Painting the hall in bold and vivid colours and patterns is one of the latest trends in home decor. Hall painting designs create the right ambience and positive environment in your house and set the mood for spending family time there. Your ideas may range from bright to dull, colourful to monotonous. Here, we have got a palette of colours for you to get inspired and paint your hall right away.

Which Paint Colour Is Suitable For Your Hall?

  • Always select your paint colour according to your furniture and other decors. Trust me; it is much easier than the other way around!!
  • Stick to a neutral theme throughout the house, with bold colours limited to spacious areas such as the hall, or limited space in the bedroom or bathroom.
  • Make sure you buy testers first and experiment with the colour on the wall you want to paint it. Test it under different shades of light and then give it a go.

Best Hall Painting Designs In India:

Take a look at the 25 simple and modern hall painting designs which will accentuate the look of your hall by leaps and bounds.

1. Interior Hall Painting:

Image Source: pinterest

This type of paint for the living room looks incredibly refreshing and vibrant. The red colour for the walls and white for the ceiling goes in full contrast and complements the furniture in the hall. During the daytime, the sunlight from the windows will brighten up the walls, and during the night, the ceiling lights brighten up the red walls. If you want to make a bold statement in your decor choice, then try this colour combination for the living room.

2. Double Color Paint For Hall:

Image Source: pinterest

This is a purple and lavender-coloured theme in the living room. Purple colour represents creativity, wisdom, pride, and peace and is often associated with nobility, royalty, and ambition, while lavender represents beauty and feminity. The marvellous combination of these colours gives an eye-catching and romantic look to your hall. The interior design with white-coloured sofas at the centre with modern side lamps in a bright contrasting red colour makes the room look extraordinary and impossible to forget.

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3. Asian Paints For Hall:

Image Source: pinterest

Intense and dramatic describes perfectly this royal blue-coloured painting in the living room. This is a deep, vivid blue that promotes the feelings of tranquillity and peace. This is a versatile colour that can be combined with any other colours in the decor to create a statement. The white flooring, along with white windows and the centre table with the blue walls, looks incredibly stupendous. Also, the matching furniture in the room in blue tones guarantees an incredible statement and blends the entire look.

4. Nippon Paint For Hall:

Image Source: pinterest

This combination of purple and lavender colours with a different design gives a contemporary and bright lift to your living room or hall. The half-coloured lavender on the top along with the ceiling and the purple on the bottom looks gorgeous. The white screen on the wall adds personality to the room, and the contrasting furniture in muted tones gives a friendly and sophisticated vibe to the place.

5. Royal Paint For Hall:

Image Source:

This pinkish-purple-coloured paint looks exceptionally stylish and modern in the living room. The purple colour represents wisdom, wealth, and luxury and is associated with royalty and ambition. This trendy paint on the walls of the hall warms up the room and provides a cosy atmosphere, while the white furniture sets things off to a perfect finish in the room.

6. Canvas Painting For Hall:

Image Source:

This is an abstract painting that can be done on the walls of the living room giving an aesthetic look to the whole room. The reddish-orange leaves in various orange hues leave an explosion of colour on the wall, in contrast to the greyish-white tones of the furniture in the room.

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7. Structure Paint For Hall:

The deep raspberry colour on the walls with abstract flowers in muted tones is the perfect way to invite nature into your living room. The flowers are done in 3-D, with their shadows also depicted on the wall, with petals flowing freely in the air, which makes the room feel airier and lighter. So, painting with dark and vivid colours like raspberry, in contrast to the white sofa with a bit of creativity, will set the mood for years to come.

8. Nerolac Paint For Hall:

Image Source: pinterest

This is one of the best painting designs that can be adopted on the walls of the living room. It looks like an abstract painting brushed on the wall, which lends a spirited personality to the room. The intricate pattern in different hues of blue acts as the perfect backdrop for the maroon sofa sets and complements the look of the hall. The adjacent wall is done in sunny yellow, which brightens up the space while acting as a contrast to the bright blue background and the decor.

9. Peach Color Paint For Hall:

Image Source: pinterest

Wow!! Look at the beautiful peachy-coloured painting on the wall of the living room. The peach colour is associated with immortality and, in Art-Deco interior design, peach-coloured mirrors and wall paintings are often seen in exclusive luxury homes. As stated, the living room above looks luxurious and gorgeous. The matching furniture and the window curtains are simply marvellous. This coloured painting is often loved by children and can be painted in their bedrooms also.

10. Green Hallway Paint:

Image Source: pinterest

The hallways are usually painted in light colours to give a pleasing and welcoming look to the guests entering the house. The photo frames placed on the wall also have a matching green border, in darker tones that make it look more appealing. The white staircase with white furniture contrasts well with the light green paint in the hallway and promotes an overall feeling of openness and intimacy.

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11. Vertical Striped Hall Painting Designs:

Image Source: pinterest

Here is a bold and energetic hall painting design that looks very bright and welcoming. The wall is painted in bright blue with broad vertical stripes. It is an uber-modern design and sets up the neutral decor perfectly. It lends a very cheerful personality to the hall and lights up the space entirely.

12. Floral Hall Painting Designs:

Image Source: pinterest

This is an interesting paint design for the hall for all the nature lovers out there. This design includes floral vines with butterflies fluttering around them. This design can be made starting from one corner of the wall and extending its branches to simulate a real tree. It includes powder blue flowers and pink butterflies, which are very calm and serene colours.

13. Hallway Painting:

Image Source: pinterest

This statement wall on one side of the hallway is painted in a bright, bold purple colour. The opposite wall is painted white to give it a contrasting subdued tone. The high gloss finish on the purple wall packs an extra punch, while the white gives a calming vibe to settle the air. This combination of 2 contrasting hues makes the narrow hallway look broader and more spacious.

14. Bright Wall Painting For Hall:

Image Source: pinterest

Scared of painting bright and bold colours in the hallway? You can choose to paint bright colours for the hall, provided they do not clash with the upholstery and decor in the room. The colours could be bright and bold statement colours or ones that blend in with the furniture. This bright yellow shade goes well with the furniture and makes the entire space bright and lively.

15. Color Combination Hall Painting:

Image Source: pinterest

One of the latest trends in hall painting is painting different striking colour combinations on the walls. Here you can utilize two different shades of colour, two different patterns, or a set of colours and a pattern too. This particular hall has been painted with a peach colour on one wall, and the adjacent wall is done in an intricate design in a shade of dark brown. Both strike the perfect balance of elegance and sophistication and create a cheerful ambience in the room, together with the matching upholstery.

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16. Pastel Hall Painting Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Among the shades that are commonly used for the hall, pastel shades have been gaining popularity in recent times. These shades blend well and do not look jarring. The hallway here is painted in a light brown shade, which has an extremely calming effect. It also adds just the right amount of intrigue to the hall and looks best when combined with the decor in neutral or white shades, like it is shown above.

17. Regal Hall Painting Designs:

Image Source: pinterest

The cream is a warm, inviting colour when used in the living room or hallway. Paint colours for hall walls are usually cream or off-white as these go well with any kind of furniture or upholstery. These shades look regal when teamed with wall panelling and art décor furniture. Get this regal look for your hall and make the most of the rich cream shades.

18. Modern Hallway Painting Design:

Image Source: pinterest

If you want a refreshing hall paint colour, then this tangerine colour is for you. Here the walls of the hallway are painted in bold orange colour, with the ceiling a lighter orange to give it some contrast. The doorway is painted in a deeper hue of orange, and the flooring is set in various contrasting shades of orange. Even the artwork on the walls matches the decor perfectly, thus making the entire hall extremely sunny and unique.

19. Handmade Hall Painting Designs:

Image Source: pinterest

You can unleash your inner creativity and paint handmade designs on the wall in the hallway. The designs can be geometric, floral, freestyle or abstract and can include many colours or just one colour in addition to the base colour of the wall. If you are an expert in drawing, then go with this type of painting style. Choose your design according to your theme or search on the internet for some beautiful artwork.

20. Tape Hall Painting Design:

Image Source: pinterest

This unique tape design is a modern take on abstract painting and covers two walls of the hall. It includes brightly coloured stripes in an ingenious conceptual design, which looks like the design has been unveiled after peeling off the white paint. It injects funky, youthful energy into space and brightens up the hall with its modern, cheerful vibes. Get a matching pair of fashionable sofas or curtains for your room, and you are all ready to flaunt it off to your guests.

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21. Decal House Hall Painting Designs:

The decal has a romantic heart-shaped painting, which is perfect for a young married couple’s home. It looks surprisingly fresh and feisty with the red and white colours used, as red is known to be the colour of passion and love. The twirls, floral vines, and butterflies provide a dynamic backdrop for your seating area. This can be the perfect gift to welcome your wife for the first time into your home, sweet home.

22. Family Tree Hall Painting:

Image Source: pinterest

Get all the photographs of your family in one place with this charming family tree painting. The painting on the wall includes a tree with lots of branches extending all around. The branches can be pasted with pictures of your family tree to look like leaves. This family tree painting is sure to steal the limelight in the hall of your family-friendly home. Be sure to show it off the next time your family and friends drop in for a visit.

23. Textured Hall Painting Design:

Image Source: pinterest

This hall painting technique has been trending lately. The textured effects of the paints give a very realistic look to the wall. The bright green pattern sets up the neutral decor perfectly while the sunny yellow colour livens up the entire area. You can experiment with several bold or understated colours and designs to match your decor and create an incredible and dramatic interior statement.

24. FreeStyle Hall Painting Designs:

Image Source: pinterest

You can go ahead and get an artist to paint a wall in your hall with a freestyle painting. This one-of-a-kind painting looks very glamorous and stylish. A monochrome palette on your wall in soothing tones provides a very calming vibe for your hall and also allows the focus to shift onto the architecture and decor of your room very subtly. Pair this kind of freestyle painting with a set of regal sofas or a royal wooden table, and you are ready for a timeless, welcoming entrance in your hall.

25. Tropical Painting For Hall:

Image Source:

If you are a nature lover, bring the gorgeous vibes of nature indoors with this tropical hall painting. This painting acts as a breath of fresh air and adds a warm, welcoming ambience to your hall. These designs include trees, beaches, and sand and can consist of the colours of the seaside in bright tones. Go with this painting and earn brownie points from your kid for this choice.

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The sky is the limit for hall painting designs, with several thousands of incredible designs and colours. Many companies in the market are available to paint your sweet home with good quotes and as per your strategy. While choosing them, you can brief them about your idea for hall paint. They also have good interior designers who can suggest better ideas for your budget. So the next time you want to revamp your house, do try the ideas above for the trending hall painting designs. Please let us know your feedback too.


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