Hallways in any house are the place that is the most overlooked. But the hallways for long have been the source of inspiration for artists. There are many movies which are famous for their hallway scenes. The hallways can be made superb with just a little amount of work and a lot of imagination. Transform your everyday hallway into something brilliant. Shelves are used for long to store your important items or to display the treasures you have. Having a proper Hall Shelf Designs with some good decoration can potentially transform the whole look of your house, not only the hallway.

Best Hall Shelf Designs In India:

Let’s look at the 9 simple and modern hall shelf designs with proper hallway shelf ideas can give a tremendous look to your house.

1. Cubical Hall Shelf Design:

The cubical shaped shelves not only look modern but also classy. Having a cubical hall shelf can totally transform your hallway, there are many designs available for the shelves, but it is important to choose the right items to keep on the shelves. The shelves should be kept a minimum and not shabby. Typically, multiple cubical shelves are arranged in a certain manner.

2. Scattered Hall Shelves:

Compliment your scattered thoughts with this design of hall shelves. If you are a laid back person and always freckling with your thoughts, then perhaps this is the best hallway shelf design for you. Multiple shelf’s of different style and length is mounted on the wall, not necessarily in a symmetrical fashion and a great shelves design in the hall room.

3. Wall Mounted Hall Shelf In A Stairway Fashion:

Keep your guests bedazzled with this beautiful design of the hallway shelf that resembles a stair. The design gives your hallway specificity with a beautiful look. This one is a great idea of shelf designs for hall.

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4. Traditional Shelf Designs For Hall:

Traditional hall shelf’s can be of any types, but the one with a Victorian look and feel is considered to be the most authentic. Any traditional hallway will have a highly decorative shelf stands with a storage option underneath. Many of the shelves come with mirrors also in between them.

5. Super Chic Hall Shelf:

This shelf design is best suited for the minimalists. The hallway shelf is slim and pipelined to give you a look and feel of non-existent beauty. It is true that you will not be able to load and display a lot of stuff but what you can really count. The design creates an astonishing impact on your hallway.

6. DIY Shelf Designs For Hall:

Do not limit your imagination when you are thinking about decorating your hallway shelves and you wish to try your creative self out. The opportunity is infinite regarding hallway shelving and what you can make. Refurbishing and modifying used crates in a fashionable manner when placed brilliantly can really act as a fabulous shelf design.

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7. Hallway Book Shelf:

Any shelves are adorned by books. Books make any storage space look awesome. You can transform your hallway and give it a meticulous makeover with a proper bookshelf. Decorate the bookshelf and keep some of your favourite authors on the display. Try adding some green to give a lively feeling. This is an all-time classic hallway shelving design.

8. Hallway Shelf With Storage:

Shelf’s and storage’s go side by side. Shelves are primarily used for displaying purposes because it is not covered. You can add storage options to your hallway shelf and altogether it will appear as useful furniture. This is particularly extremely useful for those who are suffering from a space crunch issue.

9. Hallway Shelf In A Gallery Fashion:

Decorate your hallway shelf with your best photographs or drawings or posters and be spellbound by its effect. You will give your treasures a look each time you pass through them. The selves act as a differentiating agent, separating your frames. You can adorn them with flower or items that you can keep on the shelves.

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Designing your home is a matter of sheer creativity. Try using any of the ideas for your hall shelf design according to your preference and house design to have a mesmerizing effect afterwards.

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