9 Best Hairstyles For Thin Faces

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Thin faces will mean long faces having less of width and more of length of the face. At times therefore it becomes necessary to have a proper hair style to ensure that the face does not look extra elongated but well in shape.

Simple Hairstyles For Thin Faces:

Here are few hairstyle simple tips that you can try for your thin and long face.

1. The first tip is that you should your hair cut somewhere below the chin and up to the shoulders. More long the hair, more elongated the face looks unless you try a hairstyle that can increase the width of your face.

hairstyles for thin face

2. You can also try waves for your styling as that will make the face look wider and hence give a balanced look to the length of the hair. The volume should be on the sides than from the roots.

Hairstyle for thin faces 2

3. If you are not fond of waves you can even try bangs. Middle part or side swept bangs will even look perfect. Bangs will help cover up large foreheads and also make your face look round.

Hairstyle for thin faces 3

However Centre bang may not be much preferable as compared to side bangs.

4. You can also consider side part look with open hair. However for open hair you should not go for long straight hair at all.

Hairstyle for thin faces 4

5. If you have long and straight hair you must consider waves or bangs as straight long hair will only make your face longer.


Waves or bangs will add to the width of the face and will help you to have long yet trendy hair. You can use curl irons while going out and do it all by yourself then going for a stylist if you are running short of time.

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6. For creating the illusion of width you can also try chin length bob cut hair. The haircut will be short but if you have volume and go for bob cut, it will help the face look wider.

Hairstyle for thin faces 6

7. In order to not hide but embrace your tall forehead and your face you may even try a don’t up do which is easy and also elegant while going out for a party.

Hairstyle for thin faces 7

Many people may not prefer it but this hair updo looks great on a long face. You can even try for a messy bun with bangs on both sides for a casual updo.

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8. Braids are always in fashion and look great for all occasions. You may keep your hair open and choose to tie a braid at the sides or even consider tying the entire hair for a braid.

Hairstyle for thin faces 8

9. Curls with crown braid is also so perfect for a long face.

Hairstyle for thin faces 9

If you have long hair and you want to embrace your forehead as well you should go for curls giving volume on the sides making face look wider and also try for a braid at the crown area which also embraces your forehead.

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