It’s your wedding day and undoubtedly, you want to look beautiful and special. You wish your look to redefine grace and elegance. We understand your feelings and that’s why we are here with the half up half down wedding hair looks. These are the specially customised bridal hair ideas with the half up half down design, perfect to exude charm and sophisticated elegance. This is among the top trending and always relevant wedding hairstyles for women, and you won’t be disappointed.

Are you excited to check out the lovely half up half down wedding hairstyles? From bridal looks to the hairstyles for bridesmaids and the mother of the bride, we have got you covered. Continue reading to learn more.

How to Do Half Up Half Down Wedding Hair?

Let us check out these lovely and alluring bridal half up half down hairstyles for weddings. These hair ideas are perfect for flaunting the radiant and elegant look on the wedding day and exuding grandeur and elegance. We love how these can instantly light up your style statement and deliver an exquisite and mesmerising appearance. Here we go!

1. Braid-Twisted Bridal Half Up Half Down Hairstyles:

How about the semi-braided wedding hairstyle idea with half up and half down look? This is perfect for women with medium hair length. This look exudes charm and has a sophisticated, edgy appearance if you have curly or wavy hair. Adding the white floral hair attachments further elevates the style statement. Women with oval, round, and heart face shapes can try this look on their big wedding day! If you love simple yet charming styles, you will fall in love with this one here. Do you agree?

2. Half Up Half Down Hairstyles for Mother Of The Bride:

We know that you’re looking for a glamorous and stylish hairstyle for the mother of the bride that you can actually do on a busy day like the wedding. So we have this unique and one-of-a-kind wedding hairstyle idea for the mother of the bride. Women with medium to long hair length with curly or wavy hair texture can try this half up half down wedding hair. Do you agree? It is quick yet charming and surely exquisite and alluring.

3. Half Up Half Down Wedding Hair Bun:

Weddings or not, the hair bun is always a classic and remains a relevant choice for young women. So, we have this specially customised wedding hair bun, incorporating the half up half down an idea. The hairstyle is perfect for women with thick and fine hair. Any hair texture, from wavy to curly can also match this lovely look. In addition, you can incorporate hair accessories and attachments to elevate the bridal hairstyle look. Alternatively, you can try this half up half down wedding hair with a veil or tiara. How cool is that?

4. Half Up Half Down Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Short Hair:

Do you have short hair and wondering how to incorporate a half up half down wedding hair for your best friend’s wedding? Well, you can indeed check out this lovely look and hair idea. This hairstyle is perfect for a bridesmaid, as it matches the overall bride look and also exudes elegance. The hairstyle can also be further enhanced by adding lovely floral hair attachments or accessories. Do you agree?

5. Princess Inspired Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyles:

Who doesn’t dream of looking like a princess, especially on the big wedding day? We all would love to! It is charming and undoubtedly mesmerising. So we have this long hair special half up half down wedding hairstyles idea. The speciality of this half up half down wedding hair idea is that it can be paired with a veil and/or tiara to exude a special and unique beautiful look. This look is undoubtedly mesmerising and oozes sophistication and grandeur. It is perfect for wavy or curly hair.

6. Half Up Half Down Wedding Bridal Hairstyles for Shoulder Hair Length:

If you have shoulder hair length and are searching for half up half down wedding hair inspiration, what better than this one right here? Isn’t this super cute and pretty? Women who prefer a youthful, sleek, chic look inspired by new contemporary hues and bold millennial style statements should not miss out on this lovely look! The wedding hairstyle for medium hair is perfect for fine, straight hair, and the wedding hairstyle is indeed going to match your youthful personality. Those with round, heart, and diamond face shapes can try it out.

7. Half Up Half Down Semi Updos for Weddings:

Messy hair has always been a special craze in the fashion world. We all agree to that. How about replicating the same messy look for a wedding hairstyle? This half up half down wedding hairstyle idea for black hair is apt and ideal for those with medium to long hair length. In addition, those with curly, frizzy and wavy hair textures can try this to elevate their hair texture and enhance the style statement. What do you think?

8. Half Up Ponytail With Half Down Hairstyle:

Most of us assume the ponytail hairstyle may seem too casual to wear for a wedding. But, you can indeed break this assumption and a myth with this lovely and dramatic half up half down ponytail hairstyle idea. The wedding hair look is perfect for guests or even the bridesmaids. You can indeed look beautiful and exquisite with a dramatic and alluring appearance in this hair idea. This half up half down wedding hair is suitable for women with medium length or long hair. Isn’t the front view of this hairstyle indeed lovely?

9. Half Up Half Down Updos for Weddings:

Here is yet another great wedding updos hair idea. This versatile look can be worn by a wedding guest, bridesmaid, or even the bride. This wedding half up half down braided hairstyle look features an overall updo, with the sleek braids falling with the half down. This lovely intricate look deserves special attention, given the unique feminine and vintage hues associated with the hairstyle. Women with straight and fine hair with oval, square, and heart face shapes can try this half up half down wedding hair idea.

10. Twisted Half Hairdo with Half Hair Down:

In addition, you can also check out this other lovely wedding hair half updo look in the twisted style. If you have curly or thick, fine hair, this wedding hair inspiration is a great fit for you. The lovely look is simple to achieve and will look amazing and gorgeous in your wedding attire. Women with any hair colour, such as black or blonde, can try this fantastic wedding hairstyle, and those with medium to long hair can pick this as well!

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Additional Tips:

How about some additional tips and tricks to make these half up half down wedding hair ideas look perfect and beautiful? Check these out!

  • Wedding hair deserves our full attention and thus requires extra care and maintenance.
  • Make sure not to forget to add the hair spray after styling to manage the hair well till the end of the wedding event.
  • Before styling, add a hair protectant spray before styling to give your hairstyle a healthy look.
  • You can always add hair accessories, such as white floral artificial hair attachments, to improve the overall appearance and hairstyle look.
  • Do not wash your hair on your wedding day; instead, try it the day before for seamless styling.
  • Do not style hair with wet hair or damp hair; make sure to dry the hair completely before going forward with styling equipment.

How did you enjoy exploring these gorgeous half up half down wedding hairstyles looks? Aren’t all these alluring and mesmerising? We all love to look great and elegant on the wedding day and these wedding hair ideas indeed make our dreams come to life. We are thrilled and excited to see how these wedding hair ideas look on you.So do let us know if you try them out.

Q1. Which Half Up Half Down Wedding Hair Can Go Well with a Veil?

Ans: You can look gorgeous with the veil in a half up half down wedding bridal hairstyle look. Most of these styles go beautifully with the veil. However, prefer the non-hair bun looks with half up half down hair to look seamless and graceful in a veil.

Q2. What are Half Up Half Down Hair Ideas for a Bride with Frizzy and Unruly Hair Texture?

Ans: Make sure to begin taking hair treatments a couple of months before the wedding day to reduce your hair’s frizzy and unruly texture. This can help you to a large extent while styling your wedding hair. In addition, work on the straightening or curling equipment to hide out the unruliness.

Q3. Is Half Up Half Down Ponytail Hairstyle Appropriate for the Bride?

Ans: Yes, it depends on your choice and the taste entirely. If you like the half-up, half-down ponytail look, you can definitely try it out and customise it to your liking.


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