15 Best Hairstyles For Long Face With Pictures

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Hairstyles for long face are different in look which mostly preferable with long hair and medium length hair. Each face type deserves a different style of hair that will suit and improve the look of the person. Women with long faces will require a particular type of hairstyle and some good ones are mentioned below. You can find one style for yourself and try it as soon as you can.

Amazing Hairstyles For Long Face With Images:

Here is a list of best hairstyles for long face with photos which are suitable for medium and long hairs mainly.

1. Long Bob With Side Bangs:

hairstyles for long face

A good textured hair will look good when cut in an angle to complete a long bob look. This will comprehend your long face with side bangs and provide you with a prettier appearance. It is important that you have a round brush to maintain the edges of your hair.

2. Long Layers With Straight Bangs On Forehead:

Hairstyles for Long Faces2

This is an excellent hairstyle for long face women who like to keep their hair open. The layers have to be styled properly by an expert to give the perfect look. The bangs on the face reduce the length of the face and make the person look nice and extremely presentable. It is important to note that the bangs should be of the correct length.

3. Full Side Bangs Hairstyle:

Hairstyles for Long Faces3

For a change woman having long face can think of keeping full-length side bangs. This helps to camouflage the length of the face and provides extra volume on the sides. Allow the stylist to work on your hair the way you want. You can keep either long or short hair as per your liking. This is one of the most fabulous hairstyles for long face with medium hair.

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4. Pixie Style:

Hairstyles for Long Faces4

Pixie style is one of the most suitable rare haircut for long face women who have long face and prefer short hair. Nicely shaped and long sideburns help the look by framing the face properly. The pixie hair does have some shortcomings as it cannot be carried along with very dressy clothing or sophisticated occasions.

5. Sleek Type Bob:

Hairstyles for Long Faces5

Yes! a sleek bob is a hairstyle for women with long face. It flatters the long face and falls on the collarbone. You can choose to highlight the hair and keep the edges rounded with the help of a round brush especially if you have short neck. No doubt it is one of the latest hairstyles for long face in this year 2016 for short hair.

6. Very Curly Crazy Hair:

Hairstyles for Long Faces6

This is a unique hairstyle for long shaped faces have the advantage to have curly hair. You can easily wear and maintain curly hair that is of medium to long. Curls are in and you can flatter them wherever you go. Any hair density and type of hair can be styled into heavy curls.

7. The Puffed Hairstyle With Curls:

Hairstyles for Long Faces7

Puffing the hair on the crown area is good style for long faces. In this hairstyle, only puffed hair is tied with pins or clip and the rest is left open. One can style it for any kind of formal or informal occasion. If, the woman has thick hair then she would look better in this hairstyle than someone with thin hair would.

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8. Bob Cut With Swept Fringes:

Hairstyles for Long Faces8

It is necessary that one understands her face structure and accordingly choose the hairstyle. Swept fringes in short haircut allow highlighting the cheekbones and increase one’s beauty. You can try this hairstyle for long face if you have thick hair.

9. Side Parted Long Wavy Hairstyle:

Hairstyles for Long Faces9

This will be one of the rocking hairstyles for long face with long and thick hair. You can opt to have a side parting if you have a long face and keep changing the parting for change in appearance frequently. Long wavy hair compliment oval shaped faces and should be angled in such a manner that it provides more width to the face.

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10. Layered Chin Length Haircut:

hairstyles for long faces 10

The best hairstyle for long face undoubtedly has to be this one. It is great on so many levels. Lets cover them all one at a go. First, the bob with a twist essence is incredibly modern and works great in creating the right kind of volume for the strands, especially if you have straight hair. The blunt bangs in front that you see makes your cheekbones look better and sleeker, much like the way they highlight your nose and other facial features. This haircut essentially works by cutting short the whole look and length of your face, giving an illusion of a shorter face from a distance.

11. Amber Undercut Long Face Hairstyle:

hairstyles for long faces 11

Irrespective of the season, trends keep on changing and new ones come and go, but mark our words, this one is here to stay. When you want to change the whole look of your face, the best way is to change both your hair color and hair cut. Take inspiration from this picture right here, which has an amber color as a key highlight to itself and adds a different charm and vibrancy. This hairstyle is short, and boasts of a youthful glow in itself. The choppy layers all around the crown enhance the fullness in the thinner of the strands.

12. Wavy Hairstyle For Long Face:

hairstyles for long faces 12

When you want waves to highlight your look, and you are running short on time, all you have to do is cleanse out all that dirt and dry your hair on time. Add to that a bit of hair spray and gel with the curling iron, and the end result will be this beautiful hairstyle that can be a huge boost to your style statement. Note also, that you can add more curls in the end to give your hair a more texture filled look. Needless to say, this type of  hairstyles for long face will turn you to the diva you see yourself as, without the extra hassle.

13. Tousled Texture For Long Face:

hairstyles for long faces 13

What do we have here! This super chic haircut for long faces is an understated allure, which features a French beauty here. Her face is bare, which in itself is quite beautiful. Along with the messy curls, this look can most certainly be eligible to become a classic beach look for women with long faces. Somehow, the hair style is also undeniably classy and the confidence that you can add on to your look will easily be the winning goal and the only one needed. That said, you can pair this look up with all sorts of attires to any function or event that you have to attend.

14. Low Bun Hairstyle For Long Face Women With Big Forehead:

hairstyles for long faces 14

There is so much you can do to experiment with low bun updos. Not only are these hairstyles for long faces versatile, but no matter what you wear, you stand out anyway, and for the best reasons. From dresses and sunglasses to jeans and bags, go ahead and dress up whatever way you want and you will soon see what we mean. As for haircuts for long faces, the braided bangs work well too, and we discuss just that soon.

15. Glamorous Side Curls Look:

hairstyles for long faces 15

The final one long face hairstyle on our list features a blend of the retro style with modern trends. It works with all sorts of hair and long faces but make sure you have a bit of hair product to keep the hair in place. Don’t forget the bobby pins either.

There we go, we covered the top 15 of the very best hairstyles for long face doing rounds in the hair styling zone right now, especially for women with long faces. Now, you have a list of haircuts for long face and you can choose anyone as per your liking because they all will flatter your features. A good hairstyle is the simplest option to look pretty.

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