A hall is the centre area of the house, which showcases your personality in terms of decor and ambience, and it also defines the mood for most of your activities throughout the day for work or recreation. If you are planning to upgrade it, but cannot do any major interior designing, a stylish new sofa set is the best solution for you to change the aesthetics of the hall without putting a dent in your pocket. It is necessary to remember that the sofa design matches the hall decor as well to give a more cosy feeling to your hall. Here we explore the 12 best sofa designs for hall which give a stunning look to your home.

How To Select The Best Sofa Design For Hall:

  • The first step is to consider the space available in your hall and measure it, so that the new sofa set does not overcrowd the hall area, leaving you with too little manoeuvring space.
  • Choose a durable frame, with proper arms, joinery, and springs, because you do not want the legs to wobble too soon.
  • Always check out the fit, i.e., the back of the sofa should be able to support you comfortably and not be too shallow or too high. It has to be comfortable for your family in all positions.
  • Decide the type of cushions you want, firm or plush, according to your family’s needs.
  • Make sure that the sofa set does not clash with the rest of the hall decor and furnishings.

Best Sofa Designs For Hall In India:

A new sofa set is a significant upgrade in the furniture of the house and an expensive one that too. You might have to live with it for years; hence it is crucial to make a wise decision while buying it, to keep you happy in the future. Here are our 12 simple and modern sofa designs for hall, that will give you much-needed ideas while making a purchase.

1. Latest Sofa Design For Hall:

Image Source: pinterest

This tufted sofa captures the eye with its unique teal colour and its modern design. The metallic honeycomb pattern on the back is exquisite and brings glamour into the room it graces. The design is sturdy and extremely comfortable with matching cushions and curved armrests. The compact model of the sofa makes it ideal for small hall areas too, while making a bold and playful statement. Here, it matches the table and the decor in the room and is a treat to the eyes.

2. Hall Furniture Design With Sofa Set:

This distinctive piece has quite a traditional look but with several contemporary elements in play. The colour of the sofa has an earthy undertone and perfectly matches the table and drapes in the room while still creating a statement. The colourful cushions add a fresh, playful look to it without causing too much distraction from the palette. This sofa set could give a timeless look to your hall with its rustic charm and beauty.

3. Wooden Sofa Furniture For Hall:

Image Source: pinterest

A beautiful, ruddy brown traditional sofa can speak volumes about your style at first glance. Here, the box-shaped brown sofas are conventional yet trendy with eye-catching cushions on them. The cushions are designed to match the rest of the interior of the hall. The sofa also doubles up as a lounger, which is an added benefit, for you can comfortably watch all your movies while huddling up in the corner of this fantastic sofa set. If you are looking for traditional brown sofa designs, this one is for you.

4. Small Hall Sofa Design:

Image Source: pinterest

This sofa set is a smart addition to this room, as it is incredibly functional and contemporary too. It gives you the flexibility to design your hall while conserving space. This sofa set matches the centre table, and the side table perfectly and creates a cosy atmosphere in the room. It is perfect for a lazy afternoon chat with your guests, as it is comfortable with high backrests and thick cushions. This is the type of hall you would be glad to show off to your guests.

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5. L Shaped Sofa Design For Hall:

Image Source: cevsanmobilya.com

The timeless look of this L-shaped sofa is made unique by the trendy cushions and the table. Thick plush cushions ensure maximum comfort, while the shape of the sofa enables you to settle down to the lounge with your family. It turns the class of the hall up by a notch and blends into its decor by matching the wall colour too. Find your favourite book and settle in for a good reading session on this couch.

6. Leather Hall Sofa Set Design:

Image Source: pinterest

This black leather sofa is a sleek, sophisticated addition to your hall and looks exceptionally trendy with its visual appeal. The stylish wooden frame on which the couch is mounted matches the centre table and adds sophistication to the hall. Welcome your guests in style with this ultramodern luxurious black leather sofa set.

7. Corner Hall Sofa Set Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Need something functional and cost-efficient? This sofa set adds warmth and cosiness to the family room and also conserves space in the corner. The grey sofa looks contemporary with the addition of two contrasting cushions, which also match the decor in the room. This extremely comfortable couch with thick cushions is perfect for welcoming your kid’s friends on their next sleepover here.

8. Hall Sofa Cum Bed:

Image Source: instagram

This long and comfortable sofa, which also doubles up as a bed, lets you marvel at its beauty at leisure. The exquisite colour lends it extra charm while allowing it to match the surrounding decor without clashing too much. It is a class apart and gives the hall a youthful vibe, while also providing a port for charging your devices comfortably. The checkered cushions make the sofa set stand out with a timeless appeal.

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9. Ikea Sofa Design For Hall:

Image Source: pinterest

The tufted brown sofa set, along with the zebra flooring create a whimsical look for this hall. The multicoloured cushions add a touch of fun and elegance to the sofa while blending into the decor. It stands out in contrast to the wall and creates a stylish statement with a retro feel. The next time you are entertaining guests, give them style goals with this sofa design in your hall.

10. Vintage Sofa Furniture Design For Hall:

This vintage sofa is a classic example of both style and comfort. The luxe tufted upholstery in pastel tones and the metallic gold legs make a chic statement. The matching centrepiece and side table add a luxurious charm to the hall giving it a royal vibe. The high backrests ensure maximum comfort while making sure you never go out of style with this exquisite sofa set.

11. Fabric Sofa Design For Hall:

Image Source: alibaba.com

This particular sofa set stands out with its unusual design and curved shape. This minimalistic design is made of vibrant blue fabric and is easy to maintain. Keep your hall simple yet stylish with this beautiful sofa set with wooden legs, which is a cosy dream for many book lovers.

12. Designer Sofa Design For Hall:

Image Source: pinterest

This elegant black and white sofa set is sure to be the talk of the town for some time. It is exceptionally sleek and refined with its trendy design. Its dramatic aesthetic is perfect for adding a splash of playful contrast to the otherwise white room. The matching curvaceous table adds extra flair to the room. Go bold and get this sofa set to earn compliments galore.

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The next time you are stuck in a rut while designing your hall, make sure you go through our fantabulous collection of trendy and stylish sofa sets to add that extra dose of elegance to your personal space. We hope that you liked our best hall sofa set designs, do let us know your favourite in the comments below.


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