Having a home is a dream for everyone and has a vision of how our house should look. Many of us pride ourselves on designing it on our own. But how would you feel if you had some help in deciding what is best for your home? Yes! This article discusses how simple and latest hall arch designs help you to design your house in the best way possible.

One of the simple yet elegant ways to make your home look gorgeous is to add a hallway arch design. You can add it to your living room, dining room, kitchen, or pooja room, enhancing the overall look of the house. You don’t build a dream home every day, so scroll down to make sure you have all the information to design your dream home.

Importance Of Hall Arch Designs In House:

Arches were always a part of the Indian decor from ancient times. Incorporating the designed arches into our modern interior has been taking a special place amidst the decorative elements. Several arch designs will naturally fit into the structure of the room, making it elegant without occupying much space. But the arches elevate the area in any styled home apartment. Pick a design and build your simple room and give it a fancy look.

Modern Arch Designs For Halls in India:

Let’s look at the 15 simple and best hall arch design images to get more knowledge before you consult an architect.

1. Wooden Arch Design For Hall:

Image Source: alwatan.com

The wooden dome in the living room has intricate design work. The major part of the hall is wood, including the furniture and window work. If you look at the shape of the arch, it is in the form of a broadleaf with small handles. The design of the dome has a sophisticated look. The window on one side provides perfect natural light during the day, and the lampstands on either side of the room provide an ideal ambience at night.

2. Glass Arch Design For Hall:

Image Source: pinterest

This glass archway is a perfect way to decorate any area of your house elegantly. If you observe, the glass arch has artistic detail and is in the shape of a semi-circle. The outer part of the dome is partitioned metal to protect the delicate glass. This design adds to the style and protects the glass from breaking. The theme of the whole room is white, including the arch and the artistic work is done with bright colours which elevate the design. The plants and the decor add to the beauty.

3. Mediterranean Dining Room Arch Design:

Image Source: pinterest

The Mediterranean style of interior design is a taste acquired from South European countries. The archway has a crude stone in the Mediterranean style home, giving it a unique and raw appeal. The theme in this room has a light and warm tone. The furniture in this dining room is of wood to match the flooring. The chandelier in this area is simple, circular lit with candles. The stoned archway and the look of the dining area look fantastic individually and blend in with each other.

4. Hall To Kitchen Arch Design:

Image Source: pinterest

This is a simple arch design that you can incorporate in any part of the house. The look of this arch is simple but perfectly matches the interiors of the room. The dining area has a thick cream rug on the floor and a round dining table with a classy glass chandelier on the roof. The wallpaper in the region has patterns in contrast to the plain white arch. It is best suited if you want a simple arch design for your refined dining area.

5. Entrance Hall Arch Design:

Image Source: pinterest

If you look at the archway design in this hallway, the construction of the wall is done in such a way that it forms an arch. It is plain and blends completely with the wall. There are two arches in the hallway back to back with a slight height difference creating the ripple effect. A pointy chandelier and simple furniture on the side of the entrance add to the look of the place. The whole passage is themed white except for the flooring, which is wooden.

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6. Indian Style Hall Arch Design:

Image Source: Freepik

This is a living room archway design that is simple but has a regal look to it. Themed in all white makes it look very classy. The marble flooring and greyish-white furniture add to the all-white look of this living room. The design of the archway in the living area is anything but simple. The semi-circle portion of the dome is with a wavy design. If your home is a kid-free zone and there is no one to spoil your white walls, you can go forward with this design.

7. Arch Design For Dining Room :

This is an arch design that precisely elevates the dining hall. There are two types of arches with different shapes in this home. One is in the form of a semi-circle, and another one is like a triangle with a pointy top. The white arches around the walls and the flooring ooze a similar white theme. Whereas the wooden dining table decorated with small home plants compliments the white. This white arch adds an astounding look. Beauty always lies in simplicity.

8. White Arch Design For Hall:

Image Source: pinterest

The design of the arch in this hall and the room is themed around white. White adds elegance to space. You can customise the living room with a glass chandelier and hang it. Two strong pillars-like designs are created, and one round adjoins these pillars, with intricate designs. A white arch with a light shade of lavender colour on the wall makes it appear like a blossom. The furniture in the hall is a combination of grey and black complements the plain white arch design.

9. Best Brick Style Arch Design For Hall:

Image Source: pinterest

As the name suggests, this arch design is made up of bricks for dining in your dining hall. The placement of the blocks is perfectly synchronized and pleasing to the eyes. The smooth wooden flooring also shines and complements the rustic look of the arch. A simple chandelier with a bulb inside is hanging, which gives a pleasant look and lights up the way. This type of design looks perfect in your farmhouse. But if you think this design looks best in your home, you can go with it.

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10. Latest Arch Designs For Hall:

Image Source: pinterest

This is an excellent arch design for your hall that is simple yet classy. Wood is a predominant part of this house, including the flooring, and staircase. The furniture and the wall colour also match the blend of wood. Two round wooden pillars stand beneath the semi-circular arch. Perfectly polished lumber is used to build up this arch, and it is very sleek and looks minimal on the wall. The overall decor and the interiors of this house match each other and form an uncomplicated design.

11. Pillar Arch Design For Hall:

Image Source: pinterest

This arch design is a simple way that attracts attention with one look. It is designed especially for a living room as this design elevates the beauty of your living room. The arch gives an alluring appearance to your home. The colour combination of this arch is a mix of white and cream, including the rug in the living room and the wall. The furniture in this room gives a contrasting look. This design can make your simple living room entrance into something out of this world.

12. Contemporary  Hall Arch Design:

Image Source: pinterest

You can add this design to your dining hall, which gives a soothing experience. This pattern of design looks suitable for homes with ancient plans, where the dining table is simple. The decoratives in this dining area are handmade crafts with village-style work. People who like their homes to have an old-school look enjoy this kind of design. Checkered flooring, dining table, and decoratives blend in with the arch design and complete the look.

13. Elegant Arch Design:

Image Source: pinterest

This interior arch design looks chic in a hall for an independent house. The arch is spacious and in the form of a half-circle and is made of wood and beautiful design. The white walls and the wooden semicircle portion of the dome look merely fantastic with the whole theme of the room. The flooring has the colour of the wood, and the furniture and the wall colour are white in contrast to the wooden arch. The work is done so creatively that no one will want to leave this house.

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14. Traditional Hall Arch Designs In Simple Look:

Image Source: pinterest

This arch design has been used for many years. It is a traditional design liked by most people and found in many houses. The round arch design acts as a connector to the two rooms. The narrow arch and the rectangular designs over it are in the same white colour. This design enlightens the rest of the room. This design is termed traditional as it is simple and can be found in many houses. This arch goes hand in hand with the doors of the home.

15. Arch Design For Living Hall:

Image Source: nlinnovations.com

This hall arch design is unique and modern. Unlike traditional arches that are semi-circle, this shape is exceptional, and wooden framing is attached to the wall. This design glows up the home decoration. This bright brown colour of wood increases the beauty of the hall. The marble flooring and the furniture look elegant. This arch design adds glory to your home and looks classy. The lighting, every decorative, and differently shaped wooden arch are inclusive of each other.

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Hall Arch Decoration Ideas:

There are several kinds of arch designs that you can include in your home in any room of your choice – a simple design that can be used repeatedly around the house. Several models with a variety of shapes can be introduced. Depending on the type of home you want to build, an archway can be selected that is best suited. With the best designs at hand with this article, the selection process will be more natural.

Hall arch design magnifies the beauty of your home. You can customise these hall arches in your favour to keep it simple and beautiful. A beautiful combination of arch design and furniture adds up to beauty. It also improves the impression of your home in others’ eyes. You can make a hall arch in any part of your home. Modern arch designs for a home are abundant these days and therefore come in a wide range of selections. Take your pick and beautify your house according to your taste.


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