Not only does a dress rule the attitude, the proper dress at the proper time can make or break your outlook. A lady in her white satin gown can never ever close a business meeting much as a lady in a punk rock leather jacket cannot be trusted in a daycare center. However, there is no definite tale as to what binds a woman to wear what in which situation, but an accessory to a woman is always a mandatory piece that we often overlook. Hair and hairstyles are a dominant character building process and here is a list to how well you can match your outfit today with the perfect hairstyle.

8 Perfect Hairstyles for Western and Traditional Dresses:

1. Suiting Up with Ponies:

Going corporate can either be the easiest to pull off or the exact opposite. Take a cue from one of your neighborhood celebs, Sandra Bullock who pulls of a chic pony with her corporate suiting without any hassle. Usually these ponies should neither be too low portraying laid back or too high portraying dominance over the dress. The sleek pony in the middle gives the perfect balance to your pencil skirt or pant suit, whatever you choose for your office presentation today.

2. Traditional Buns:

For a traditional gathering involving a white gown and “I do’s” or distant related aunts and uncles huddled up over the Sunday brunch table, a simple low hanging bun with a chic hair accessory would just do the trick. You can experiment with different bun styles, messy or keeping it squeaky neat. You can manage a white gown with it or even pair a cardigan with the evening dress.

3. The Perfect Summer Look:

A summer floral or aztec print can never fail with the perfect hairstyle to go with it. Be it a noon matinee show with friends or a first date in the summer haze, pairing a side braid with this look simply looks marvelous. Fan out the braid by tugging at the sides to give volume to the braid and secure it in the end with a transparent tie. Ballerina flats and a sling bag should add more to the look.

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4. A Cocktail Bun:

Learn it from the fashion diva herself as she pairs her evening cocktail gown with a solid tight high bun. Usually these buns are high on the crown of the head secured by multiple bobby pins. One might even use hair extensions to give the bun a solid volume. Keep the areas around the bun sleek and well brushed and pair it with a dazzling neck piece if you desire so.

5. Sweetheart Neckline Mess:

Sweetheart necklines once again speaks of dominance where the revealing neckline would attract the attention to your dress. A messy up do paired with this look would bring volume to your hair thereby proportioning the hairdo with the dress neckline.

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6. The Casual Messy Braid:

Selena Gomez knows best how to keep it classy while she pairs her khakis with her simple white tee and looks trendy in her messed up braid. It’s always a pleasure to work out fusion styles where a casual look maybe a netted top and a short or a simple denim on tee can be added to the grace list by pairing it with messy braids.

7. To Keeping It Classy:

Plunging necklines look awesome with done up tresses and therefore pair a deep cut neck line with open free flowing locks styled to perfection, a classy retro wave or a clear pin straight hair.

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8. Edging The Gaps Together:

If the neck line is a bit too close to the neck, edge the gap between your hairdo and the neck collar to keep the dominance of the hairstyle intact. Often high necks dominate the dress and the hair goes unnoticed, so take a cue from the girl next door Lawrence and keep a low hanging messy bun with the round choker neckline.

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