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9 Hairstyles for Girls With Medium Hair

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Long hair is difficult to grow and also require a lot of maintenance. However, not all of us are endowed with a fine quality of hair, so medium length is best suited to prevent the hair from looking dull and frizzy after a certain length. And for those who think medium length is not very interesting, read on for these easy medium hairstyles that look very stylish and well suit all occasions.

hairstyles for girls with medium hair

You can also Accessories these styles for a formal and party look. Irrespective of what type your hair is, you can wear it to medium length and it is easy to maintain too.

Best Medium Hairstyles for Girls With Images:

1. Side Part Straight Hair:Hairstyles for girls with medium hair 1

The hairstyle is simple to make and easy to maintain. Medium length hair can be trimmed unevenly from all sides to give a feathery look and make the overall appearance soft and very feminine. All you need is a little blow dry before you move out, and the hair looks just perfect.

2. Side Braids:Hairstyles for girls with medium hair 2

Braids never go wrong for any occasion and are an evergreen style. The look can be tattered and funky or tidied depending on the volume of the hair. Medium length hair looks amazing with side braids. Braids can also be styled in various other ways to make the hair look interesting and manageable.

3. Layered Look:

Layered cut makes the hair look voluminous on the crown and adds a lot of bounce to any kind of hair. Hair is maintained short at the top and gradually layers are created by maintaining it longer. You can also team it with bangs or fringes for a different look.

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4. Untidy Ponytail:

Messy ponytails are probably the simplest of all hairstyles for any length of hair. However, this is suitable when you do not have time for a fancy hairdo. It is easy to make and looks very stylish when done properly.

5. Soft Curls:

Soft Curls or waves in the hair looks delicate and adds volume to the hair. You can also use highlighting to add depth to the overall appearance.

6. Side Bun:

Side Bun is suitable for a regular work place style, for a wedding or even if you want to spend a lazy afternoon exercising or resting. The style is easy to make. All you need to do it tidy up the hair from all sides and pin it on one side. For a formal look, accessories accordingly.

7. Bangs And Waves:

Hairstyles for girls with medium hair 7

Bangs can look classy and delicate when teamed with soft waves. This medium style has a semi layered cut with short bangs on a side and the hair is styled with a simple semi-curly look. Overall appearance is soft and very feminine.

8. Super Curls:

Hairstyles for girls with medium hair 8

This is a nice style for very curly hair. Rounded trimming is done from all sides and the natural curls make the look like that of a pop star. The style is easy to do even if you do not have naturally curly hair. All you need is a good curling iron and a lot of hair spray.

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9. Straight Hair With Fringe:

Hairstyles for girls with medium hair 9

Those who have naturally straight hair, can get medium length blunts from all sides and team it with fringes. The look is simple and stylish at the same time. However, if you have a dark skin tone, avoid the style to prevent yourself from looking very dark.

These Girls Hairstyles are worth a try as they are easy to do and maintain. Moreover, it does not involve a lot of experimentation and thus are safe too.

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