Men’s fashion has always been a debated topic in the fashion industry. However, the market for their grooming, style, and looks is pretty much emerging these days, and with that, we even have several Indian male models entering the realm. As actors and celebrities, Male Models in India are the new trend for creating new trends and being the face of large commercials.

Top 20 Hot Looking Indian Male Models of 2024:

Today, we will look into the hot Indian male model personalities trending right now. They are among the top male models most wanted by designers, brands, and lifestyle commercials. So let’s know them more!

1. Punit Beniwal:

Punit Beniwal, the first runner-up of Mr. India in 2014, is renowned for gracing the faces of numerous designers and brands, such as Manish Malhotra, Rohit Bal, Kenneth Cole, Sabyasachi, Raghavendra Rathore, among others. His strikingly handsome visage and confident demeanor make him a sought-after model for fashion outfit designers, be it for commercials, shows, or ramp walks. Punit, aged around 34, continues to captivate brands with his magnetic appeal.

2. Rohit Khandelwal:

We’re sure most of you are familiar with the popular Indian name, Rohit Khandelwal. The winner of Mr. India in 2015, Rohit has garnered quite a following on Instagram. He gained international acclaim when he won the Mr. World title in 2016, becoming the first Asian to do so. Since then, he has collaborated with numerous shows and brands, solidifying his status as one of the most sought-after male models in India. His attractive and charismatic appearance, coupled with his distinctive style, never fails to captivate us. At just 34 years old, Rohit remains at the top of his game and continues to be one of the leading Indian male models on Instagram.

3. Gaurav Rana(36):

Gaurav Rana’s raw looks and undeniable sex appeal, coupled with his dashing style quotient and confident personality, set him apart from the crowd. Gaurav is currently emerging as a popular male model, collaborating with several lifestyle commercials and designers. His curly hair, enticing looks, and strikingly sharp appearance truly make him stand out.

4. Hrishant Goswami:

The 38-year-old Hrishant Goswami is the most well-known face at Lakme Fashion Week. Hailing from Jammu and Kashmir, Hrishant entered the modeling world with aspirations of achieving great success with his appealing and attractive looks. His suave personality is often what draws us to him. Having collaborated with several fashion designers, Hrishant is undoubtedly set to remain a prominent figure in the industry in the years to come.

5. Meer Ali:

The 36-year-old Meer Ali initially gained fame as a fashion television actor and model. He has appeared in several shows such as Miley Jab Hum Tum, Dahleez, and Supercops. Later on, Meer transitioned to modeling offers and also featured in commercials and photo shoots. Meer continues to balance both his television and modeling careers simultaneously. His subtle and straightforward personality, coupled with his down-to-earth attitude, makes him quite approachable.

6. Angad Bedi:

We all know Angad Bedi after he married the star Neha Dhupia. Angad is among the most famous faces in the Indian modeling industry. At 41 years old, he initially entered the television and Bollywood industry back in 2011. Although he wasn’t very successful with his movie career, modeling offers started coming in tremendously. He has worked with several designers in fashion shows and walks and even starred in a few well-known movies such as Soorma and Pink. Angad’s striking looks with handsome appeal draw and attract us to his personality.

7. Karan Oberoi:

Karan Oberoi is an fashion model who has won several titles and contests, including Youth Model Icon of the Year and Top Indian Fitness Male Model. Known for his fitness and perfectly gym-toned body, Karan is admired for his raw, sexy appeal and dashing personality, which we absolutely adore. He has been the face of several commercials, including the famous Royal Enfield and Reebok, and has collaborated with numerous fashion designers. Karan remains one of the most well-known faces on Instagram for several years now. He is currently 45 years old.

8. Mudit Malhotra:

Mudit Malhotra is an upcoming young male model in India. He won the Rubaru Mister International India title in 2016, which kickstarted his career in the modeling field. A fitness enthusiast, Mudit is renowned for his toned, perfect physique. His dashing looks and simple features often inspire his fans to follow him. Mudit is prominently featured as the face of several fashion designers.

9. Harshad Arora:

Harshad Arora is a popular television actor and model, known for his appearances in shows such as Beintehaa, SuperCops vs. Super-Villains, Dahleez, and Khatron Ke Khiladi. At 36 years old, Harshad also has a successful modeling career, primarily collaborating with lifestyle brands and designers. His subtle and youthful face, along with his charming, handsome smile, sets him apart from others.

10. Ankur Bhatia:

Ankur Bhatia is both an Indian male actor and model. He has been in the fashion world for the past decade, gaining fame in movies such as Zanjeer and Haseena. At 43 years old, Ankur has also collaborated with designers for their shows and photoshoots. Originally from Bhopal, he resides in both Mumbai and New York for his work assignments. Ankur’s strong looks and raw appeal, along with his handsome, dashing appearance, are truly admirable.

11. Nitin Chauhan(35):

If you follow Raymond’s fashion campaigns, you would know Nitin Chauhan by now. The Indian model is famous for his masculine and handsome looks. His long hair, macho personality, and hard-appealing looks are what distinguish him. Nitin brings an unconventional style statement to the mainstream with his talent for style. This handsome hunk has worked with several brands such as V Rennaisance and Titan, besides Raymond. Nitin has also worked for several designers as part of Lakme Fashion Week.

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12. Prabh Uppal(33):

Prabh Uppal is among the favorite models of several designers, such as Sabyasachi, Manyavar, and Tarun Tahiliani. Hailing from Ludhiana, Prabh has taken some time in the Indian fashion industry to kickstart his career. His strong looks and sense of appeal, coupled with raw and masculine style statements, have drawn much attention to him. Prabh is also a fitness enthusiast and is famous for his abs and toned body structure.

13. Mohit Nandal:

If you are seeking an unconventional standard of modeling and looks, Mohit Nandal is the one you must see. His long hair, strong sense of attitude, confidence, and unique styling set him apart. Mohit has primarily worked for Indian designers and magazine photoshoots. His dynamic personality has appeared in several fashion magazines and shows. His powerful appeal and dashing style make him the most coveted model.

14. Prateek Baid:

Prateek Baid hails from the Indian state of Rajasthan. Although he completed his engineering degree, Prateek had always harbored a passion for fashion and modeling. His career began after he won the Glam Icon competition in 2015. Following the competition, he ventured into television shows and later established himself in the modeling industry. Prateek has since garnered several accolades, including Mister Global, Best Model Award, and Mr. India by Rubaru. He is currently 32 years old.

15. Taher Ali:

The 29-year-old Taher Ali has already risen to fame and worked with top-notch designers such as Tarun Tahiliani, Varun Bahl, and others. Taher is renowned for his clean, masculine, rough looks, strong personality, and body structure. He collaborates with lifestyle and fashion brands, including Levi’s and Sony. However, he is a young rising star in the modeling industry and still has a long way to go.

16. Himanshu Bhatti:

Himanshu Bhatti is a young Indian male model who is rapidly rising in his career in a very short period. Himanshu has collaborated with designers and made his mark in the modeling industry, primarily focusing on photoshoots and ramp walks for fashion shows. He has even appeared in Vogue magazine. Himanshu is applauded for his attitude, hot style statement, and rugged appearance. His charming personality and unique sense of styling set him apart from his peers.

17. Sahil Shroff(41):

Sahil Shroff is an Australian NRI with Sindhi roots. His modeling career rose to fame when Sahil appeared for designers such as Manish Malhotra and even worked with brands like Cadbury’s and Tata Indica. Sahil is a fitness enthusiast and maintains a perfectly gym-toned body with abs. His manly looks, iconic appearances, and styling are what most designers appreciate. Sahil is now a busy model with a handful of projects in photoshoots with lifestyle and designer brands.

18. Manu Bora:

Manu Bora is an Indian model who has gained popularity in recent days for his raw and bold shoots with designers. Did you know that Manu is not just a model but has also completed a course in orthopedic surgery? As much as we are shocked, we admire his intelligence too. This model presents a double package of both hot looks and intelligence. He has worked with several modeling campaigns and shoots, such as Sabyasachi and Leconet Hemant.

19. Milind Soman(58):

We all know this stylish and famous face. As they say, age is just a number! This absolutely holds true for our actor and model Milind Soman. Milind only looks younger as he gets older, and his modeling career continues to rise to fame year by year. He is also India’s first male supermodel for several decades and still collaborates with several lifestyle brands and campaigns. Milind is a fitness enthusiast and an expert to date. He remains among the top and most famous male personality models in India.

20. Asif Azim(36):

Asif Azim hails from Bangladesh and has appeared in several national and international magazines and shoots. Asif is predominantly the popular choice for Vogue in India and Germany as well. He primarily works with fashion designers and makes appearances in various shows, shoots, and walks. How do you like this handsome and stylish Indian male model?

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We hope you enjoyed exploring and checking out the latest and most popular Indian male models. These male models are quite famous and are rising to fame for their hot and dashing look, raw appeal, and masculine style statement. How do you like them? Tell us your thoughts too!


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