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9 Best Handmade Rangoli Designs and Patterns

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Rangoli is an essential form of art which has been practiced in India for several decades. They are related to the Hindu religion and during festivals; you will find them made at the entrance of the house or the place of event. They not just reflect the artistic skills of the country but also stand as a reflection of the customs and traditions. Rangoli is handmade most of the time and if you are looking for some suggestions, we have listed the top nine for you in the following paragraphs.

Simple and Easy Handmade Rangoli Designs:

Here are the most popular handmade rangoli designs with images.

1. Mesmerizing Handmade Rangoli Design:

Mesmerizing Handmade Rangoli Design

To create the mesmerizing handmade Rangoli design, all you will need is some bright colours, roses and help from a senior. Create simple and traditional patterns and fill the designs with unique colours. Surround it with plastic roses as it will make your simple rangoli look more lively and fun. The design is perfect for any occasion

2. Modern Handmade Rangoli Design:

Your Rangoli design can be modern if you use new patterns and styles and highlight it with some awesome glitter. Use nice colours and make sure you use enough space in order to create a masterpiece. If you are hoping to create something for a Rangoli competition, this is definitely the one you should use.

3. Simple Handmade Rangoli Design:

You don’t always have to use fancy and lavish patterns to make your Rangoli looks special, you can also use a simple floral pattern and make it look as wonderful as the rest. Use bright colours like pink and purple and add some nice green leaves around it. You can also place some diyas to highlight its beauty.

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4. Simple Ganesha Handmade Rangoli:

Your handmade Rangolis can take up any shape or pattern. You can even create an image of Lord Ganesha to make it look auspicious. Make a well defined circle and create a small image or Ganesha. Put an Om sign in the middle to accentuate its charm and beauty. This one will surely fetch you compliments.

5. Purple Handmade Rangoli:

You can make an attractive Rangoli design by using the purple color. Make a circle with the solid purple color and draw fancy looking patterns. White is the best color you can use for this one. In the center you can make some more patterns. This will surely make your Rangoli look significant and authentic.

6. Professionally Made Handmade Rangoli Design:

A Handmade Rangoli that has been created under the supervision of an expert is guaranteed to look fancy and extravagant. It will definitely steal the show and fetch you a large number of compliments. Use a large number of patterns and make sure you are using the right kind of colors, because the wrong kind of colors can totally spoil your Rangoli.

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7. Goddess Lakshmi Handmade Rangoli Design:

During the next Lakshmi Puja, you can create a wonderful Rangoli design using the image of this precious Goddess by surrounding her with elegant elephants. You can also add diyas the sides to make it look all the more attractive. Make sure you make the Goddess sit on a lotus as this will enhance the beauty of the Rangoli.

8. Red and White Handmade Rangoli:

The red and white handmade Rangoli design is suitable for any occasion and can be made by using simple patterns, designs and colors. It does not require much space and can be created without much difficulty.

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9. Diwali Handmade Rangoli Design:

The Diwali Handmade Rangoli uses different colours and one attractive pattern.

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