People from all across the world are desirous of a fit and healthy body. Everybody wants to look like a Hollywood celebrity. But to create that appearance requires a lot of patience and hard work. There are several exercise routines today that will help you in toning and shaping your entire body; from your belly to arms to your funny looking love handles. The recent ones also include hamstrings. So if you are looking forward to get rid of those flabby and boring thighs, you can refer to the article here for suggestions and guidelines.

Simple Hamstring Exercises for Men and Women:

1. Jumping:

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Jumping activities are cool, fun and exciting as they elevate your heart rate and work on various muscle groups in your body. You can use a jump rope or a similar tool for exercising. This will improve your agility and work the hamstrings in a miraculous way.

2. Walking Lunges:

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To do the walking lunges, you must go forward from your standing position into a lunge with just one leg in such a way that it almost touches the ground. Now do it with the other leg and continue doing this for a full minute. You can also raise your hands high up in the air if you want to make it tougher.

3. Kickbacks:

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To do the kickback, you must stand straight first. Then take your right leg and kick backwards as if you are slamming the door behind you. This would count as one kickback. You can switch your legs now and kick again. Repeat this exercise 20 times on each leg before you call it an end.

4. Good Mornings:

For the good morning exercises, you will need a barbell. Now, hold the barbell behind yourself and squat down. Come back to the standing position after this. Repeat this exercise as many times as you can. This will tone your hamstrings and give it a good shape.

5. Step Ups:

To do step ups, all you will need is a raised surface. Simply step on the surface with one leg as your other leg comes up automatically behind you and then come back to normal position. Do this with the other leg and increase your pace gently. This will get you great results only within a few weeks.

6. Dumbbell Stiff Legged Deadlift:

To do this, grab two dumbbells and keep your back straight. Now lower down and bring the dumbbells close to the ground. Keep your legs as straight as you can and when you feel a stretch in your hamstrings, come back to the neutral position.

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7. Bridge:

To do the bridge, stretch out your arms and legs first. Then lie on your back and let your legs draw up to your butt. Place your feet on the ground. Bend your arms in such a way that your hands are above your shoulders. Use your strength and lift your hips off the floor. Tilt your head backwards so that you are looking at your hand.

8. Forward Bend:

To do the forward bend, sit on the floor and extend your legs out right in front of you. Keep your legs together and bend forward in such a way that your head is on your knees or a little behind that. Hold for 30 seconds are return to normal position.

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9. The Hamstring Stretch:

To do the hamstring stretch, lie flat on the floor and lift your right leg up. Hold your thigh and flex your foot. Start stretching now. Deepen your stretch and hold for 30 seconds. Now switch your legs.

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