Anklets are the one which adds more looks to a person and if it’s a handmade designed anklet, then you can create or tailor you own anklet can set a new era in the world of fashion. Handmade anklets can be designed with materials like thread, coin, pearls and any material which can be fabricated or turned into a beautiful anklet. You can design any sort of anklets like trendy, traditional or funky one’s according to occasion.

Latest Handmade Anklet Designs:

Handmade anklets are the ones which you can design as per your wish and use the colours which ever you desire. Let’s explore some beautiful design of handmade anklets.

1. Handmade Gold Anchor Anklets for Men:

This type of unique looking anklets appears very smart and you can design your own anklets of your own choice, lending a personal touch to it. The anklet is created from woolen in a knotted pattern and on the edges the gold anchor studded makes it look heavenly and distinct from other anklets.

2. Wrap Oval Leather Handmade Anklets:

This type of special handmade leather anklets appears marvelous when worn by men on any occasion. The anklets have two layers kneaded together and in between sparkling white oval shaped gemstones lend a stylish appearance to these string ankles.

3. Handmade Pink Stone and Sandal Charm:

Men love something different looking accessories like these layering anklets. The anklet has three layers and speaks a bold statement about the wearer  and the awesome silver, colourful pink and blue stone beaded with black layers anklets  one at the last makes it appear remarkable. The silver sandal charm hanged on the last layer makes it appear hotter and cool than ever.

4. Simple Handmade Anklets in Men:

Men’s love leather accessories, here comes the stunning and amazing looking handmade leather anklet for men of all age group. The anklet has unique beaded detailing work and appears very appealing to eyes when worn on any walks on life.

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5. Cute Handmade Anklets for Girls:

Here comes a cute looking handmade anklet for cute and lovely looking girls. On the anklet smart and stylish charms like star , coins, , bells and small blue pearl is hanged thus adding more charm and beauty to those small and beautiful ankles.

6. Unique Copper Bells Silk String Anklets:

If you want something traditional and ethnic looking anklets wear with your lehenga then this simple yet unique handmade anklet could be an ideal pick. The awesome red and green string and knotted in layers and the cut sweet sounding bells hanged give a miraculous appearance and make you feel more special.

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7. Handmade Red Boho Anklets for Girls:

These pretty looking handmade red shells with a boho look in it. The anklet is designed with red shells and in between the white ones gives a mesmerizing look to it and the small cute butterfly lends an extending and distinguish look to every girl’s feets.

8. Fabulous Handmade Hemp Gemstone Anklets:

Here comes a gorgeous wide eco friendly hemp anklet for young girls. To add more sizzle and sparkle to this anklet awesome appearing lustrous green gemstone is hanged making it apt for beach for funky parties.

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9. Handmade Swarovski Crystal Beaded Anklet:

This kind of cool Swarovski and crystal beaded anklets appear very stylish and enhances the appearance of the wearer by miles.  In these types of handmade anklets you can use any colour of crystals balls according to your outfit of the day and grab those hot chic looks

Handcrafted anklets designs are the ones which you can design as per your wish and use the colours which ever you desire. So design a marvelous anklet and groom yourself accordingly, create a style statement on yours and leave a sparkling impression on others. Thus create an anklets beyond anyone imagination and look stylish, dynamic and stunning in the crowd.


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