Long and thick hair is something that every woman dreams of having because having thin hair is a great setback when you want to try a variety of different hairstyles. The best part about long and thick hair is that you can alter it in any way you see fit to better fit your needs for the events or events that you wish to be a part off. Long and thick hair can suit a variety of different face types because of its ability to bring out the sophistication and beauty in you. There are a variety of great long and thick hairstyles that can suit your face and the attire you wish to wear and some of them are compatible with medium length and long hair. Long and thick hair is a great asset for you and given below is a great amount of awesome long and thick hairstyles for all kinds of face types and hair colors.

Simple and Latest Hairstyles For Long Thick Hair:

Chinese Fringe:

The Chinese fringe is another great long straight hairstyle that can be matched with a variety of hair colours. The Chinese fringe has been taken or derived from the original Chinese cut with front bangs but still has the same pull.

Sleek And Long:

Sleek and long is the best way to go as well with long straight hair because of its intense volume. Though it does take much longer to maintain this hairstyle than all the rest due to intense amount of hair product must be used to help keep the hair in place at the end of the day it is completely worth it. having long hair is truly a boon when keeping this type of hairstyle.

Super Casual:

The super casual messy bun is yet again a great way to go if you want to let your hair down during a social event or a party. Even for a regular casual hairstyle this is a great way to go. Super casual requires just a small bun with a large variety of messy curls to properly pull off this great look. The super casual look is one of the best long thick hairstyles for social events.

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Bold And Beautiful:

The bold and beautiful look is a great party catcher and allows you the benefit of looking absolutely great when attending both formal and informal events. This hairstyle goes really well with naturally black hair but is flexible to suit all kind of face types. It is truly an amazing thick  long hairstyle.

Cute And Sexy:

This look is meant to elaborate the elegance in you and introduce a new look that would make you a complete head turner at any event you wish to go for. This hairstyle truly brings out the sexy side of you and compliments almost any kind of hairstyle properly.


Thick and long with bangs is probably the most used hairstyle today because of its modern day fashion factor. You can match this hairstyle with straight or curly hair as per your choice and can even match it with a streak or two of your favourite hair color.

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The Fab Glare:

This glaring and colour dazzling look is truly a testament to extremely good long and thick hair making it a thing to die for any lady in this world. The hairstyle compliments almost any face type and will do well to elaborate your looks nicely so that you become the centre of attention everywhere you go.

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Natural Curls:

The last on the list but not the least the natural curls are a stunning testament to awesome long and thick hair.

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