Scarves are used in cold climates to make ourselves warm which is worn around the neck. It may be knitted thickly or according to the artists’ creativity, it is designed invariant models. These handmade scarves may be of different materials such as the linen, cotton, wool or cashmere.

Best Handmade Scarves For Women:

Following are Top 9 models of handmade scarves,

1. Summer Crochet Handmade Scarf:

This crochet type scarf is of handmade Knitted scarves design that is in beautiful pink and purple shades. It is elegantly knitted in two mixed shades so that, it is highlighted when wore with any overcoats or jackets.

2. Variegated Crochet Handmade Scarf:

This is one of the unique handmade scarves types. It is designed in a very special manner that it can be used as an open pattern scarf as shown in the image. Ladies who are fond of uniqueness and fashion conscious can try such kind of exceptional handmade crochet scarves.

3. Oversized unique Handmade Scarf:

Take a look on this type of handmade infinity scarves which are too elegant and trendy. This maroon shaded handmade Infinity scarf is knitted and designed carefully so that it stays remarkable. Such kind of scarves goes very well with any kind of modern outfits.

4. Animal Handmade Scarf Design:

Are you forgetting something to make your playboy look complete? Then you can try this kind of accessory which makes you look stunning and more playful. Yes, this is the right choice for handmade wool scarf. You can choose this kind of accessories if you want to be really naughty.

5. Shiny Indian Handmade Silk Scarves:

Here is the new collection of Indian handmade silk scarves that are beautifully designed using the turquoise blue shade. These hand painted silk scarves are the best choice for opting as an accessory for a dress type of frocks and gowns. This shiny material would definitely give you a rich look.

6. Rabbit Fur Handmade Scarf:

Put your gaze on this handmade winter scarves type which is widely used in the winter season to give warm and soft feel. It is made up of woollen material and also is too thick, that it can definitely give us the required warmth and comfortability.

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7. Nepali Handmade Scarf:

Now take a look at these purely handmade cotton scarves that are very comfortable and easy to carry. It is widely named as Nepali scarves and is of twin colours namely black and white that are designed in a unique stripe pattern. Because of its material and the colour is chosen, it can very well go with any modern outfit.

8. Knitted Extra-long Handmade Scarf:

If you want to be away from all those accessories that are boring ones, then you can go for these handcrafted scarves which may be used in the absence of all this kind of accessories. This handwoven scarf is made up of three colours- cream, green and magenta, which highlights its look. It is simply hand knit scarf and is as easy as to wear and carry.

9. Unique Handmade Grey Scarf:

Hold your breath to have a look at this stunning and striking shade of Grey woollen unique handmade scarves. It is uniquely designed and uses an elegant shade of grey that perfectly fit any bright colours of tops and modern tunics.

These handmade scarves are not only for in a cold climate, you can also wear these scarves in any season if you are comfortable with it. According to the colour and the material you choose, you can make these scarves to pair with both conventional and modern outfits.

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