It’s 2024! Time to upgrade your hall colour design from a standard white and beige to a bold and vibrant colour palette! So, what are the newest shades that most interior designers vouch for this year? From calming pastels to bright, eye-popping colours, you are likely to find many unexpected shades that add a hint of drama to your hall!

In this article, we have picked some of our favourite wall colour designs for a hall, to help you choose the right one that reflects your unique style and personality!

How To Choose The Best Colors For Your Hall?

If designing your hall is one big challenge, making the right colour selection for the hall is another! Most people find it daunting to zero in on the right shade for the hall walls and hence, play safe with a muted shade like white or grey. However, you can follow these simple tips to add some colour to your room and lighten up the environment:

  • Firstly, make a mental sketch of what you want your room to look like! Do you have inspiration like a beach theme, Boho, Vintage, Classic, or Rustic? If yes, it makes your job super easy! Pick all the colours and shades that best suit your description of an ideal hall!
  • Once that is done, sit with your interior designer and understand the basics of colour scheme techniques. Shortlist some of your favourite colours and decide if you want to go monochrome (single colour), complimentary scheme (picking opposite colours like black and white), Analogous scheme (picking related colours like blue-green) etc.
  • In case you are still stuck to neutral shades like beige or grey, you can use either the ceiling or one solid wall to add a contrasting colour to enliven the space without going over the top.
  • Do some swatches on the walls to see if you love the colour you chose! This way, you can get a realistic picture of what your colour looks like on the wall and save time and money.
  • If you want to use dark colours like deep blue, Maroon, etc. you may do so, but with caution! Use a deeper hue on only one wall to avoid making your hall look like a gothic den! Keep the ceiling, sidewalls and other interior elements in lighter shades to offset the dark walls.
  • Don’t hesitate to experiment with brighter colours like green, yellow, orange etc. to add a quirky character to your room.

Vastu Tips To Choose The Best Hall Wall Colour Design:

According to the Vastu Shastra, colours have a significant impact on the physical and mental well-being of the inhabitants of the house. This is why Vastu experts recommend the use of specific Vastu colours for the hall to attract positive energy and increase the style quotient at the same time. Here are some of the Vastu paint colours for the hall, which is built to face the North, East or north-east direction in a home:

  • White
  • Beige
  • Cream
  • Yellow
  • Light Pink

These colours are believed to bring inner peace and tranquillity to your home. They also add a hint of sophisticated elegance and fill your hall with warmth and happiness!

Best Hall Colour Designs In India:

Let us look into 20 simple and modern colour combinations for hall rooms with images.

1. Black and Red Hall Colour Designs:

Doesn’t this room remind you of the romantic movie nights you had with your partner? Well, you can enjoy those moments every day by painting your room black and red! This bold and beautiful duo can become your latest obsession! Make sure the surface of the walls is smooth and flawless for the colours to pop out. Keep the furniture in white, black and shades of red!

2. Beach Shack Inspired Hall Wall Colour Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Check out this soothing wall pattern for your hall which reminds you of a pretty beach shack! The marbled effect is done with shades of beige work as an excellent backdrop for all your wall hangings. You can even add a wooden panel to decorate the wall and elevate its beauty. The best way to complement the sobriety of this wall design is by adding pops of colour to the room.

3. Asian Royale Colour Combination For Hall:

Image Source: pinterest

Asian Paints Royale has become synonymous with luxurious wall paint combinations. The emulsion paints come with a Teflon coating that makes them waterproof and stain-proof. Plus, you are offered a wide variety of shades to suit your interior themes. Here is one such room in which pleasant shades like beige and white are used to paint a picture-perfect room!

4. Nippon Paint Colour For Hall:

Image Source: instagram

Take a look at this latest colour suggestion for the hall by Nippon Paints, which brings an aesthetic appeal to your home. The corners of the room are accentuated with a darker shade in the same colour scheme for a unique feel. This concept works exceptionally well for small to medium-sized rooms to make the best use of the available space. Use minimalistic furniture and light-coloured flooring to enjoy a bright room!

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5. Sunmica Colour Combination For Hall:

Take a look at this ultra-modern hall, which is done in a combination of white emulsion paint and Sunmica sheets. The statement wall is converted into a TV cabinet-cum-display unit by using the panels. Keeping them in a lighter shade brings out an element of unspoken elegance to your home. Choose a bright yellow accent chair in this all-white room to bring in a WoW factor!

6. Green Colour Combination For Hall:

Image Source: Shutterstock

Green is a versatile colour that can create a positive vibe in your hall. If you are willing to experiment, then try this electric green, which can lift even the dullest of moods. Complementing this white can take away the garishness and add a modern appeal to your room. You can even add a few indoor plants to enjoy a natural aura!

7. Pista Green Colour Combination For Hall:

Image Source: pinterest

This muted Pista Green colour wall creates a summer environment in your hall. The pairing of printed, bright-coloured accessories adds an interesting character to the space. Using whites generously can reflect natural light and make your room shine! Keep the ceiling and the crown mouldings in ivory white to bring an edgy feel to the interiors!

8. Orange Colour Combination For Hall:

Orange is one of the trending interior hall wall colours that can add a sense of warmth to your room. The fall-inspired colour scheme can add a fresh appeal to the space and make it look inviting. Don’t hesitate to veer into the darker zone of the colour scheme! If you have second thoughts, use it sparingly on an accent wall and combine it with neutral shades. Add sober-coloured furniture to avoid a flashy look.

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9. Yellow Colour Combination For Hall:

Image Source: pinterest

Yellow is synonymous with fun, optimism and excitement. Using this hall colour design can add a sunshine kind of effect and brighten up your space. You can pick a vibrant shade in this scheme to enjoy sunny interiors throughout the year. Complement this colour with some white accents on the wall and throw in some colourful elements in the room to create lasting impressions!

10. Pretty Peach Hall Colour Designs:

Image Source: pinterest

Peach is certainly one of the most sought-after shades for contemporary hall designs. The understated elegance of this colour adds an element of freshness to your space. While there are many shades in this colour palette, you can try a combination of deep and lighter hues to paint a pretty picture. Choosing the right furniture can take the beauty of your room to a whole new level!

11. Earthy Brown Hall Room Colour Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Never underestimate the power of earthy colours like Browns! This versatile colour is slowly making its way into the mainstream market which is dominated by pastels and neutrals. The trendy colour adds a sense of calmness to your hall. That’s not all! It beautifully complements your modern furniture and interior accessories!

12. Vibrant Pink Hall Colour Designs:

Image Source: pinterest

One may have second thoughts about choosing a colour like Striking pink for the hall! However, experts opine that incorporating this colour minimally can do wonders for your space. Keep one wall in this shade and choose a neutral colour like white for the side walls. Pick one piece of furniture like a cushion or a statement chair in this colour to add a designer touch!

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13. Combination Colors For Hall:

Image Source: pinterest

If you are keen on making your room look like a giant work of art, then waste no time! Check out this great idea in which two colours from opposite palettes are mixed cleverly. While the sidewalls of the hall are covered in a subtle beige colour, the centre of the Pop ceiling is painted maroon. That’s not all! Floral stickering work in the same colour is done on the main statement wall to impress the guests!

14. Minimalistic Hall Colour Designs:

Image Source: exportersindia

For those who strongly believe in the concept of “less is more” this hall colour design may be the best bet! The soothing hue of green is mixed with a shade of white to mimic the beauty of the natural environment. You can add some furniture pieces in green and contrast them with earthy shades like brown. Adding some floral elements can leave your room looking spectacular!

15. White Hall Colour Design Idea:

Image Source: pinterest

The elegance and classiness of white are unparalleled by any other shade! No wonder why it’s the first choice of homeowners. However, if you want to stray away from the stereotypic image of a flashy, “plastered” finish on your walls, experiment with shades of white. Keep your furniture aligned with the theme to make your room look visibly bright and spacious!

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16. Bold Hall Colour Designs:

Image Source: pinterest

A colour like Purple can look quite intimidating, if not used wisely! Never make the mistake of covering up all your walls with this deep colour. Instead, pick a solid wall to use this colour and keep the rest of the walls white. Coming to the furniture, use this colour sparingly in the form of pillow covers, carpet or even a bunch of flowers on your coffee table.

17. Designer Patterned Hall Colour Design:

Image Source: pinterest

This beautiful marble patterned wall is a great idea for upgrading your hall interiors. IT can be created using just paints and special painting techniques to add a realistic marble look to your wall. You can pick any two contrasting shades like this sea green and dark blue and blend them in this pattern. Keep the other elements in the room minimal, to make this wall stand out!

18. Dark Harbor Hall Colour Design:

Image Source: pinterest

It’s time to change your opinion on choosing Dark colours for the hall. Shades like this deep blueish-black can add much-needed drama to your room. You can either keep just one wall in this shade or paint all four walls for a cosy feel. To avoid the room from looking like a cave, keep the ceiling bright white and pick light-coloured furniture.

19. Embossed Hall Colour Designs:

Image Source: pinterest

Give a lavish feel to your hall by opting for this glossy, embossed metallic wall. The Baroque-inspired wallpaper outshines the regular painting and stickering techniques on the walls. It serves as a great background for your television and saves you time and effort in decorating it further. You can check out more patterns and colour ideas to get inspired!

20. Textured Hall Colour Designs:

Image Source:

Textured walls have always occupied a central position in contemporary homes. The 3D effect not only hides the imperfections but also elevates the beauty of the interiors. Depending on the size of the wall, you can choose from several textures and designs to create impressive statement walls in your hall.

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We hope you loved these latest hall colour designs and are gearing up to use some of these ideas for your home. If you are not unsure about the suitability of a colour combination for the room, don’t hesitate to consult an interior expert. If possible, get a virtual design done to know if your ideas are worth an investment!


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