Halloween is one of those festivals kids love, whether because of the spooky costumes, candy or decorations. Halloween celebration always leaves precious and memorable moments for every child, enhancing their imagination. So, go through these 20 Halloween coloring pages that are ideal for kids of all ages to have fun during their free time.

Hand them colouring tools like brush pens, pencils, or crayons to transform the simple paper into a riot of colours.

20 Halloween Coloring Pages for Kids:

Here we have presented you with a list of Halloween colouring pages that work well for kids of all ages.

1. Halloween Pumpkin Coloring Pages:

Pumpkin carving has always been a part of the Halloween celebration. However, this creepy yet authentic-looking pumpkin face over two pumpkins makes it look like a miniature human standing there. Younger kids will be able to finish this page with some parental help. Go for orange colour for the pumpkin and fruits and leaves with the original colours. Crayons for younger kids and brush pens for kids above seven years are the perfect tools.

2. Scary Halloween Coloring Page:

This colouring page is an excellent option if your kid is into scary Halloween stuff. In addition to the traditional colours for the pumpkins and the bandage covering the mummy, you can pick different coloured glitters for the stars. This way, your page is highlighted beautifully. This is best-suited for kids above seven years, and brush pens or sketch pens are the perfect tools.

3. Halloween House Colouring Page:

Decorating your house for Halloween is a family tradition in many homes. This unique and stylish Halloween house coloring page lets your kids have fun with colours. While giving them some ideas, they can implement them in the décor of your house since there are many intricate details on this colouring page. It is best suited for kids above seven years with colour pencils or sketch pens.

4. Halloween Coloring Page from Frozen Cartoon:

This Frozen colouring page is an excellent option for kids who love Disney movies and colouring. You can let your kids choose the colours giving the popular characters a personal land unique touch. This is a perfect combination where you can blend your kid’s favourite movie with Halloween décor. Suitable for kids above five years, you can let them use crayons or sketch pens as tools.

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5. Vintage Halloween Coloring Page:

Vintage is the name given to something that brings old things into style. As you can see, the kids on this coloring page look like something from the ’30s or ’40s. Another unique feature of this sheet is that the pumpkin is smiling instead of looking creepy. This page is best suited for kids above six years, with crayons or sketch pens as tools.

6. Simple Halloween Colouring Page:

If you are looking for simple Halloween coloring pages for your preschoolers, this pumpkin sheet is an ideal choice. It is easy to color without too many complex patterns making it a perfect choice for younger kids. Crayons or colour pencils can be excellent tools to colour this sheet in a mess-free way.

7. Halloween Dot to dot Printable:

This dot to dot Halloween printable is an excellent option for just learning numbers. That is because it satisfies their curiosity while giving them a sense of achievement once they are done. You can go for a single colour to colour the creepy cat coloring page. Let your kids choose the colour of their choice.

8. Halloween Cat Coloring Page:

Cats, pumpkins, and Halloween are the hit combinations for décor or drawing. This drawing sheet has a creepy-looking pumpkin with a curious cat on top. Let your kids experiment with colours to bring their talent out in the open. Crayons or oil pastels can be an ideal tool option if you give this page to younger children below six years.

9. Halloween Bat Coloring Page:

This is yet another funny and unique Halloween coloring page that will make Halloween a non-creepy experience. Suitable for kids of all ages, this sheet can use a fantastic set of colours as per your kid’s choice. Crayons or colour pencils are the perfect tools for kids under five years. At the same time, kids above eight years can opt for sketch or brush pens.

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10. Halloween Mandala Coloring Page:

Mandala art is quickly gaining popularity as a stress-busting hobby for many adults. This Halloween mandala coloring page is a perfect way to blend different cultures beautifully. It is best suited for adults because of all the intricate patterns inside the page. You can go for brush pens, sketch pens and a touch of glitter.

11. Halloween Ghost Coloring Page:

Ghosts are yet another must-have in any Halloween party, art or anything related to Halloween. This colouring page is pretty straightforward and is suitable for kids of all ages. Depending on the kid’s age, you can choose the colouring tools like crayons, brush pens, or watercolours.

12. Fun Halloween Coloring Page:

This colour by number Halloween page helps your kids associate with numbers and assigned colours. If you give this colouring sheet to kids younger than five years, they might need some help from parents. However, it is also suitable for kids from five to eight years since they can read and recognize colours.

13. Preschool Halloween Coloring Page:

Suppose you have a preschooler at home and incorporate Halloween coloring pages with learning the alphabet. In that case, this page is an ideal option. The unique thing about this colouring page is that your kid will be able to colour the alphabet, black for the bat, orange for the pumpkin and a variety of colours for the candles. You can also make your preschoolers giggle by adding some glittery stickers.

14. Children’s Halloween Colouring Page:

If you want your kid to associate with Halloween costumes, this coloring page can be an excellent option. Best suited for kids younger than five years, crayons can be a perfect colouring tool to have mess-free work, especially for younger kids. In addition, you can let your kids experiment with colours, making them associate with the colouring page more.

15. Halloween Decorations Coloring Pages:

This Halloween decorations colouring page is a perfect sheet for kids above eight or nine years. You can opt for orange for the pumpkin, a silver tint for the ghosts and any colour of your kid’s choice for the clothes of the pumpkin man. In addition, you can provide your kids with sketch pens or brush pens as colouring tools because they can handle them properly.

16. Halloween Cartoon Coloring Page:

The representation of Halloween in cartoons is a common phenomenon. It is one of the best ways to educate our kids about the festival. Your kids will come running with their colouring kits by adding sponge bob square pants to the colouring page. Let your kids choose a colour that lets you get a glimpse into their artistic outlook.

17. Cute Halloween Colouring Page:

Have you ever heard about Kawai art? The big eyes that exude cuteness are the Kawai art’s prominent characteristic feature. The owl colouring page looks exceptionally cute and can grasp kids’ attention of all ages. You can opt to get a bright red for the bow and dark brown or black for the cap. Different coloured glitter for the stars adds to the beauty of the coloring sheet.

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18. Halloween Colouring Pages for Adults:

If you are an adult who loves colouring to bust all the stress you have from your day job, this Halloween colouring page is an excellent option. However, with tremendous and intrinsic details across the page, that can be tiring for younger kids. Adults can choose the colouring tools and colours according to their interests and likes. Even elder kids can try colouring this page with little help from parents.

19. Halloween Themed Colouring Page::

This printable Halloween colouring page is a perfect option for younger kids because they are always interested in pumpkins. This colouring sheet has all the creepiness associated with Halloween while giving enough space for kids of all ages to colour. Bright orange is a perfect colour that beautifully brings a realistic look to the page. You can also highlight the bowl with black glitter here and there.

20. Halloween Characters Coloring Page:

If you are looking for Halloween pictures to colour creepy, this one can be an ideal choice. However, younger kids might find this page scary, so make sure your kid is comfortable colouring the page. Kids above eight years might find coloring tools like brush pens, sketch pens, or oil pastels interesting.

These are some of the best Halloween coloring pages that help your kids enjoy the festivities in a fun way. First, go through the basic colouring guide we have provided, but let your kids make changes to their taste. Don’t forget to let us know if you found this article helpful!

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