Long hair half up hairstyles open up a world of endless possibilities by fusing the elegance of a styled updo with the fluidity of length. People can add a touch of sophistication while still enjoying the versatility of their long locks with this hairstyle option. Half up hairstyles are famous for formal and informal events because they provide the best of both worlds: loose hair flowing freely and keeping the hair off the face. These hairstyles, which range from straightforward knots to elaborate braids, are proof of the classic appeal and versatility of long hair, which allows for endless creative possibilities with each strand.

10 Unique Half Up Half Down Hairdos for Long Hair:

Half up and half down hairstyles for long hair offer versatility and elegance. Combining the sophistication of an updo with the flowing locks of loose hair, they create a perfect balance.

1. Partial Braid:

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Have long hair? Classy braids are a great choice. But if you want to experiment with your long locks a little more? Here is an easy half updo for long hair. In this, hair segments are taken from the centre of the scalp from either side and then pulled to the back for a braid. The braid is loose, and the rest is tied to a braid. This one is a classy choice for those looking to stay casual and professional at the same time. This is also an excellent choice for those with oval faces.

2. Bridal Hairstyle Choice:

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Take a look at this gracious hairstyle, which is most commonly chosen for weddings. It is also something selected by the bridesmaid. This long hair half up half down wedding hairstyle is preferred to keep it simple and elegant. In this, a section of hair from one side is taken and kept dense with hair spray. It is then tied with fancy bobby pins—the remaining combed and kept loose for grace.

3. Side Braid Partial Updo:

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Are you looking to keep it a bit more casual but also beautiful? This hairstyle is a go-to choice on an ordinary day. In this one segment, hair from one side is taken and braided. The braid is broad and is then tied to the rest of the hair at the back. The long hair half up is a classic choice for a wedding, a party, or even date night. You can use some hair spray and other accessories to keep all the hair in place. Try this stunner and see how effortlessly beautiful you will look.

4. Casual Work-From-Home Hair Updo:

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Here is another stunner. This exceptionally simple hairstyle is easy to do in no time. This is your best bet if you are rushing and looking to tie up your hair into something lovely. Simply half pony the hair and leave the remainder at the back. For an added style, try letting loose some strands of hair at the sides. Owing to its simplicity, this one is also called the work-from-home hairstyle. Try this out!

5. Floral Hair Updo:

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The long hair half updo is meant for all of you willing to put in some effort. In this hairstyle, some segment of hair is nicely tied to look like a flower and then secured with pins. This hairstyle will look classy on those who have curly or wavy hair. It can be your hairstyle for a dinner date or a day you feel like dressing up. Try this out. We are sure this is going to look good on you.

6. Quick Half Updo:

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This one is a quick half updo for long hair. If you like, this is easy to do and needs a good clip and a curler. But, if your hair is naturally wavy, you do not require a curler. The long, wavy half up hairstyles are something that needs some time. Portions of hair are taken from either side and clipped at the back. The remaining hair is left loose and combed neatly. This can be your quick fix if you have to head out for an office meeting or to meet a friend. It is easy to do and will look simple, too.

7. Half Up Down Space Bun:

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Here is a funky one to try. The hair is tied up on either side to look like a bunny. Some loose strands fall on either side of the face. The hairstyle is ideal for those with round and oval faces. The long-hair partial updo is a classic choice for your friend’s party. The best part is it looks messy and yet is apt for a party. While this may need some effort, the time is all worth it.

8. Funky Party Style:

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This is another funky choice for your themed party. Try this hairstyle if you are heading for a fun party. Segments of hair are rolled up on either side to make it look like a bun. The front portion of the hair on either side is left loose to fall over the face. The portions from the back of the hair are braided. This cool hairstyle needs considerable time, but it is a classy choice for a fun event. The hairstyle also works for people who have an oval face.

9. Twisted Bun and Braid:

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This is a twisted bun and braid hairstyle often styled for a wedding. If you are up for this, our tutorial image will help you. The braid starts from the centre of the head and is broad. The ends of the braid are then tied up in a high bun. The loose hair at the back is left and combed well to make it look neat. This hairstyle is a top choice for all people looking to appear elegant. This stylish hairstyle can also be tied to a low pony to make it more manageable.

10. African Braids on Long Hair:

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This hairstyle is a prom hairstyle for long hair half up half down. This is also known as the African braid hairstyle, and the accessories are colored for an extra look. First, the hair is tied to a high bun, and the colorful braids are added as highlights from the sides and then tied to the high bun. It is attractive and ideal for those looking to style a little differently. These accessories are also available separately in the market.

How Do You Maintain Long Hair?

Well, here are our tips. After trying all the cute half up hairstyles for long hair, here are some tips you can follow to keep it healthy.

  • Long hair requires a rigorous routine to maintain. Every eight to twelve weeks, regular trims help to prevent split ends and improve general health.
  • Use a gentle shampoo and conditioner appropriate for your hair type to keep your hair healthy and clean.
  • Reduce the amount of heat styling to avoid damage, and air-dry whenever you can.
  • Detangling gently prevents needless breakage, and deep conditioning treatments supply vital moisture. When engaging in activities that could damage your hair, consider wearing protective styles and shielding it from harsh environmental factors.
  • Long hair can be kept strong, shiny, and full of life with a balanced, nutrient-rich diet, regular hydration, and minimal chemical treatments.

Easy half up half down hairstyles for long hair are a trendsetter. For many of us, finding a hairstyle is an ordeal, especially for long hair. While maintaining is one challenge, finding the right hairstyle is another one. Our list of hairstyles for long hair half up half down is written keeping in mind some variants you can try. Let us know which one looks appealing to you and which ones were an easy option. Did we get it right?

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. What accessories do I need for half up dos for long hair?

Ans: In most cases, you only need strong bobby pins, bands, and floral clips to achieve the right look. Sometimes, you may also need styling agents such as a gel or a spray to set your hair in place.

Q2. Are half up long hairstyles easy to do?

Ans: If you have long hair, our list of ideas is worth trying. We have covered everything from simple to complex, grace to funky, and minimal to one with effort.

Q3. How should I choose my hairstyle?

Ans: In most of the cases, it depends on the day. If you have a busy, rushed day, we suggest keeping it simple and choosing one that looks less messy. On the other hand, if you are heading to a party, you can make bold style statements.


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