One of the most liked face shapes for several women globally is the heart face shape. They say – those with heart-face shapes are effortlessly beautiful. But if you have one, you are lucky, aren’t you! The hairstyles for heart-shaped faces also give numerous options and styles to try out. Today, we are going to talk all about this and give you ideas and tips on how best to style for those with the heart face shape and look stunning seamlessly.

Why wait! Let us explore all the beautiful haircuts and hairstyle ideas with women and girls with the heart face shape.

15 Best Heart Shaped Face Haircuts Female 2023:

Given below are a few popular heart-face shape hairstyles to make it easier for you to choose from, which makes you happier.

1. Sleek Formal Ponytail Hairstyle for Heart Shaped Face Women:

Sleek and chic yet dignified hairstyles are perfect for any formal occasion or even regular workwear. We have this sleek and lovely ponytail hairstyle idea for women with heart shaped faces. This hairstyle is a perfect choice to wear on an everyday basis, and it also can be worked on effortlessly, even within your busy schedule. So why don’t you try it out?!

2. Modern Bun with Bangs for Heart Face Shape:

We absolutely love a bangs haircut with a sleek bun. This is an ever-lasting and timeless look that can never get boring or out of the fashion trend. Women with heart face shapes can try this beautiful haircut idea with a hairdo. The lovely look is perfect for wearing on special occasions, parties and cocktails. What do you think?

3. The Cute Short Bob Style:

This style is one of the most sorted and perfect haircuts for heart shaped faces for women, especially if she has short hair and straight and wavy texture. The style is a variant of the short bob which is tiny and short with pretty looks. And this is a variant of the bob cut, the primary difference being the length of the hair strands. This looks cool and pretty, can be best suited to a woman who loves to experiment with cuter styles.

  • Perfect Seasons to Try: Try out this style at any time as it is perfect for all seasons.
  • Best Age Group: The style well fits in perfectly for all younger and middle-aged women.
  • Suitable Hair Types: This style is perfect for those who have thin and short hair with wavy or straight textures.
  • Matching Dresses: Those women who like wearing a wide range of modern dresses and corporate attires can try this one out.
  • Preferable Occasion: Flaunt it off in style at Parties, social gatherings, and corporate events easily without hesitation.

4. Medium Curly Haircut:

A medium curly hair cut is a perfect hairstyle for all those college going girls out there. This haircuts for heart shape face allows you to present yourself in a new way with a peppy look. Apart from the peppy looks, it offers great convenience to you in the form of letting you leave your leave loose. Stay free from the hassles of tying up your hair. It is among most cute hairstyles for heart shaped faces.

  • Suitable Hair Types: If your hair is the curly type or with soft curls, you can fashion up in this style.
  • Perfect Seasons to Try: Summers and rainy seasons are the Perfect Seasons to Try out this.
  • Best Age Group: If you are in your early twenties it should be more than apt for you.
  • Matching Dresses: A proper outfit preferably goes well with great jeans and top.
  • Preferable Occasion: Flaunt it while joining back to college after a long vacation and surprise your friends.

5. Short Straight Hair Cut:

The simplest and one of the most opted cute hairstyles for heart shaped faces. This style is best for heart shape faced women who have the short straight haircut. It often offers you a great degree of freedom from the hassles of maintaining straight hair. Try this style out if you want something not too bold and loud but want a simple and cuter version of the styles.

  • Suitable Hair Types: The style is apt for Straight and Smooth silky hair types.
  • Perfect Seasons to Try: Try this style out in any season as it would be fun to try this style.
  • Best Age Group: This haircut will be suitable for all age groups.
  • Matching Dresses: One can try this style as it fits perfectly with most modern and corporate-oriented wear.
  • Preferable Occasion: Social event or Corporate event you’ll be the most talked-about person in those if you try this one out.

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6. Hairstyle for Long Heart Shaped Face:

This long hairstyle with bangs is one of the best suited for all those women out there with a longer face. This hairstyle for heart shaped face female looks great, preferably when the length of the hair is slightly higher compared to those requirements of the other two hairstyles mentioned above. Curl up on the edges of the long strands so that this hairstyle looks more elegant. The milder bangs, as shown in the picture, are further adding up to the look.

  • Suitable Hair Types: This style suits perfectly long-haired women.
  • Perfect Seasons to Try: Rainy season and Winter are the best timing for this style.
  • Best Age Group: The style fits in perfectly for the mid-twenties and early 30s age group.
  • Matching Dresses: This hairstyle goes with a long dress and western wear.
  • Preferable Occasion: Corporate events and Casual parties are perfect occasions to try this one out.

7. Bold and Straight:

This is among the best long hairstyles for heart shaped faces to try out. This style makes you a star in your circles for sure. Having long hair turns out to be a boon, and you would start enjoying the attention people start giving you for having a flawless and well-proportioned hairstyle. So what are you waiting for, get ready to be a bold and beautiful woman out there? Let’s figure out the other necessities too.

  • Suitable Hair Types: This look suits long-haired and wavy-haired women.
  • Perfect Seasons to Try: Winters and summer are perfect times to figure this style out.
  • Best Age Group: One can easily fit in this style if you are in for early and twenties and early 30s.
  • Matching Dresses: Try this style with western and casual wear to look at your best.
  • Preferable Occasion: Corporate events and Casual parties are perfect occasions to try out this style out.

8. Emo Haircut for Heart Shaped Face:

The EMO swag perfectly suits those with short hair. Well, you can even try different colours and flaunt your hair with ease. People will start looking with amazement and astonishment, and they will, for sure, be jealous of the new style statement you make. This is one of the best emo haircuts for heart shaped faces. You would surely look unique and bold in this style, so this is among must-try ones.

  • Suitable Hair Types: The style is perfect for those who love short hair.
  • Perfect Seasons to Try: Almost every season is suitable for this hairstyle.
  • Best Age Group: Those in the mid-thirties are perfect here to this look.
  • Matching Dresses: All party and casual wear can go well in this style.
  • Preferable Occasion: Parties and corporate events are perfect occasions which can match up to this look.

9. Long Curls Hairstyle:

If a perfect Barbie doll look is what you are aspiring for, then this style is one of the most possessed for a heart shape faced women. This style is perfect for all those school and college going girls. This style is a perfect party look oriented and is among our top favourite curly hairstyles for heart shaped faces.

  • Suitable Hair Types: This style is perfect for those who have long hair.
  • Perfect Seasons to Try: Winter and rainy seasons are outstanding in trying out this season.
  • Best Age Group: Those young teens and early twenties can try out this hairstyle out.
  • Matching Dresses: It is perfect for all party and casual wear.
  • Preferable Occasion: Parties and social events are best suitable for this hairstyle.

10. Bob Cut for Heart Shape Face:

Bob is quite famous and is a beautiful style statement. This stands out as one of the best and cutest hairstyles for heart shaped face. It is one of the best options for those who have slightly shorter hair. Exposing your jaw-line and making your facial line visible, this would eventually improve your public appeal. This is among the most sought haircut for heart shaped face, and straight hair look.

  • Suitable Hair Types: Short blonde types with clear straightened strands can be perfect hair for this look.
  • Perfect Seasons to Try: irrespective of the seasons one can easily flaunt your beautiful blonde in this look.
  • Best Age Group: try out this look and style if you are in your late twenties and early thirties.
  • Matching Dresses: This one suits almost all of your outfits. And if you love to spice up try this with an official suit setup else, this fits into tee and jeans and most surprisingly even the traditional attire too.
  • Preferable Occasion: Carry it off with ease either at a corporate event of your office / a casual meet with your friends for perfect look and style makeover.

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11. The High Bun for Heart Face:

The High Bun hairstyle is the most simple yet one of the promising styles we can style up ourselves, especially if you are a heart shaped facial female. The ease with which you can make it up summarizes everything. The adaptability of the style makes you look super cool and offers a great level of comfort wearing it. Try this style if you are among those who want a simple yet stylish and edgy vibe with modern looks, you will not go wrong in this style.

  • Suitable Hair Types: The style is perfect for those who have a bit of lengthy hair.
  • Perfect Seasons to Try: One can try out this style in all seasons.
  • Best Age Group: This haircut fits in perfectly for all younger women below 30 years old.
  • Matching Dresses: Modern dresses and skirts can be perfectly suiting this hairstyle out.
  • Preferable Occasion: flaunt it off in style Parties and corporate dinners for that edgy look and vibes.

12. The Beautiful Wavy Hairstyle for Heart Shaped Faces:

If you have a heart shaped face, then you will consider yourself very lucky as some awesome hairstyles match your face texture like the one shown in the picture above. This is a perfect hairstyle for the medium length wavy hair texture. It doesn’t sport a lot of layers, but it will be suitable for thick hair. If you have thick hair, then this will be something suitable for you. It sports a really cool pattern done with the blonde hair on the sides. The bob hairstyle for heart-shaped faces is so suitable for the heart-shaped faces that it can be sported as a formal hairstyle as well.

  • Best Age Group: All women below 40 years can try this one out.
  • Perfect Season to Try: All seasons are best for this hairstyle.
  • Perfect Outfit and Occasion: Wear this in nice formal wear for corporate parties or dinners.
  • Suitable Hair Type: The simplest and elegant style for medium short-haired women and suited for curly hair women.

13. The Medium Bangs for Heart Shaped Faces:

This is yet another awesome blonde hairstyle that comes with the Rosamund Pike blonde signature touch. It comes with some of the best patterns done to the bottom portion of the hair. The hairstyle is something that will go hand in hand for the face textures that are meant to look beautiful under all circumstances. Who wouldn’t love to see a woman with a heart-shaped face? Finding the right hairstyle might be a problem. This is a perfect hairstyle that sports a fantastic pattern done on it.

  • Suitable Hair Type: This style suits medium hair length with wavy hair texture.
  • Perfect Season to Try: Style this up in winters and monsoons at your best.
  • Best Age Group: Women in the 30s age group are best suitable for this style.
  • Suitable Outfit and Occasion: Nice skirts or dresses can suit this style for parties or cocktail events.

14. The Blonde Medium Layered Hairstyle:

This is a layered hairstyle for women with heart face shape. The smart pattern of this hairstyle is something that can make a woman look alluring as soon as she covers her forehead with the front bangs by properly styling this hair. The hairstyle is something that all women will find suitable for themselves. If you are looking for the latest and most impressive heart shaped hairstyles for women, then this will be the finest thing for you this year.

  • Suitable Hair Type: Long hair length a with wavy or straight texture is best here.
  • Perfect Season to Try: Try this style out in winter or monsoons at best.
  • Ideal Age Group: Women below 40 years can try this style out.
  • Suitable Outfit and Occasion: Wear this style with casual western wear for outings with friends or family or date night times.

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15. The Long Hairstyle for The Heart Shaped Face:

Have you seen Reese Wither spoon’s long blonde hairstyle? It appropriately matches her heart shaped face, and it will work the same way for you. The pattern that this celebrity hairstyle sport is something that will make almost every woman fall for it. If you are looking for something in the blonde hairstyle category, then also this hairstyle will be something that will be suitable for impressing all women out there.

  • Suitable Hair Type: Try this style with any hair type easily.
  • Perfect Season to Try: This is suitable to try out in winter and monsoon.
  • Ideal Age Group: Women in their of 20s and 30s are the best to try this style.
  • Suitable Outfit and Occasion: Wear this style off during parties or outings with formal dresses or skirts.

16. Side Bangs for The Heart Shape Faces :

If you have a heart shaped face, then this is a casual and simple side bang hairstyle that can be easily maintained and will work great for the medium length hair. The pattern that this hairstyle sports a short wavy pattern that all women will find preferable for themselves. If you are looking for a great hairstyle, then this is simply one of the finest ways to impress all men and other women.

  • Suitable Hair Type: Try out this best haircut for heart shaped face with short and wavy hair.
  • Ideal Age Group: Women in their 30s and 40s are perfectly suitable here.
  • Perfect Season to Try: Any season is good to go here.
  • Suitable Outfit and Occasion: Wear this with casual western wear and jeans to go out with family.

17. Flattering Brow Hair Look for Heart Shaped Faces :

The flattering brow hair look is one of the most resorted to by most of the women having a heart-shaped facial outline. This look is apt for those women who naturally don’t have blonde hair. Further, this haircut for heart face shape can be easily tried out without any effort or time as it is quite easy to do it with a blow-dry. Try out this style with those soft curls around to add that edgy look easily.

  • Suitable Hair Types: This style is perfect for those who have a bit of lengthy hair.
  • Perfect Seasons to Try: To try this hairstyle in the monsoon season.
  • Best Age Group: One can easily fit in perfectly with all young and middle-aged women.
  • Matching Dresses: Modern dresses and long gowns are suitable for this hairstyle.
  • Preferable Occasion: High scale parties are well to go in this edgy and sleek style without a doubt.

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Additional Tips:

The following tips should be kept in mind for a proper choice of hairstyle if you are a person whose facial line is symmetrical with a heart shape. Here are tips for the best haircut for heart face shape.

  1. Pay attention to the forehead and emphasize that it shall look broader.
  2. The lower half of the head should be clearly visible and thereby enhancing your appearance.
  3. Pay proper attention to the maintenance of the hair in terms of keeping it hydrated and alive. Good natural remedies include oil masks, hair masks, and therapies that can nourish hair well from inner roots onwards.
  4. Use hair products of good quality so that you don’t mess up the appearance and texture of your hair.

I hope you enjoyed reading this guide on hairstyles for heart-shaped faces. For a Heart-shaped facial outline, there are many options of styling, the only difficulty lies in choosing the right one for us. Go through the article and choose the right one for yourself. We would love to hear back from you, and for any queries, please feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Question and Answers:

Q1. What is the Best Short Hairstyle with Respect to Heart Shape Faced Woman?

Ans: The bob is the simplest and elegant hairstyle preferred for you owing to the very fact that you have short hair. You can also try the side bangs.

Q2. What do I Need to do to Ensure that I Choose/Pick the Right Hairstyle for Myself?

Ans: Access the suggested styling options above for the following parameters,

  • The length of your hair.
  • The need of the hour.
  • Your Age.
Q3. What Sort of Hairstyles Goes Well with Middle-Aged Women Having Heart Shaped Facial Outline?

Ans: You can try out the Bob if you prefer having the shortest haircut or the Lob when you have long hair and don’t wish to cut it too short. The best would be the Lob, The medium bangs and Emo haircut.


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