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15 Best Hall Painting Designs With Pictures In India

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Hall painting is one of the latest trends in home decor. The walls of the hall are painted in vivid colours and patterns. Person likes to feel the freshness in a home. When someone enters in good house painting attracts the attention of peoples or guests.

Hall painting gives a positive environment and classic texture for your hall. Quality painting comes with good varieties and different pattern. House Painting is the personality of your thoughts. You can design or decorate. Let’s see some interesting hall painting images.

Latest Hall Painting Designs With Pictures:

Your sweet hall with a collection of below mentioned painting styles. Have a look at a few simple and modern hall painting designs which will suitable for your hall design.

1. Vertical Hall Painting:

Vertical hall painting

Here is a wonderful hall painting design that will look very welcoming and bright. The wall is painted in bright blue with vertical stripes. The broad stripes make a great statement when the other walls are white coloured.

2. Floral Hall Painting Design:

Floral Hall Painting

This is an interesting paint design for the hall. This design includes floral vines with butterflies around them. The design looks good on one corner of the wall. This pattern can be then replicated in the other rooms as well.

3. Hallway Painting:

Hallway Painting

Among the common hallway paint ideas is this statement wall. The entry wall on one side of the hallway is painted in a bright bold colour. The other side is painted white to give it some subdued tone.

4. Bright Paint Colors For Hall:

bright paint colors

You can choose to have bright paint colours for the hall or even pastel shades that match with most of the upholstery. The colours could be statement colours or ones that blend in with the furniture. This yellow shade goes well with the furniture and makes a nice cool room.

5. Color Combination Hall Painting:

Color Combination Hall Painting

One of the modern trends in hall painting is wall paint colour combination for halls. Here you can use two different shades of colours or even colour and a pattern. This particular hall has been painted with a peach tone and the adjacent wall is done in a pattern in brown. Those peoples who are in business then they like such type of designs with a unique special quality.

6. Pastel Hall Painting Design:

Pastel Hall Painting

Among the shades that are commonly used for the hall, painting is pastel shades. These shades blend well and do not look jarring. The hallway paint colours used here are light brown.

7. Regal Hall Painting Colors:

Regal Hall Painting Colors

Paint colours for hall walls are usually cream or off white as these go well with any kind of furniture or upholstery. These shades look regal when teamed with wall panelling and art décor furniture. Get this regal look to your hall and make the most of the cream shades.

8. Modern Hallway Painting Design:

Modern Hallway Painting

You can go more modern with this hallway painting. Here the entire region of the hallway is painted in orange bold colour with the ceiling a lighter orange to give it some contrast. This hallway paint colour is very modern and may not be acceptable by all.

9. Handmade Painting For Hall Room:

Handmade Painting for Hall Designs

You can choose from these painting ideas for the hall. The designs can be geometric or floral or even abstract. The designs can include many colours or just one colour in addition to the base colour of the wall. If you are expert in drawing, then go with this type of painting style. Choose your design as per your logic or your creativity.

10. Tape Designs For Hall:

Tape Designs for Hall

Here is a unique design that you can use for your hall. The tape design has several painting colours for hall. This is a modern take on abstract painting and covers two walls of the hall.

11. Decal House Hall Painting Design:

Decal Hall Painting

The decal is also one of the choices for hall paint. The heart-shaped painting is perfect for a young married couple’s home. The design can have two colours of red and white. You will get this in 3D options too. This idea is a sweet gift to your wife when she will enter the first time in your home.

12. Family Tree Hall Painting:

Family Tree Hall Painting

Get all the photographs of your family in one place with this family tree painting. The painting on the wall includes a tree with empty branches all around. The branches are then filled with pictures of your family to look like leaves. Such type of paintings prefers by joint family members or those who love photography.

13. Textured Hall Painting Design:

Textured Hall Painting

This is the latest in hall painting techniques. The textured effects of the paints give a very realistic look to the wall. The colours and designs used are very impressive and make a statement wall.

14. FreeStyle Painting For Hall:

Free Style Painting for Hall

You can go ahead and get an artist to paint a wall in your hall with a freestyle painting. This one of a kind of painting will look very glamorous and stylish. You can then purchase furniture according to the shades used in the painting.

15. Tropical Painting For Hall:

Topical painting for hall

Choose tropical designs for your hall and make it look merrier. These designs include trees and beaches and sand. The designs will have the colours of the seaside or even bright tones. Kids love this idea for hall design. Go with this painting and let your kid happy for this choice.

Hall painting designs may include floral, geometric or even abstract. The designs can be single coloured or multi. More companies in the market you will find to paint your sweet home with good quotes and as per your strategy of satisfaction. While choosing them, you can update them about your idea for hall paint. They also have good interior designers who will suggest better options in your budget. Never compromise with paint quality for your sweet home. Painting is a mirror for your home, so have a look at some designs mentioned above.

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