Top 9 Handwoven Sarees With Images

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From the deserts of Rajasthan to the villages of Bengal, the ancient art of hand weaving is part and parcel of Indian heritage.  Nowadays handwoven sarees hailing from the different states of the subcontinent have proven hugely popular within the fashion industry.

Amazing Handwoven Sarees With Images:

Here we have picked a selection of our top 9 handwoven sarees. Take a look.

1. Handwoven South Indian Silk Saree:

Handwoven Saris-Handwoven South Indian Silk Saree1

Pure definition of class and sophistication is this amazing Kanchipuram handwoven silk saree.  This stunning gold and maroon saree has a detailed story woven in gold on the border and a traditional painting woven on the pallu making this truly a classic, exclusive piece of art in its own right. This is one of the best south Indian silk handwoven sarees.

2. Red And Pink Handwoven Cotton Saree:

handwoven sarees

This is a traditional, hand woven cotton saree from the weavers of Bengal.  Stand tall and look refined in this beautiful pink and red blended tapestry with a green border. The traditional colors and patterns of East India have been used in this saree. Casual and comfortable, wear it wherever you wish. This is one of the best cotton handwoven sarees.

3. Green Hues Handwoven Silk Saree:

Handwoven Saris-Green Hues Handwoven Silk Saree 3

Like colors on a canvas, this exquisite hand woven, silk saree in hues of green and bordered with a vibrant pink and yellow and is truly a work of art.  Feel like a masterpiece as you step out in this exclusive saree which has been woven in blocks of color.

4. Uppada Silk Black And Yellow Handwoven Saree:

Handwoven Saris-Uppada Silk Black And Yellow Saree

Look like an artist’s painting in this Uppada hand woven saree.  The soft, black silk fabric has beautiful lotus flowers in green, gold and pink hand woven onto it. The thick border is of a golden yellow.  The saree sits on the figure beautifully. This is one of the best uppada handwoven sarees.

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5. Royal Blue Banarasi Handwoven Saree:

Handwoven Saris-Royal Blue Banarasi Saree

Looking alluring in the traditional, silk banarasi saree.  A vibrant royal blue, the color of royalty, this beautiful silk saree is hand woven all with silver paisley designs.This this one of the best banarasi handwoven sarees.

6. Tussar Silk Black Handwoven Saree:

Handwoven Saris-Tussar Silk Black Handwoven Saree

Exclusive black, designer saree. Wear this saree with style and look forever elegant.  Hand-woven tussar silk, the pallu has a large, multicolored plant design woven into it by hand which stands out perfectly against the black background. The saree border is beautiful, golden zari work. A classic saree which would suit any classy lady.

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7. Cream And Gold Kancheepuram Handwoven Saree:

Handwoven Saris-Cream And Gold kancheepuram Handwoven Saree

Dazzling and graceful, this hand woven, pure kancheepuram saree is a classic. Reminiscent of  the royal era, this saree is perfect  for any special occasion.  It’s a beautiful combination of cream with a glimmering gold border. The body of the saree is woven in a beautiful leaf design whilst the pallu is woven with the traditional paisley pattern in golden zari accompanied by golden tassels on the end.  The border is also golden zari weave. It is one of the best kancheepuram handwoven sarees.

8. Black And Red Ikat Cotton Handwoven Saree:

Handwoven Saris-Black And Red Ikat Cotton Saree

Be fashionable this season with this hand woven, ikat design cotton saree.  Perfect for the summer, be atrendsetter and step out in style and comfort in this exclusive, black cotton saree hand woven in a white ikat design. The pallu and border is red with a white striped weave.

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9. Plain Organic Silk Handwoven Saree:

Handwoven Saris-Hand Woven Organic Silk Saree

Make a statement with this exclusive designer piece. The hand block silver-grey leaf print glistens against the earthy purple and yellow tones, evoking feelings of the autumn sun. The saree is a pure organic hand woven silk fabric and  will look remarkable on any lady who adorns it.

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