with long hair is contemporary and edgy and can be quite easy too.

  • Girls with oval, diamond, and chubby faces can try this hairstyle.
  • This lovely look can suit women with any hair texture and long hair length.
  • Try this style for late teen college going girls age groups for best looks.

9. Double Fishtail Braid Hairstyle:

We are gushing over this lovely hairstyle, with the beautiful floral look and intricate fishtail braided hairstyle, we love this teen girl’s makeover idea. The double loose braided fishtail looks lovely and can be ideal for those outings with family or friends. This can be perfect for any girl who loves girly and bright, colourful hairstyle ideas.

  • Girls with any face shape can try this hairstyle easily
  • This lovely hairstyle for girls can go very well for those girls with wavy and long curly hair texture.
  • Try this look for girls in the age group of 13-16 years old.

10. Twisted Hair Ponytail for Girls:

This twisted ponytail hairstyle for girls with long hair is simple and charming. With a little messy look and a girly style statement, this one is ideal for weddings and celebrations or events hairstyle options. Try this out with a long dress and gown. It can look amazing.

  • Girls with oval and diamond face shapes can try this hairstyle easily.
  • This lovely look can be good for girls with wavy and curly hair texture
  • Those between the age of 14-17 years can try this lovely makeover.

11. Bow Hairstyle for Long Hair Length Girls:

These are sweet cute long hairstyles for girls options for tweens girls and the younger teenage groups. With the half hair taken from both sides to pin up into the middle, the rest hair is left open. Add a bow hair accessory or attachment, as shown in the picture above and you are good to go.

  • Girls with any face shape and facial features can try this hairstyle easily
  • These hairstyles for girls can be good with a long smooth and straight hair texture.
  • Girls between 11-15 years can prefer this lovely and mesmerizing hairstyle.

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12. Bubble Puff and Braided Side Ponytail:

This is a lovely hairstyle idea for younger tween age girls. The hair is parted into a section on one side of the crown, after which two sleek braids and a puff bubble style pony are created from the section. Bring in all three to mix with the rest of the hair and tie it into a side ponytail. Colourful and bright hair attachments, elastics, and accessories can further enhance the looks and look amazing.

  • Girls with round, square, and oval face shapes can try these cute and easy hairstyles for little girls with long hair.
  • Girls in the 11-15 years age group again can try this lovely hairstyle out.
  • This look can be good with wavy and straight hair texture for the perfect look.

13. Fancy Hair Bun for Festivities for Teen Girls:

For all the fancy events and occasions coming up, all the young girls are fancy to have the stylish and most beautiful makeover hairstyle. Here have this idea, this lovely low bun with hair accessory attachments looks plush and grand. Be it for weddings or family festivities and grandeur celebrations, pair this one up with the lovely gorgeous long gown or ethnic wear, which can be amazing.

  • Girls with round, oval, and diamond face shapes can try this hairstyle.
  • This look can be edgy for girls with wavy and smooth hair texture.
  • Try this hairstyle for those girls in the late teenage group.

14. Open Hairstyle Idea for Teenage Girls:

This loose open long hairstyle for young girls should not be missed too. It gives a beautiful feminine and elegant style, which is quick to try out and looks amazing. From family outings to school outings or gatherings with friends, this chic and modern sleek hairstyle and haircut idea for girls with long hair length is nothing less than a dream. What do you think?

  • Girls with any face shape and features can try this simple hairstyle.
  • Smooth and wavy hair texture can be ideal for this lovely look.
  • Girls in any age group in the teenage can try this lovely hairstyle easily.

15. Double Braided Hairdo for Young Girls:

This lovely double side braided hairstyle can be brought to make a hairdo idea in no time. For that quick transformation and lovely makeover, this edgy look can be comfortable too as well as contemporary. To further elevate the stylish trend, add hair attachments and accessories and this can look simply beautiful.

  • Girls with oval, long, and round face shapes can try this lovely hairstyle.
  • Those of any age above 15 years can try out this stunning makeover idea.
  • Any hair texture can go very well in this hairstyle easily and effortlessly.

16. Messy Curls:

This is a party look which can be done with a round brush and some heat. If there is a product build that can be helpful to keep the look in shape for longer.

17. Low Back Pony:

This is a very stylish getup for parties and discos. This can also be worn for family occasions. This is also a very commonly worn look for Salwar suits and lehengas.

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18. Sleek Side Party Look:

This can be done with some serum and water from a spray bottle. Then this can be straightened out with a straightener iron. This is easy to sport with a variety of outfits from traditional sarees and lehengas to ghagra cholis. This is also good with T-shirts and funky disco outfits.

19. Twisted Tip Look:

If a person does not like much styling, they can keep the sleekness and then twist the tips with roller types of equipment and heat. Some sprays can be used to maintain the tips. This can be sported on a regular basis and is quite low on maintenance.

20. Waterfall Braiding:

This is a popular look for those people who have a thick and long length of sections. These can be made into rolled-out sections and used with some gum or spray. Then sections from any side can be done into normal pleating, when pleating is being done, some sections are taken out, and these are made to hang loose. This gives the impression of the waterfall and this looks very stylish. This can be worn with almost any form of outfit. This attire can be worn with Maangtika at the centre to make this look traditional and this can also be worn with other funky t-shirts for college girls.

21. Messed Middle Parted Look:

This is popular and messed party attire which can be worn with traditional sarees as well as with other clothes. This has a sectioning and therefore a Maangtika can be worn in that section. The loose sides can also be clipped at the back to keep the back sweat free. Some gums can be used to make the look wet and messed up. Water from a spray bottle can be used for this.

22. Choppy Disco Look:

This is a coloured look which is quite popular and can be done with permanent or temporary colour sprays. This simple girl’s hairstyle can be worn for college and other occasions as well as with traditional salwar suits and lehengas. This is also quite popular amongst celebrities. The tips can be chopped. If the sections are not straight, then these can be done with the help of a straightening iron.

23. Long Curls:

If the length is very long, then the sections can be styled using some sprays. This is a very commonly done look and can be sport by almost all people. This is also good for parties and discos.

24. Graduated Sleek Long Look:

This is a very easy to maintain look. This can be sported open, or this can be clipped into a pony. This is also good for parties. This can be easily styled and also worn on an everyday basis for college and work.

25. Triple Braided Hairstyle for Girls with Long Hair:

Here is another braided variant for girls in teenage groups. With the half hair taken as a section from both sides, three layered braids can be created neatly from all sides. Intricate weave patterns blending well with the hairstyle create a fancy and innovative look beautifully. We bet young girls will love these braids for girls with long hair.

  • Girls with oval, round, and heart face shapes can try this lovely look
  • Those between 17-19 years old can try out this mesmerizing hairstyle.
  • This makeover can be edgy for girls with straight hair texture.

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We hope you enjoyed browsing this lovely long hairstyle for girls. They are beautiful, and mesmerizing and also give a chirpy bright and youthful look to teenage girls with long hair. Try them out for an array of events, and we bet this can look and stand out stunningly.


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