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15 Latest Hall Colour Designs With Pictures In 2020

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Love those well interior houses giving a majestic touch to your living or hall! With the change in the colour shades and the amazing material, the interior designing has turned out to be quite impressive to give you a wide range of interior colours for hall. From bright colours to cool ones for the eyes, there is a wide range of mixing colours or single colours to use from. In this article, we enlisted 15 latest hall colour designs in Indian style.

Best Hall Colour Designs In India:

Here we enlisted 15 simple and latest hall colour designs in different models. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Fashionable Hall Colour Designs:

hall colour designs

The contemporary designs give a colour combination for the hall, which gives different shades during the day and the night. The lovely shallow brown colour gives you a white to orange shade when the lights are put on than that of the daytime. Having similar shades of decor would certainly increase the outlook of your living.

2. Pop Up Hall Colour Designs:

pop up hall color design

The colour shades for the hall are very impressively used while giving your hall a pop-up design. In this design, your walls are given a common colour for all the walls, while there is a single wall side, which is highlighted with a darker shade of the same colour.

3. Printed Hall Colour Designs:

Printed Hall Color Design

Want to have the latest and best colour combination for the hall! The walls of the hall are given light pink shades with a white ceiling and a pink circular design in between. While the main wall is given the main attraction with a combination of black and pink colours giving Tris-leaves print design on it.

4. Colour Combination For Simple Hall With Stickers:

Color and Sticker Hall Design

The wall colour combinations for the hall are given a new sensual touch with the help of wall stickers. The walls in this type of interiors are generally given a light colour shade like brown, skin colour, sky blue, etc. As the wall stickers would shine out brightly on them.

5. Environmental Hall Colour Designs:

Environmental Hall Color Design

Go green with the amazing environmental hallway colour ideas. The wall of the hall is given a lighter shade of green colour, with a glass effect with white and green shades. To make the colour more gazing, a portion of the wall is given brick design with similar furniture. The ceiling is given plain white colour, which enhances the beauty of being surrounded by nature.

6. Wooden Colour Hall Designs:

Wooden Color Hall Design

Want to give a classy look to your living! Go with the wooden interior colour combination for a hall, which would surely satisfy your needs. The walls are given a peace-loving colour which is inspired by the wooden shades. To make the design more adorable, an essence of whitish colour is added to the ceiling.

7. Trendy Hall Colour Designs:

Trendy Hall Color Design

Purple is quite in trend these days for giving your hall a finishing look. The design is made with a combination of two different types of walls with an opposite effect. Two walls facing each other are given a smooth texture of purple, while the remaining two is given a grey brick crafted wall design.

8. Floral Glass Hall Colour Designs:

Floral Glass Hall Color Design

A new pattern in the hall colour combination list is made with a combination of glass, prints and wall colour. The modernized design is made with similar light or bright colours in the surrounding walls, while the central wall or the sidewalls of the windows are given a decorative touch with plain paint covered with glass with floral prints on it.

9. Designer Hall Colour Designs:

Designer Hall Color Design

Looking for an enriched and unique design for your favourite hall wall! Here is a home colour combination for hall made from a combination of dark and light shades of sea watercolour in green. The wall is given metallic design using props and patch colourwork design.

10. Dark Harbor Hall Colour Designs:

Dark Habor Hall Color Design

Dark colour has been a noble choice for the people who love a combination of the dark and light interior. The dark harbour colour walls with a light ceiling and wooden flooring give a perfect view to the living. The dark sea blue walls are also decorated with contemporary wall frames to make the view catchier.

11. Embossed Hall Colour Designs:

Embossed Hall Color Design

Want to give your walls an antique touch! Some new interior colours for hall idea widely adopted by the lavishing families are made using fine velvet colour with a glassy print touch. The wall is finely given a light colour with a wall embossed with fine curvy mehndi patterns in the glass.

12. Flooring Wall Colour Designs:

Flooring Wall Color Design

The home colour combination for the hall, when combined with the flooring, gives an exclusive pattern for the home. The walls of the hall are given a dark navy-blue colour shade which is decorated with a flooring pattern in navy blue and white forming strips. The curtains of the hall are also given a design similar to the flooring.

13. Patch Wall Colour Designs:

Patch wall color design

Wall colour combinations for hall give a modest look when it is given a patchwork, combining several colours and designs in a different way. A single portion of the wall is given a light colour with a strip designed pattern on the upper portion. The other one is given a combination of pale yellow, purple and navy-blue combination.

14. Rainbow Hallway Paint Colors Ideas:

Rainbow Hall Way Color Design

The hallway colour ideas are given a new colour combination known as the rainbow design. The flooring is given several colour strips forming a rainbow with a plain white texture in the second half till the ceiling. The design is generally made in the hallway from the children’s room.

15. Best Colour For Hall With Checks Designs:

Checks Way Color Design

A combination of red, grey and black gives a fabulous look to the interiors. The walls touching the roofs are given a plain red texture, while the others are given a grey and black checks design. The passing wall is given a light colour with the red framework. It gives your home a stylish look.

The colour of the home and the walls reveal the environment of your home too. Where the light colours give a mild and cool experience with peace, the dark colours are used to reveal the brighter side of you with a designer touch. The colour combination for the hall should hence, smudges enough to spread positivism.

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