Thinning hair problems persist and are really nightmares to deal with. While you dream of having a head full of thick curl meshes, your scalp is frequently exposed once you part your hair to one side. If you maintain the side for long, the parting grows a bit too big and once again thin hair problems keep bothering you. Everyone loves a fluffed-up head of hair and therefore here are some crazy good tips that you can implement to hide your thinning hair. These tips and tricks not only will set a trend but will also add volume to your hair.

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What Are The Steps To Have Volume in Hair?

The basic aim is to add fine volume to your hair at its best but without facing dire consequences. Usually, if you have fine hair, it tends to settle down flat on your head. The lack of thickness in the hair forces the hair to settle down more and with product buildup or even the everyday pollution, it becomes next to impossible to maintain a good volumized look for your hair without having to worry about damaging it.

In this article today, we talk about the various ways to get volume in hair naturally, but before that, the basic step to this process is to ditch the age-old idea of getting layers whenever they say your hair needs volume. Even though for the first few days, a proper feather cut or layer would fluff up your look, with time due to a lack of professional salon styling, your hair will tend to settle down. The layers then would in turn account for the thinness of hair rather than the opposite.

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Going Back to the Basics:

A lot of hair tricks involve you as an individual being careful with the way you carry yourself and your hair. Protecting your hair from the sun and heat won’t help you with the volume and neither will the haircut. Here are some basic tips for how to get volume in the hair.

1. For substantial success the roots or the base needs to be perfected and therefore it is of utmost importance that you focus on your roots this time instead of the entire piece. The roots will help you attain the required volume. You need to make sure product buildup is avoided and for that periodically clean your scalp. Massage them well for good blood circulation.

2. Your hands will do the job for you. All you need is a stout hair brush. The process is called teasing where you section a part of your hair and hold it with your one hand while the other hand focuses on brushing the roots of the hair in the opposite direction to create a frizz at the back. Smoothen out the top with your hand but make sure every night you detangle your hair.

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3. It is often a new trick that is being employed by women all around the world where after a good shower you dry up your hair and in the process tie it in such a way that the next morning the hair retains a different shape. Usually, go for twists where you can twist sections of your hair and tie them in a bun. Wait for the night and sport curls the next morning.

4. If you don’t want to change your hair type simply use the heat as a friend to work on your latest thickness. Using a blow dryer to heat up your roots will help you attain the needed volume. This can be the same while using heat straighteners. Just start from the roots and pull it out sideways instead of down.

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Go Commercial:

If the home tricks do not do the job for you, you can always opt for commercial help where you get extra thickening serums, built-in conditioners for extra volume, hair volumizing shampoos and thickening hair sprays that might help you in the volume game. However, make sure there is no product build-up.

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