In today’s world, presentation is all that matters. The front door paves the way for people to enter your beautiful home and leaves a lasting impression on their minds. If you are constructing a new home for yourself or even if you want to replace a pre-existing door in your house, then explore this article for a top trendy list of hall door designs you can choose from. Scroll down to look at the top models that can make your job easier.

Which Type Of Door Is Best Suited For Your Hall:

Picking a type of door for your hall has never been easy. Entries can be categorized into classes based on the material used to manufacture them. Some of them are steel, wood, glass, and PVC, which are avidly used. There are also single doors, dual doors, sliding doors, folding doors, etc. With so many options around, it is pretty normal to get confused. Select a door type that you think suits your hall space, and if the door meets all your expectations.

Latest Door Designs For Halls in India:

Here we present you with a list of 15 simple and modern hall door design ideas, giving your home a stylish and beautiful look.

1. Hall Entrance Door Design:

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This is one of the simplest yet in one way customized doors for your hall space. The large door from the hinges is made up of wood with rectangular glasses on the sides. The speciality of any entry lies in the way we perceive it and how we incorporate our tastes into it. This is the perfect chance to display your flavour. The centre part of the door can be covered with rectangular designs from top to bottom.

2. Dining Hall Door Design:

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There are many studio apartments in the city due to space constraints. But if you have a barn with spacious rooms, then this dining room hall design is perfectly suitable to cover up the dining area when not in use. This can be installed very quickly, and there are two wooden sliding doors with no extravagant design. The upper part of the doors has see-through glass. It complements the whole look, open it when the dining area is in use, and close it when not in use. It is as simple as that!

3. Sliding Door Design For Hall:

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This is a sliding door design best suited for a hall that has a beautiful patio in front. It also acts as a divider between the entrance and the front area. It is a simple glass sliding door that can be covered with thin curtains too. Early mornings are beautiful with the mild sunlight, but as the day progresses, the sunlight becomes brighter hence the curtains. Just imagine standing at the doorstep to enjoy light rain with your favourite snack or sip your cup of tea on the patio early in the morning. It takes away all the stress.

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4. Main Hall Double Door Design:

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This is a double-door design for your main hall area. It has substantial length and width, mostly made up of pure wood from the hinges. The main door has a very simplistic design consisting of two circles on both doors with an intricate design in the inner area. The wooden area attached to the wall has a very detailed design carved into it. Since the door is heavy, the modest design suits it much more!

5. PVC Hall Door Design:

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This is a classic design that gives your house a modern and trendy look. It is a door elongated from top to bottom with horizontal stripes in between, which is made up of high-quality PVC. It has six different-shaped glasses with an iron handle. If you are worried about safety, then you can replace the glass with steel or iron.

6. Banquet Hall Door Design:

Image Source: indiamart

If you have a living space similar to a banquet hall and you need a partition that will further elevate the beauty of your room. This is a glass sliding door with a wood or metal frame; the glass has a golden design giving it a luxurious look. This is an excellent option for a hall door design but, only if you don’t have naughty kids in your house!

7. Double Panel Wooden Hall Door:

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This is a contemporary double door design made up of wood that has rectangular patterns towards the top and bottom. There are semi-circular patterns in the centre with spikes and surrounded by some odd-shaped models, making your door look modern without losing its traditionality. The door extends from the floor to the ceiling making your house look much larger than it is. If you want to go for a simple yet elegant design, then this is the one for you.

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8. Wood and Glass Hall Door:

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This door flaunts your hall space with the combination of glass and timber, adding class to your hall area and helping display the interiors. The door is made up of black wood below half, and the upper half shows the glass that is protected with the help of thin wooden slabs with the same colour handles. If you think safety will be an issue because of the glass, you can use black glass and iron rods with panelling of wood.

9. Single Panel Wooden Hall Door:

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The entrance door of a hall decides how people look at your entire house. One of the doors that look has a sober, elegant, and simple style of door that suits any hall type. A large door that starts from the ceiling to the bottom in black wood has contrasting silver colour handles. If you observe, you can add wooden panels on either side with glass in the centre. The whole set-up looks very attractive; the width of the door depends upon the type of frame used.

10. Corridor Hall Door:

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This hall door design is best suited for houses where there is a long corridor between the entrance and the hall. Two single doors are made up of glass, and it is supported by white wood or sometimes metal. The whole passage is themed in white that goes along with the white double door with two round knobs to open and close the doors. Since they are made up of glass, you can see through the interiors of your house.

11. Living Room Door:

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The door designs of the hall are sometimes themed according to the interiors, styling patterns, and furniture present in your house. Brownish-black coloured wood from the hinges has glass in the shape of squares and simple handles. If you observe, the doors are in sync with the furniture in the hall. This hall door design is simple and beautifies your living space.

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12. Interior Hall Doors In Different Models:

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This type of hall door design has double doors with long rectangular glass in the centre with a long rod-like handle for the main entrance. The interior rooms of the house have similar patterns minus the glass. There are horizontal stripes on the doors of the other rooms. If you want, you can mix and match the models depending on the interiors of your house. This design gives you an idea as to how easy it is to coordinate and make your home look elegant.

13. Interior Hall Doors With the Same Models:

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This is a hall door design that works like magic if you want to decorate your hall and your home in a similar pattern without many design changes. The blue doors paired up with dots of silver two rectangles per entry. By using the same colour for the doors, it gives your simple home a stylish and luxurious look. You can try and will never regret it as it depicts unity in diversity.

14. Double-Sided Hall Front Door:

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This hall door design is best for big halls and has two types of doors. One dual entry with a glass centre surrounded by wood and another sizeable double door made up of wood. Though you open the large wooden doors, the see-through glass doors provide the perfect view of the hall, and you can see the beautiful nature on the outside too. The glass door offers enough sunlight to brighten your entire hall area. You can team it up with matching wooden accessories.

15. Stencil Pattern Hall Front Door:

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This is one of the most unique and intriguing types of hallway door models. Though it may look simple, the stencil pattern wood carving has intricate designs carved onto the door. The upper area of the large wooden door has small square-shaped openings covered in glass. Most of the downward part has a self-coloured design that beautifies your hall door even further. You can also repeat this model with another plan on your main entrance that will help you replicate your big or small home interior ideas.

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Buying Tips For Hall Door Designs:

Here are some tips that should be taken into consideration before you buy a new door for your home.

  • Have a look at your hall space and then pick a door that will suit your style, interiors, and many of the elements in the house.
  • This works well when you want to retain most of the features of your original space yet give it a new look with just a door.
  • If you are moving into a new place, then you need to use your imagination to make it a reality.
  • There are several materials used in manufacturing these doors. Some examples are steel, wood, and fibreglass.
  • Steel costs the lowest, whereas wood and fibreglass cost five times as much. The steel door is being used on equal terms of wood and glass. But it may not be durable.
  • So when you are shopping for a door, consider your budget and the durability of the end product too.

The hall is the way to enter into our home, and the door gives you a way to represent our tastes. It always depends upon the choice of the people living in the house. But it is not something you decide on a whim, and we have provided you with a list of the latest hall door designs you can go through before making a firm decision. Go through the list and pick one according to your home.


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