In the world of hairstyling, fringe hairstyles remain a flexible and constantly changing trend. Hair that has been cut and styled to fall over the forehead and frame the face in a variety of shapes is known as a bang. The beauty of the fringe lies in its magic to draw attention to certain facial features, infuse a hint of youth, and change a hairstyle without making significant stylistic adjustments. The variety of options, from trendy curtain fringe to classic blunt fringe, allows people to express their individuality and sense of style. Straight across the forehead, blunt fringe gives off a strong, dense hair look, whereas side-swept fringe gives off a softer, relaxed vibe.

Bangs with movement and playfulness are added by wispy or textured hair. Curtain fringe has become increasingly popular due to its versatility and face-framing appeal, thanks to its parted, cascading layers. The fact that bang hairstyles work well with a range of hair textures and lengths adds to their allure. Bangs can enhance and balance any hairstyle, whether worn on medium bobs, long flowing locks, or short pixie cuts. Bang cut hairstyle continue to inspire fashion fiestas and hairstylists alike, offering countless opportunities for people to play around with their appearances and embrace a new, in-vogue look. Bangs and fringe styles range from retro-inspired fringe to modern and edgy cuts. Here are some of our best suggestions to inspire you.

30 Gorgeous Bang Haircuts You Must Try:

Bang hairstyles frame the face with hair cut or styled to cover the forehead. From blunt to side-swept, they offer versatility, enhancing facial features and adding flair to various hair lengths.

1. Simple Bangs:

Image Source: shutterstock

Here is a simple one to begin and get inspired. This fringe cut falls directly on the forehead and covers the entire portion. It is cut crisp so that it only occupies the forehead. The rest of the hair falls beautifully on the sides. This fringe hair will look good even if you tie your hair to a high pony. The hairstyle will suit anyone with short hair or medium-length hair. The specialty is that it gives you a very young look. This can be your first one if you are new to fringes. We are sure you will love it.

2. Bangs for Long, Wavy Hair:

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If you have long hair and if it is also wavy, here is a style for you. This short curtain bang is not something that will cover your entire forehead. Instead, it falls a little over you, which is the front portion of your hair. The loose, wavy hair can be left free-flowing or tied to a ponytail. The bangs can be straightened for an added style. This hairstyle is suitable for people with long hair and is often a classy one. The hairstyle is best suited for people with oval and diamond-shaped face textures. Even if you have curly hair, do not shy away from trying this. This one sure is the right one for long hair.

3. Long Hair Curtain Bangs:

Image Source: shutterstock

Here is something to try for your long hair. Try these long hair curtain bangs if you do not want to cut your long locks. In this, the hair is not cut too short for a fringe but rather layered so that it does not become short. It is still long and falls along the length of your hair. This hairstyle will suit anyone with long hair. You can tie the remaining to a high bun, and it is a cool hairstyle for summer. The hairstyle will suit people with round and oval faces.

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4. Short Hair Bangs:

Image Source: shutterstock

Looking for short hair curtain bangs? Here is one. This chic hairstyle is s youth-inspired and is coloured to give an overall funky look. The pink hair colour is something that stands out. The bangs fall entirely over the forehead, while the rest of the hair is free-flowing. The hairstyle is best suited for anyone with a shoulder-length hairstyle. It goes well for people who have square faces and round faces. Try this one if you are looking to try something fun and exciting.

5. Short Bob with Curtain Bangs:

Image Source: shutterstock

Here is one for bob hair. Even if you do not have a bob haircut, this hairstyle will suit anyone with short hair length. The bangs cover the entire forehead, and the rest of the hair is straightened and left free-flowing. The fringe is straightened, too, and is cut crisp. You can also tie the rest of the hair to a high pony for an added style. This bob hairstyle is excellent for those looking to style up a little. The short curtain bang will suit people with round, oval, or diamond-shaped faces.

6. Cute Fringe Bangs:

Image Source: shutterstock

Here is a cute fringe bang hairstyle. The bang is put to either side of the hair, and the leading hair is parted to one side. The remaining hair is layered to a short length, and the bangs are layered too and join the rest of the hair. In this, the bangs are slightly longer than the usual. The hairstyle is also meant for people who do not have dense hair. Try this cute fringe if you are looking to keep it simple and trendy at the same time. This kind of hairstyle is widespread among the teens.

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7. Retro Hair Bang:

Image Source: shutterstock

Check this hairstyle if you are looking for a hair bang that almost resembles your hair. These retro-inspired curtain bangs are cut short and kept to either side of the hair. The fringes are slightly layered and can be tied to the rest of the hair. The hairstyle is often selected as curtain bangs big forehead. The fringe haircut is typically seen among older women and is classy retro-inspired. Match your hairstyle with an elegant beaded necklace to grace the overall look.

8. Short Dyed Hair Bangs:

Image Source: shutterstock

If you have a bob cut, chances are you have minimal options for hair styling or a haircut. But bangs can be your savior. If you have a square-shaped face or a square face and trimly cut bob hair, try this bob side fringes cut. In this, there is no clear fringe in the front, and instead, the entire hair is cut like a fringe, falling just a little below the ears. A tiny portion of hair is trimmed at the back as a layer. This one is suitable to create a funky look and is more popular among kids below ten years. It is an ideal cut for the school as minimal maintenance is needed.

9. Bangs on Blonde Hair:

Image Source: shutterstock

This curtain bangs for an oval face is a cool trend. The haircut suits women with short hair best. In this, the hair is also kept very short at the back. The layers fall to the side of the face, a little below the ears—a long lock left to fall free at one side of the hair. The fringes at the front cover the forehead, and the hair is parted in the middle for greater coverage. This hairstyle will be for girls and college teens.

10. Funky Bang Hair:

Image Source: shutterstock

Female fringe hairstyles come in a variety. One of the many varieties is this fringe cut, where the fringes or bangs at the front are very short. It falls just a little over your central scalp at the front and is cut small. A side fringe cur also falls below the ears on either side. The hair at the back is cut a little above the rest of the hair and is kept puffy. Side bangs for women are usually preferred as a bang haircut for a round face. This one is meant for people with very short hair. This is more like a bob hairstyle with a side fringe that is very funky and relatively modern. If you like to make very bold statements in fashion, this one is undoubtedly for you.

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11. Short Bangs:

Image Source: shutterstock

This one is uniquely different. In this, the bangs are seen only on the centre of the head. The rest of the hair is left timed almost entirely and kept. The bangs on the top are dyed in contrasting colors to stand out. This hairstyle suits oval faces and people with very short hair. Usually, this is also preferred by people who have thick bob hair. This one is not a commonly found hairstyle, so you may make all the eyes turn towards you.

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12. Latest Bangs:

Image Source: shutterstock

Long hair with fringe is a common, safe choice among many youths. In this, the bangs almost cover the eyes, and a segment of hair is tied up at the centre of the head. The remaining hair is styled to be loose and layered. Curtain bang hairstyles for round faces are popular and often styled to look gorgeous. You can either tie your hair to a pony or leave the back of the hair loose, letting it fall to the front. Try this stunning hairstyle. We are sure you will love it.

13. Layered Bangs:

Image Source: shutterstock

Curtain bangs with layers are the newest addition to the stylish bang haircut. In this, the layers in the front of the hair fall on the forehead and fall in a cascading pattern. The hair at the back can be tied or left loose. This hairstyle will suit anyone with long hair and medium hair. It is also a style young kids choose as it makes them look cute. Face shape does not matter for this one, so try this one for your little kid at home.

14. Baby Bangs:

Image Source: shutterstock

Looking for a bang hairstyle for your little one? This style of bangs suits a little girl of 4-5 years of age perfectly.In this, the fringes are kept very short as it may irritate the little one. There is also a side fringe that falls over the cheeks. This can be good if your little one has a round, chubby face or an oval face. Try this out so it becomes easy for your little one to handle.

15. Front Bangs:

Image Source: shutterstock

This cute bang hairstyle is the traditionally styled one. The bangs end at the front, and the long hair at the back is free. You can also tie it to a low pony. This hairstyle is meant for people who have long hair or medium-length hair. It is easy to maintain, and once the bangs grow in length, you can tie them to either side or clip them to one side. Try this low-maintenance bang style if you want to keep it simple.

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16. Long Sweep Bang Cut:

Image Source: shutterstock

This is a funky and trendy hairstyle for dyed hair. The hair is wavy and is layered to perfection. The bangs in this fall slightly to one side, and the front of the bang fringe is curled up slightly. Curtain bangs on wavy hair elevate the overall look of the bangs and give a retro feel. This hairstyle will suit anyone with long, wavy hair. Curly hair looks good, too, in this style. If you are up for a bit of a game, you can also dye your hair for an added style.

17. Ponytail with Fringe:

Image Source: shutterstock

Here is an easy way to keep your hair in place. In this, the fringes are long and cover the entire forehead. The back of the hair is tied to a high ponytail. This curtain bang haircut for a round face is a perfect choice if you are an office goer. The overall cut looks neat and professional. The cut looks best on treated or straight hair. Try this one if you want to keep up with the trend and, at the same time, stay professional.

18. Puffy Hairstyle with Bangs:

Image Source: shutterstock

How about styling a little bit more? In this hairstyle, the hair at the centre of the head and right behind the fringes is puffed and tied to the back of the hair. The hairstyle side bangs are slightly layered on one side of the forehead. The rest of the hair can be bound to a low pony. This curtain bang on an oval face is a must-try one. You can also think of this if you have wavy hair. This one has a lot of style, yet all your hair stays in place.

19. Funky Layer Fringe:

Image Source: Instagram

Here are our funky short hair curtain bangs. The overall appearance of this is somewhat messy, and that is what makes this hairstyle a stylish and fun one. In this, the bangs are done all over the front of the scalp with just a few locks left long at the back. The long locks fall right behind the ears, and the fringes in the front do not cover the forehead. It looks unevenly cut, giving this curtain bangs on the oval face an excellent style.

20. Bangs and Braids:

Image Source: shutterstock

What about trying out braids even when you have a cool bang? This curtain bangs on a round face can keep your hair in one place. The front fringes are cut to fall just above the eyes. It covers the entire forehead. The remaining hair is parted at the centre and braided on either side. These curtain fringe bangs are ideal for anyone with medium-length hair. But if you have layered medium-length hair, this may not be a perfect choice because braiding becomes difficult on layered hair and, as such, can be challenging to manage.

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21. Feather Cut and Bangs:

Image Source: shutterstock

Here is a gorgeous-looking hairstyle with bangs you have been searching for. These long hair curtain bangs feature side bangs. In this, the hair of the bangs does not fall entirely on the forehead. Instead, it is kept to one side. The bangs are typically long, and the remaining hair is left free-flowing. The hairstyle works best on people with long, curly, or wavy hair. The hairstyle will look dashing when neatly maintained. It is a good curtain that bangs on oval faces and square-shaped faces.

22. Royal Bangs Hairstyle:

Image Source: shutterstock

Do you want to show off your bangs at a party or wedding yet look elegant? Here is a good pick for you. These curtain bangs with long hair can be styled at the back to a low bun. For an added style, all the locks can be made wavy and then woven together to give a knitted look. The hair side bangs sit beautifully without falling too much on the face. The fringe is layered, and there is no parting of the hair. This is a classy style pick.

23. Birthday Bangs:

Image Source: shutterstock

What about a very cool and theme-based hairstyle? Here is one. While keeping you bang in place, this cool hairstyle has an updo on top that looks like a bow. The front bangs are retained and fall loosely all over the forehead. This hairstyle is well-suited for people with long and thick hair. This is ideal for a kids theme birthday party or any other function. Try this curtain bang for an oval face. Pair this hairstyle with a beach-themed dress or a pink floral dress.

24. Blonde Long Bang Hairstyle:

Image Source: shutterstock

Take a look at this long curtain bang straight hairstyle for your beautiful looking long straight hair. The bangs at the front are combed to the side and joined with the side long hair. The bangs are also slightly layered, starting as short and slowly appearing long to the end. Loose hair goes with this style. This curtain bangs on an oval face, adding fine grace to the overall appearance. It needs less maintenance, and hair can be tied in an excellent low or high ponytail.

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25. Chinese Bangs:

Image Source: shutterstock

This hairstyle is also known as the Korean curtain bangs medium hairstyle. This gorgeous hairstyle is a great choice any day. The bangs cover the entire forehead, and the side hair is layered, too. The layers fall beautifully over the shoulders and are classy for those with medium-length hair. If you have a round, chubby face or an oval face, try this style. You can also dye your hair to a lovely burgundy to elevate the overall style.

26. Fake Bangs:

Image Source: shutterstock

This is a fake fringe bang you can try. The image will give you a good idea of how to replicate it if you want to try it. The hairstyle works best if you have long, straight hair. There is typically no bang cut, but bangs are made of natural hair. The long hair is tied to a medium bun, and the ends or fringes of the hair are brought to the front to create a bang effect. That’s it! It is that simple. The only thing is to secure the pony with a tight band so the hairstyle does not become messy.

27. Lob Haircut:

Image Source: shutterstock

Check out this lob haircut and bangs that are short. The bangs here fall all over the overhead and have a slight parting. The rest of the hair gives the appearance of a bob cut. This one is typically for people with square-shaped faces and is generally preferred by middle-aged ladies who would like to keep it simple and trendy at the same time. This one is easy to maintain and goes well for women with almost straight-to-wavy hair.

28. Side Bangs for Curly Hair:

Image Source: shutterstock

Here is a hairstyle for those with curly hair. This front-side bangs haircut gives a very professional look. If you have a long, curly hair, try this one. Put the bangs to one side of the hair and try a mid-to-high ponytail to go with it. This will elevate your style level and is a perfect choice for those with oval-shaped faces. The curly hair can be rolled back to stay in one place.

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29. Twisted Long Hair with Bang:

Image Source: shutterstock

This one is an excellent choice if you have long, straight hair. Keep the bangs funky by leveling it all the same. Braid one segment of hair to your side. This way, your hair will not become messy and is easy to maintain. The hairstyle can be a good choice for those with round and oval faces. Centre parting, right behind the bang, will go very well with this hairstyle. We recommend this even for professionals and office goers.

30. Retro Bangs:

Image Source: shutterstock

Take a look at these cool retro-inspired bangs. This one is a perfect choice for retro-themed parties. In this hairstyle, the bangs fall until the eyes, and no hair is parting at the back. The hair is adorned with a red floral bow, and some segment is curled and put to the sides to create a beautiful look. The hairstyle suits round, oval, and square-shaped faces well. This one is a real head-turner.

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How Do You Maintain Your Hair Bangs and Hair?

Take a look at our ideas to keep your hair neat and healthy.

  1. Regular trims are necessary to keep hair fringe from splitting and ensure they appropriately frame the face.
  2. Wash them with an appropriate shampoo and conditioner, varying the frequency according to the hair type, to keep them oil-free.
  3. For the desired shape, blow-dry using a round brush; use as little heat styling as possible to prevent damage.
  4. Eat a balanced diet, drink plenty of water, and shield your hair from the elements for overall hair health.
  5. Gentle detangling and regular deep conditioning treatments enhance a vibrant, healthy mane.
  6. Adequately moisturize your hair for best results.

For a healthy scalp and beautiful locks, ensure not to use stylish and heating products excessively.


Curtain bang fringes are a classic and revolutionary hairstyle element that provides a flexible platform for personal expression. Choosing between trendy curtain fringe playful wispy or soft blunt bangs, these face-framing haircuts subtly improve one’s overall appearance. Bang fringes are still in style because they can work well with various hair textures and lengths, adding a little edge or sophistication. Regular trims, the proper care, and styling methods are necessary to keep them looking gorgeous. Bang fringes are still a hot fashion statement, allowing people to embrace a stylish, modern look that never goes out of style.

Try out some of our styles for your next themed party, and tell us which one you liked the most.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. How frequently should I trim my fringe-cut hairstyle?

Ans: Trimming your fringe every 4-6 weeks will help keep them looking well-maintained and fresh. This keeps split ends at bay and guarantees they properly frame your face.

Q2. Can I style my fringe at home? If yes, what are some recommended tools?

Ans: You certainly can do at-home bang styling. To get suitable shapes, use a hairdryer and a round brush. However, speaking with a professional stylist for complex styles or major adjustments is best.

Q3. Which shampoo and conditioner is ideal for keeping hair healthy and maintaining fringe?

Ans: Select a shampoo and conditioner that is sulfate-free and appropriate for your hair type. This promotes overall hair health by keeping your fringe tidy without removing natural oils.

Q4. Are any particular styling products suggested for keeping fringe in place without making them appear heavy?

Ans: Use lightweight styling products like mousse or creams to prevent weighing down your fringe. These products give your hair a good hold without sacrificing its natural texture and movement.


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