Bracelets are one the unique way of decorating our hand. We can wear bracelets made of precious metal and even handmade ones. Handmade bracelets are very unique and look exclusive and you look trendy. You can be a trend setter by wearing handmade bracelets as you modify them according to your taste and style.

Handmade Bracelets:

Handmade bracelets look very trendy and cool on both men and women and it can be worn on any occasion you wish. Get ready to read about some exclusive hand bracelet designs and patterns.

1. Black And White Pearl Hand Bracelets:

With the help of black and white pearls you can create a fantastic hand bracelet. To add glamour to this you can add in-between silver beads which would enhance the beauty of bracelet. This type of silver handmade bracelets can be worn by both teen aged girls and women to give you a classy look.

2. Beads Handmade Bracelets:

Beads bracelets are very colour and you can add small hanging like flowers, stars and even bells to glorify the beauty of the bracelet. You get enormous type of design and in different patterns; you can choose them according to your taste and fashion. You can wear on in office as well as on daily basis.

3. Name Handmade Bracelets:

As some people loves to have their name written on their bracelets then handmade bracelets are the perfect one. This type of bracelet is a good way to commuting your name to the world. Beside then you add can small pearl and hangings like a heart shape, or a star etc to add more lucrative look to the bracelet.

4. Twisted Handmade Bracelets:

Twisted handmade bracelets can be made with the help of wires twisting them into any shape you want. To can twist them and even give a flattened look or a bulky look according to your look and style. This would help you to create your own fashion and style and you can mark an impression of your friends and colleagues.

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5. Colourful Clay Handmade Bracelets:

If you your handmade bracelets to look more beautiful then you can beautify them with flowers mad of clay and stick them on top of the bracelet. These types of bracelet look very pretty on teenage girls as they are also like buds that are blooming into flowers. You can wear them on any outfit and mark a style of your own.

6. Simple Leather Handmade Bracelet For Men:

Men’s always prefer something simple but gelling with their persona and making them appear different from others. So this simple bracelet of consisting of small pieces of magnets along with silver attach to black leather strap is a unique combination for men’s. It can be worn in daily wear and you even rock a party with this bracelet.

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7. Strings Handmade Bracelets:

Making bracelets with the help of strings is one of the easiest and oldest ways of making bracelets. It can be created with different colours and doesn’t hit your pockets heavily. You can even fix clay flowers, stars and heart shape on top of the bracelet to make it look more extravagant. You can wear them with any pair of outfit and it suits to every occasion also.

8. Sporty Cycle Shape Handmade Bracelet:

Cycle handmade bracelet idea is very pretty on your hand and makes you appear exclusive from others. It is made wires of metals and displays your love for the sports also. It can be worn by both men and women and it is even a perfect thing you can gift to your friends or loved ones if they are sports freaky person.

9. Trendy Looking Handmade Bracelet:

You can get a trendy multi layer bracelets by using stones, pearls, a small hanging attach to a chain and a piece of scarf also attached to your bracelet. By wearing thus cute bracelet you can create your own style and your fashion and flaunt the world with this stylish bracelet.

Bracelets are the one which is a must in your jewel box. Without it your hands look incomplete. Handmade bracelets are available in various designs and pattern and are very colourful. You can choose a bracelet according to the occasion and it can gel with any type of outfit, whether you wear western or ethnic. You look affluent and rock the world.


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