Love the glam of Korean hairstyles for men? Can’t find a local stylist to wave it up like Aring’s or An Jung Hyun’s? Well, look no further because here are some easy steps to get frisky Korean hairstyles for men that will woo your lady enough for you to be her only one! Easy to fluff and can be done at home. These steps are risk free and quick. So gear up for your freshman year, a casual date or maybe a crucial corporate meet, as winning hearts just got funkier.

20 Best Korean Hairstyles for Men with Pictures:

Given below, we have the best Korean hairstyles for men with images that are very interesting to do with simplicity.

1. Korean Classic Haircut for Men:

We can never skip a choice when considering classic Korean hairstyles and their looks. They all look so stunning and super handsome. We have another one to add to the league. This haircut is a perfect choice to try out for men with voluminous and wavy hair texture. It adds to the youthful look and brings on the classic hot hues.

2. Messy Korean Haircut for Men:

Messy hairstyles for Korean guys are among the recent phenomenon, and we all love how perfect it vibes with their overall facial features. If you have a similar youthful facial structure and slightly wavy and curly hair, you too can check out this stunning hairstyle. It will never disappoint you!

3. Formal Korean Hairstyle:

Adding another perfect and great contemporary choice to our list, this Korean hairstyle for guys is perfect for men in the professional fields. This vibes very well with formal outfits and can instantly enhance handsome looks. It sure puts you into the limelight and brings you a stylish feel. Do you agree? Men with oval and elongated face shapes can try it.

4. K-Pop Korean Hairstyle Fashion:

Talk about Korean hairstyles for men and miss out on K-pop fashion. Well, we can never dare to! These stunning K-pop Korean looks are all over the world and need no special mention. This is inspiring and perfect to instantly accentuate your appearance and add on the husky contemporary feel. Guys in the younger age groups with any facial structure can try this.

5. Middle-Parted Korean Haircut:

There are also good old classic Korean haircut inspirations with us. We have this middle parted hairstyle for males, and we love how natural it looks and vibes with several facial features. It is basic, nothing out of the box yet gives out a timeless vintage feel. If you have straight hair texture, this is worth a try.

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6. The Nerd Look:

Who said nerds are boring? For all the geeks out there who needn’t play it cool, here’s a tip for you. This look, best on a face with a strong jaw can be carried off with ease. Create streaks and run them down with a dab of gel. Keep the ends pointy and top it off with those nerd glasses. Intelligence is sexy. Make it look so.

7. Full Metal Funk Haircut:

This is the fashionable Korean hairstyle for men with medium hair that makes your appearance so handsome. Release your inner punk with this new look. What’s better than this funky tousled up style for a night of clubbing? Take a handful of gel and run it between your fingers. Spike your bangs up and you’re done! Rock the floor! Your look demands it!

8. Small Ponytail Hairstyle:

If you happen to have straight voluminous hair with bangs, this men’s ponytail hairstyle is the best look for you. Take the middle back portion of your hair and tie it up high. Let the bangs cover the greater part of your forehead. Remember the folk tales where the gallant swordsman rode away to the sunset with his hair tied up in a ponytail, scaring away the defeated foes? This is the ponytail for the new corporate knight!

9. Bewitched Curls:

First day of college? This day’s impression shall last until the last semester. Ditch the bed and look for these bewitched curls. Just requires a good wash and a few finger strokes, lightly tossing it back. Easy to carry off for men with pointed faces. This type of Korean college hairstyle for men is perfectly suitable for males around 30 years with long hair.

10. The Latest Korean Hairstyle with Front Bangs:

This is one of those hairstyles for Korean men which make the Korean guys look so adorable in the first place and it will work for you as well. If you have a chubby face, then this will be one of the best Korean haircut looks for you. The pattern that this hairstyle sports in the front portion hides the forehead and gives the face a certain angle which makes it look very adorable. This is not just a Korean hairstyle. It is followed by American make teenagers and is a really cool prom hairstyle these days. All Asian boys and teens will look good with this kind of look. It brings out that kind of boyish charm which everyone wants.

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11. The Messy Korean look:

This is one of the finest Korean men’s messy hairstyles of all time. The pattern that this hairstyle sports is really attractive and will be suitable for all men with medium hair. Just bring most of the hair to the front and use a hair spray is required to adjust the look. This is again one of those hairstyles, that will conceal the forehead and make the guy look very attractive. It is arguably one of the best looks for boys out there. The pattern is quite cool and even though it is a shaggy look, it is sported by men wearing formal at work.

12. The Side Short Korean Hairstyles:

Korean teens are like the ambassadors of this Korean spiky hairstyle for men. Here the sides the cut short and there is a trimmed double horizontal pattern done on the short trimmed side. The pattern can be done on either side or on a single side. The whole hair looks quite funky and gives the wearer a punk look. Because of all its awesome features, male teenagers and boys prefer sporting this look and it can be said to be one of the best looks for all the Korean boys put there.

13. The Formal Korean Look:

Here is a cute Korean hairstyle suitable for all the office-goers out there. The pattern of this haircut is somewhat to the previous ones. The sides are short and the top looks voluminous. If you are looking for one of the most trendy hairstyles this season, then this can definitely be said to be one of them. The haircut goes hand in hand with a formal coat or a party-wear tuxedo.

14. The Red Funky Korean Hairstyle:

This is one of the oldest Korean hairstyles. Korean guys used to carry this look a lot but the red hair is not so much appreciated by the Korean males these days. Still, there are a few who can figure out the beauty of this haircut and sport it with confidence. It has a punk touch attached to it which makes it so attractive in the first place. If you are looking for one of the best punk hairstyles this season that falls in the Korean haircut category, then this will be one of the finest looks for you. Colour your hair red and cut it short and use a gel or hairspray to make the hair look like this and you are all set to go!

15. The Slick Korean Men Hairstyles:

Even though this is the last one on the list of prominent Korean hairstyles for men, it can still be said to be one of the finest-looking hairstyles for all the Korean men out there. The front of the hairstyles sports some sharp side bangs. The haircut will suit men with perfectly toned faces and medium-length hair.

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16. Long Fringes:

This ultimate Skrillex look of Korean long hairstyle for men is the new hot. Get your hair shampooed and have it whole to the front, leaving sparse hair on the other side and back. Comb the front bit to have the ends sticking down and stay in shape. Looks best on face types which are slightly oval and have a ton of boyish charm. So get the rock star in you going!

17. Tousled Look:

Playing hard to get can become easier with this Korean formal hairstyle for men. Part your hair from the left and spike up the first few bangs from the upper side. Set the hair on the back and keep the first portion gelled and springy. If you have a stout face, this is the best look for you. Get it done and the ladies might come running!

18. Shaggy Haircut:

This is the topmost hairstyle for men Korean with side bangs. Are you blessed with sculpted facial features and hair to die for? Glamour it up with this shaggy look that ain’t too dab. Looks best on a lean face. Let your hair be shiny and hung down in all the right directions. Have your bangs swept to one side.

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19. Wispy Bangs Hairstyle:

This is the ultimate bad boy Korean hairstyle look. Are you calm and quiet with a hint of evil? Spike it up all the way. Blow-dry your hair and leave it untouched or uncombed and let nature do its magic on your day out. Works best with medium hair. This is one of the best Korean hairstyles for men with sleek and short hair.

20. Voluminous Spikes:

The ultimate cool look for the tough ones in the crowd.  Snip off the back tresses like a crew cut, leaving the front bangs in full. Blow-dry it for a voluminous effect. Gel the bangs up and go for your wild rides. Looks best on guys with chiselled cheeks and a dash of confidence to carry it right. Streak it for an added effect. This is one of the best-looking hairstyles for Korean men with a round face which surely attracts your girlfriend, try it.

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So here we are with some of the best range of Korean hairstyles for men. You can pick any of the above and get it done. It is bound to look stylish and make heads turn. Make sure whatever you pick, suits your face structure well.


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