Maang tikka is a popular traditional hair accessory for women from ages and generations together. In the modern fashion world, they have also begun to become a symbol of style and grace. While it has become a famous hair ornament for celebrations and festivities, the right hairstyles with maang tikka can elevate the look. It can instantly add in grandeur and plush look effortlessly.

For women who are in search of the perfect contemporary and yet classy Indian maang tikka hairstyle, here we go!

15 Trending Open Hairstyles with Maang Tikka:

While there are several tons of hairstyles and trends going around with maang tikka, we have some simple, elegant, and easy picks for you. Let’s explore them together.

1. Wavy Hair with Maang Tikka:

This dense and thick wavy hair textured loose hair look while itself is elegant and gorgeous, adding a pearl-studded maang tikka to it can only upscale and enhance the appearance. It is already a quite popular hairstyle trending across, which can be easy and yet lovely to achieve and suitable for women across cultures. This look can be amazing with churidars and lehengas.

  • Women with oval, oblong and diamond face shapes can be perfect here
  • Try this hairstyle for women in the late 20s age group for the best looks.
  • This gorgeous hair makeover can be edgy if you have a wavy or curly hair texture.

2. Simple Open Hair Hairstyles with Maang Tikka:

For the simplest and casual everyday loose hairstyle to you can add in beautiful maang tikka. It can instantly and quickly elevate the entire beauty of the appearance. Be it with your casual dresses or festive outfits, and be it for any festive celebrations and occasions, this lovely hairstyle can be ideal for those quick ready sessions.

  • Women with round, oval, and square face shapes can try this hairstyle.
  • Any hair texture can go very well in this hair makeover.
  • Try out this edgy and feminine look for women in the age group of the 20s.

3. Bridal Maang Tikka Hairstyle with Bun:

The bridal maang tikka hairstyles are the most beautiful ones which we have ever seen. This lovely hair bun with tikka is already popular and is among the most coveted look for young women. If your big day is coming near and you are searching for that perfect North Indian bridal look, what best than this elegant makeover? Try this hairstyle with maang tikka on the perfect lehenga and you can look just like a diva.

  • Women with any face shape and features can try this hairstyle effortlessly.
  • Those in the mid to end of 20s age group can prefer this one.
  • Try this hairstyle and hairdo bun with any hair texture, as it can suit everyone.

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4. Mid-Parted Loose Hair with Tikka:

Are you in search of that one tip that can elevate your appearance for any festive occasion? With the lovely brushed hair and middle parting, add on your favourite maang tikka. Be it with long length anarkalis or churidars or evens sarees; this open hairstyles makeover can lighten up and make you appear sparkling.

  • Women with oval, oblong and diamond face shapes can try this maang tikka hairstyle open hair
  • This look can be perfect with women across age groups till the mid-40s.
  • This look can be good to go if you have a wavy or straight hair texture.

5. Maang Tikka Hairstyles for Short Hair:

Short hair is not any kind of limitation. In fact, this is among the most contemporary and modern edgy style to try out. Even if you have less hair length, try out adding big scale maang tikka to the side hair parting and wavy texture, and we bet you will look mesmerizing.

  • Women with oval and round face shape can try this hairstyle.
  • This beautiful look can be good to go for women in the age of mid-20s to the mid-30s.
  • Wavy and smooth straight hair texture can be a good and perfect match here.

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6. The Semi-Braided Maang Tikka Hairstyle:

This lovely feminine maang tikka with open hair is one of our all-time favourites. Take sleek, thin hair from both sides to make a hair braid. Take them towards the sides and clip them. Add on a nice maang tikka on the crown and leave the rest of the hair shown in the picture. Be it for any wedding pre-festivities or receptions; this hairstyle can be edgy and traditional, yet gorgeous to stand out.

  • Women with oval and diamond face shapes can try this hairstyle.
  • This edgy look can be good for women in the early to mid-20s age group.
  • Wavy hair texture can be the perfect dose to this look to achieve such stunning results.

7. Bun Hairstyle with Maang Tikka:

Another favorite bridal look is here. With the perfect bridal lehenga, you would need to have the hair bun matching the outfit. This can be an ideal one – with the neat side parting hair bun and half-moon maang tikka style, adding choli and dupatta on the crown can be perfect with a feminine and graceful style statement.

  • Women with oval and oblong face shapes can try this side maang tikka hairstyle.
  • Try this look for those who are in the end 20s to the mid-30s age group.
  • Any hair texture can try this hairdo easily and can suit everyone effortlessly.

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8. Celebrity Inspired Maang Tikka Hairstyle:

This celebrity-inspired hairstyle from Alia Bhatt is gorgeous. With the messy open hair and maang tikka accessory in the middle parting, we quite love this chic and sleek appearance. Be it with a traditional hair accessory, the entire look for girl and women created appears contemporary and stylish. What do you think about this one?

  • Women with oval, heart, and diamond face shape can try this hairstyle.
  • This edgy look can be perfect for women with wavy and smooth hair texture.
  • Try this lovely look for women in the mid-20s age group.

9. Maang Tikka Hairstyle with Ponytail:

You can even try out a simple ponytail with maang tikka. Adding dramatic and heavy tikka to the simple pony can escalate and beautify the appearance. Be it for festivities or celebrations, and with lehengas or dresses, this hairstyle can be ideal and perfect.

  • Women with oval and long face shapes can try this hairstyle.
  • Try this lovely look with women in the 30s to look youthful and stunning.
  • This sleek and contemporary hairstyle can be perfect for women with wavy and straight hair texture.

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10. Maang Tikka with Puffy Bun:

With a simple yet mesmerizing puff hairbun, you can add lovely maang tikka for the sleek and traditional style statement. For women who prefer elegant choices and graceful looks, this hairstyle bun can be ideal. Try this out with sarees or lehengas to look perfect. Further, adding matching ear and neck accessories can give a grand and plush appearance.

  • Women with any face shape can try this hairstyle beautifully.
  • This edgy and lovely look can be perfect for women in the age group of the 30s and the 40s
  • Try out this look for women with wavy and straight hair texture for perfect looks.

11. Maang Tikka With Open Hair With Loose Curls:

If one has nice long and wavy hair, the best option would be open hair. For centre strand maatha patti, hair parting would be done in the middle. When such loose wavy curls are combined with matha patti, it creates a really soft, simple and yet attractive look.

12. Braided Hairstyles with Maang Tikka:

Braids create the most beautiful and traditional look. For maang tikkas one can go for simple braids as well as fishtail braids hairstyles. They create a nice and soft look and are especially recommended for heart shaped faces as they help enhance your jaw bone.

13. Maang Tikka with Buns Hair:

Though buns can be made with any type of maang tikka, they look spectacular with the ones with side chains. Buns can be made with different styles. Single stranded, double stranded and multiple stranded maang would look great on this hairstyle.

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14. Maang Tikka with Straight Hairs:

If one is wearing simple pendent tikkas, then straight hair are surely the best option. The straight hairstyle is also ideal for square and round shaped faces as it helps cover up the face and creates a slimmer look.

15. Maang Tikka with Side Parting:

Inside parting the chain of the tikka is hidden underneath styled hair, so that pendant hangs right below the hairline. It is a simple way to style the maang tikka.

16. Maang Tikka with Centre Parting:

It looks fabulous when maang tikka is attached to centrally parted hair. This hairstyle makes the maang tikka more noticeable and prominent on the face and puts the emphasis on the forehead. This style opens up the face, creating a brighter look, putting the face in the spotlight.

17. Puff Hairstyle with Tikka:

Puff hairstyle is best for crescent and pendent type maang tikka. This hairstyle with tikka makes the face look clean and bigger. It draws direct attention on the maang tikka. One with small face should try the puff hairstyle.

18. Back Combed Semi up Do Hairstyle with Tikka:

If one doesn’t want hairs troubling the face but want open dazzling hair, back combed semi up do will be the best options. The hairs are back combed and semi tied. This can be done with both straight and curled hair. It will look great on all types of face shapes.

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19. Sophisti Cated Up Do with Braids and Twists:

Thick hair is good for intricate updos which combine with different elements. A crown French braid and a low bun from twists are an excellent idea for a trendy look. The twist provides the unique texture that may look just a little messy, while the other elements of the hairstyle remain impeccable.

If you love that little extra dose of drama, beauty and elegance, maang tikka is always the perfect choice. These hairstyles with maang tikka are perfect – be it festivals or celebrations or weddings. They add a plush and charming look for women across age groups. Which is your favorite one? Tell us below.


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