Weddings are a season of festivities. From sangeet, mehendi, and haldi to the main wedding event, there are several occasions of celebration, getting ready and flaunting the perfect beautiful looks. If you are the bride, we have something for you – the hairstyles for Haldi. Haldi is a fun and traditional ceremony that is usually done in the morning time of the wedding day and is filled with joy, celebration, fun, and traditions.

Most often, yellow is the theme colour of Haldi celebrations, and we have a few trending and stylish haldi hairstyle ideas just for you. Check these out so that you too can decide on the best of looks to suit yourself.

10 Best Haldi Ceremony Hairstyles for Bride 2023:

There is no perfect or proper look for haldi, any funky or traditional feminine hairstyle can be well suited to the event. We have worked around and brought together some of the most popular and lovely hairstyle ideas for the haldi function. Here we go!

1. Simple Braided Loose Hairstyle:

This is the most elegant and feminine look we immensely love. The braid here is done near the crown portion, and the rest of the hair is left over to bring on a stylish as well as an ethnic look. It is pretty easy and yet looks super charming and beautiful to fit in the Haldi function looks so seamlessly. Those with wavy or straight hair texture can indeed try out this look without any effort.

2. Haldi Hairstyle For Short Hair:

If you have short hair and wondering how to go about the most beautiful looks as we often come across, worry not. We have a whole new unique set of looks for those with this short length of hair. This beautiful style statement is absolutely jaw-dropping, and the best part – it can be done in a jiffy without any effort, even when you are running out of time. Any hair texture can go about this look effortlessly.

3. Puffy Braid For Haldi:

Have you ever come across such looks that are this beaming and attractive? This particular Haldi ceremony hairstyle is done with marigold flowers attached to the puffy braid style. It is pretty easy to do, unlike how it appears; all you need is an excellent medium to the long length of hair to try it out. If you are willing to wear traditional sarees for Haldi, this can be pretty apt and beautiful.

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4. Classic Haldi Look:

This may seem like another of the most commonly spotted haldi hairstyles. But isn’t it also gorgeous and stunning? All that you need to do here is take hair strands or sections from both sides and pin it up beautifully in the middle. Add on your favorite Haldi accessories to match, such as flowers or floral attachments around to give a dazzling and divine style statement. It indeed looks ravishing! Don’t you think so?

5. Half Hair Fishtail Braid With Loose Hair:

Here we go with another hairstyle for the haldi ceremony. If you are blessed with thick and beautiful long or medium-length hair with any hair texture, how about this fancy style statement? Isn’t it stunning? The fishtail braid is done with half the hair section, and the rest is leftover with beautiful waves. Adding on the yellow theme color accessories to hair or attachments can indeed further escalate the entire look. We love how glowing this appearance is in itself!

6. Beautiful Feminine Haldi Look With Loose Hair:

The hairstyle may seem and appear itself as very simple and straightforward to try out. But isn’t it also gorgeous? There would be no one who would disagree. This charming easy and simple hairstyle for haldi function is all about elegance, timeless beauty, and feminine looks. The braid is taken on the front sides in both and tied around to give an overall loose gorgeous wavy hair appearance. It is suitable for those who want to see a hairstyle with yellow suit options or lehengas.

7. Braid Bridal Haldi Hairstyle:

If you are a huge fan of braids, what best than this haldi bride hairstyle with lovely and intricate braids? The gorgeous look looks absolutely grandeur and plush – ideal for those women who fancy an elite and sophisticated trendy look. Adding the floral attachments to the haldi function look can further add up the overall style statement.

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8. Grand Look For Haldi:

How about this hairstyle for curly hair with a braid for your haldi? In case you have such hair texture or want to turn it into something not mainstream yet look captivating, this beautiful and jaw-dropping style statement can be perfect. Add up the hair accessories just like other hairstyles, and it can draw quite a lot of attention. What do you think?

9. Messy Braid For Haldi:

This messy braid Haldi look hairstyle is another one you shouldn’t miss out on. We all already know the trend associated with messy hairstyles, so we gathered one for the haldi function theme. This beautiful look can be absolutely perfect for a range of outfits for the ceremony and seamlessly adds up to the stunning trend.

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10. Short Hairstyle For Haldi:

We have another short hairstyle look for the function. A similar look can be followed by adding sleek braids on one side and leaving the rest hair. Blow-dry the hair well to give a voluminous look. Add floral attachments in yellow and green or a floral tiara to elevate the style, and that is it; it can work wonders. What do you think?

We hope you enjoyed exploring these beautiful Hairstyles for Haldi function. These looks are indeed sassy, stylish, and stunning, can elevate the grandeur and plush looks seamlessly. Which is your favorite one out of all? Let us know your thoughts!


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